This story explores the theme of Traumatic Brain Injury. It will focus on Mike's recuperation with Harvey and those close to him.

Harvey sighed softly to himself as he wiggled Mike's stuffed dinosaur at him, trying to keep him settled while he changed him.

It had been almost five months since Mike's accident and he was finally starting to get into a routine with Harvey. Usually Mike was content to sit with Harvey and watch television, or to play with his baby toys, under close eye.

It had taken a long time to adjust to their new roles, Harvey had underestimated how much care and time Mike would take up, not that he minded. He relished his new role, even if some moments were near impossible.

Harvey had sought out and hired the best therapists and consultant's that money could buy to assist him and Mike in the kids recovery.

Mike was regularly seeing his speech and physio therapist. As of yet, he was not yet able to move around, Harvey was carrying him from place to place. The younger man was currently totally dependent on the older man, he could no longer do anything for himself.

Harvey groaned as Mike's feet, once again collided with his stomach.

Mike was trying to avoid another diaper change where he was made to lie on his back.

The younger man started grizling, chewing on his fingers, tears pouring down his cheeks.

"Aw pup, come on buddy, daddy's almost done kiddo" hearing Mike crying made the senior partner feel horrendous.

Mike had the mind of a baby, since his accident and was so vulnerable, to hear him cry was heartbreaking.

Mike had, had enough by the time Harvey had grabbed his diaper cream "Ahh, ahh" Harvey kept a hold of Mike's leg as he quickly finished changing his diaper, tidying up.

Mike sat on his bottom, looking up at Harvey, who tidied the changing supplies, deliberately waiting to see if Mike made any attempt to move himself or if he would just sit and look around. Harvey wasn't sure if Mike could physically crawl or if he just didn't want to

Mike was crying again Harvey realised as he poured himself a drink, "Come on then pup, let's have a story" Harvey grabbed one of Mike's new baby books, staring to read, trying to drown our Mike's crying.

He found himself repeatedly checking his watch as he tried to settle the younger man in his lap, Mike had been crying on and off for over half an hour, he didn't seem to want to settle today and it was stressing Harvey out. He hated not being able help, Harvey was a winner, he wanted to win the fight to get His Mike back, the Mike he had instantly developed brotherly/fatherly feelings for from the first day he laid eyes on him.

All the times he had passed off the moments he showed how much he cared for Mike as 'He is a reflection of me, I care about me' was bullshit, of course no one believed this facade.

Harvey bounced Mike on his knee "Come on Mike, don't make me sing to you" Harvey warned, trying to make light of the situation.

Mike continued his grizzling and crying, picking up the book, launching it across the floor. "Aba"

Harvey raised his eyebrow at Mike, bringing up some nursery rhymes on his phone, he hared the repetitive annoying sounds, which made him feel as if his brain was being slowly tortured, however it always seemed to bring comfort and a calm state of mind to Mike.

It had taken the senior partner a couple of weeks to come to terms with Mike's accident, he had refused to set foot near the hospital, until Donna had been strong enough for the two of them, persuading him that Mike needed him.

Harvey just couldn't believe that something so catastrophic could happen to his young associate, surely having lost his parents at the young tender age of eleven years old had given him room for all the good luck in the world in adult life?

Apparently not.

Harvey could still remember getting the phone call from the hospital. He had been the first contact in Mike's phone.

Harvey's blood had run cold when he had learned of Mike's accident. Mike was like his little brother. He felt as though it was his job to protect the kid.

Through tears, Harvey had explained to Donna that he felt guilty for Mike having had his accident and that he blamed himself.

The older man had been in a particular pissy mood, after having had an argument with Scotty. He had taken his fury and devastation out on his young associate, giving Mike shit all day, to the point that he had stormed out his office.

As he found out at the hospital, that Mike had gone out, gotten high and drunk and had been involved in a car accident.

Donna had been devastated to learn about the kid. She couldn't deny the maternal feelings she felt towards him, even if Mike was only ten or so years younger than she and Harvey

Mike had always seemed much younger, right from day one, he resembled a little lost puppy in the big city.

Harvey gave in trying to calm Mike down with a story or the nursery rhymes, it definetely didn't seem to be working and now the young man's voice was becoming hoarse and he was miserable.

. The older man had contemplated phoning Donna, Mike's therapist and then his parents. He refused to, telling himself to suck it up.

"Come on, Buddy, shall we see what mummy left for lunch?" Mike seemed to like the sound of that idea, as he looked up at his daddy figure babbling incoherently. Harvey took it to mean his idea interested the younger man.

Harvey lifted Mike into his high chair, handing him his bottle of milk. Mike looked at him, not sure what to do, opening his mouth for Harvey to feed him.

Harvey smiled sadly, placing Mike's lunch in the oven, holding the bottle, as Mike sucked down his milk.

Mike pulled away "Ahh" He cooed, once he had, had enough, trying to let Harvey know he wanted some food now.

Harvey chuckled "Right lippy, we have chicken pie!, this looks disgusting" he cooed mockingly.

Mike opened his mouth, kicking his feet in anticipation. "Ahh" Harvey fed Mike the baby food, until the bowl had been scraped clean.

One thing the older lawyer found difficult was occupying the tot, when Mike was being fed, sleeping or changed, he couldn't really do anything, so he needed constant stimulation.

Once Mike had been fed, changed and changed again after having upchucked his milk, Harvey had sat him on the fleecy animal print rug Donna had to get for him, she had been in her element shipping for things for Mike.

Harvey sat on the couch, laying his files around him, as Mike became engrossed in the baby TV channel.

Mike was softly cooing to himself, as he got himself onto his knees, trying to push his bottom forward, Harvey recognised the signs of Mike trying to crawl, having witnessed his nieces first crawling attempt.

Harvey immediately threw his files down, getting down on one knee, "That's it buddy, come to Harvey, come to Daddy"

Mike smiled, his eyes lightning up, as he saw Harvey, and he sat back on his bottom, holding his arms out "Ahhh"

Harvey shook his head "No-oh, you come to daddy pup" he spoke, holding his arms out.

Mike wiggled his bottom, moving forwardly a couple of paces. "ahda" he sang happily, starting to get faster, squealing as he reached Harvey's knee "aahhh!"

"Good boy kiddo! That was awesome pup. again?"

Mike nuzzled back into Harvey's arms. The older man rolled his eyes "Ruining the moment pup, seriously another diaper" he groaned, tickling Mike's stomach.

Harvey lifted a cranky Mike out of his car seat, regretting that he had, had to wake him, he had been sleeping peacefully in his crib, exhausted from his crawling antics.

Harvey really hadn't wanted to wake Mike and had tried dressing him and getting him into the car, without waking him, Mike had woken half way throught he car ride, screaming for attention.

The older man had quickly learned that Mike learning to crawl and moving around freely in his condo equalled to him running around like a blue arsed fly.

Mike was into everything, pressing buttons on the oven, playing with the plug sockets, reaching for Harvey's base balls and scotch bottles. It was a damn nightmare.

Harvey made a note on his phone to buy some sort of baby-proofing equipment, otherwise Donna would kill him or Mike would kill them all, which ever came first.

Mike sucked on his pacifier, whining and cuddling into Harvey, Chloe his therapist smiled brightly at the two 'men'

Chloe had the type of bright and sunny personality that would instantly brighten your day, without being in your face and annoying.

"Afternoon, Harvey. Hello, Mike." Mike hid his face shyly, behind his stuffed dinosaur, whimpeirng slightly.

Harvey bounced him, rubbing his tummy comfortingly.

"So, how have we all been getting on?" Chloe asked as Harvey settled Mike in his lap, pulling off his jacket. Mike cried, flapping his hands. "Ah ah"

Chloe smiled "He seems to be trying to communicate a lot more" Harvey shrugged "I guess he makes noises, he doesn't talk yet though, he did crawl earlier today" Harvey spoke, pride emanating freely.

Mike cried, trying to get down from Harvey, "I see pup, eyeing up the toys?" Harvey asked, placing him on the floor, smiling proudly, when Mike immediately started crawling at haste towards the toy chest.

Chloe gasped,.

"Wow he is crawling and so fast too, that is fantastic progress Harvey. You should all be proud of themselves, and only two months in too"

Harvey shook his head looking towards Mike, this was something he was absolutely not going to take credit for.

"It's all Mike, he is a remarkable kid, always has been" Harvey felt a tugging on his leg, slightly surprised when he looked down to see Mike at his feet. "Jesus kid, you really did take on, start behind the eight ball and you'll never get in front"

Mike smiled up at him, holding out a plastic dinosaur. Harvey smiled down at him, pulling him onto one knee "That's nice kiddo" He said, ruffling his hair.

"Ahha dinraww" Mike tried to say through his pacifier, clapping his hands.

Harvey wished they were at their condo, so he could pull Mike into his arms hug him tightly and gush over how proud he was of him, he never liked to express his emotions around others.

Chloe beamed widely enough for the two of them "Is there anything else we need to discuss?"

"Yeah sometimes Mike will only take bottles and he will not go down at night and then other times he will sleep for hours on end"

Chloe Explained that it was okay for Mike to just have his bottles sometimes as he got enough vitamins and iron. from the formula.

"Ababa" Mike cried out, tugging on Harvey's hand.

Harvey sighed as he placed the bottle in Mike's mouth.

"Another thing, I don't always understand what he is trying to tell me, like for instance now, I would check his diaper, offer him a bottle or give him his dinosaur or blanket, it hurts because I don't know what he needs or how to help him" Harvey couldn't understand why, but he knew he was close to tears.

Chloe smiled softly "That is perfectly normal Harvey, it is the same for every new parent, trust me every new born baby is the same. You and Donna are doing fantastic with Mike"

Harvey looked down at Mike as he nuzzled into his blanket, sucking at the teat, his eyes starting to become heavy.

"In order to help Mike's speech progress, make sure you are taking to him, surrounding him with all different sounds and encouraging him to repeat after you"

Mike flapped his hands contently, placing his hands over Harvey's. Chloe leaned back in her chair "He certainly seems very content with you Harvey"

Harvey nodded "You should hear him some times"

Chloe ended the session, seeing as Mike was almost asleep, Harvey lifted Mike into his arms, grabbing his bag.

Mike hugged his dinosaur as Harvey strapped him into his car seat, he had used his diaper. but Harvey didn't want to disturb him by moving him. Mike was smiling happily, holding onto Harvey's shirt collar.

"We going to get you home for a nap and then we can watch a film Buddy" Harvey spoke softly, wanting to get Mike used to hearing his voice, in the hope he would start talking more. "Watch the dinosaurs?"

Harvey heard Mike babbling to himself, stopping talking "What you saying to me buddy, speak to me kiddo" Mike babbled some more, the older lawyer couldn't make most of it out, but he did make out one of the words