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This chapter is set Six months after Mike's accident

Mental age is between 2 and 2 and a half so expect TANTRUMS :P

Harvey smiled as he stood looking out onto the balcony through the glass doors, it was only novemeber and in the last week the temperatures had rapidly dropped overnight and New York had been submerged under a blanket of snow, Harvey just knew that Mike would want to play in it, they had been in the middle of bath time when Mike squealed pointing outside his eyes wide with amazement at seeing the snow flakes. It would be good to go out and do something rather than just sit in the house curled up in a blanket and watch movies as long as Mike was properly wrapped up Harvey thought that he would have a great time. He took another look thinking how beautiful the ground looked from way above.

Going back into the condo shivering as it was suddenly warm he could see Mike siting on the carpet surrounded by some building blocks "Twingle winkle ittle swar dow wonder wat du ware" Harvey smiled lovingly over at Mike who was busy building a house out of some coloured building blocks. "Buddy it snowed last night" Harvey said bending down onto the carpet to sit next to Mike who smiled around his pacifier seeing his daddy sit down "Buildeee" Mike cried happily offering Harvey some bricks "What we building kiddo, we building something cool" Mike smiled putting the corner of one of the blocks in his mouth , Harvey tuted gently removing it ignoring the look Mike gave him, the kid ate absolutely everything Donna had caught him trying to eat the TV remote he had already tried to knaw through the puppy ornament a present given to Harvey from his mum. Harvey and Donna had realised that Mike would try to eat everything, he had no understand of why we don't eat cables or remote controls.

"Swupid swupid" Mike cried throwing a block across the room when his knee hit the model causing it to fall to the floor. He was frustrated and annoyed that it wasn't working for him. Harvey had thought that the blocks would be good for developing Mike's coordination "Mike kiddo don't throw things look let daddy see" Harvey asked showing Mike how to build it without it falling "Nwot fwall" Mike shrieked giggling as Harvey put some more blocks on he was in awe of his daddy who could do anything, Mike clapped his hands drumming his feet on the carpet with excitement "Nwot fwall dada nwot fall" Mike continued to giggle amazed by what was happening before his eyes. Harvey grinned at Mike checking the clock on the wall he ruffled Mike's hair as he stood up, he needed to get Mike's clothes out so they were ready to go out to play in the snow.

"Mike stay here kiddo daddy will be back soon" Harvey told Mike firmly so Mike was clear of what wwas being asked of him. Mike could understand simple instructions now that he was roughly at a toddler's development age. Mike nodded rolling on the floor as he played banged the blocks off each other

"Mike look at what daddy has got for you" Harvey called walking back into the main lounge carrying the kids snow clothes. Mike looked around raising an eyebrow with interest, he grabbed for the hat that the older man had 'accidently' dropped on the floor (really Harvey had dropped the hat on purpose in the hope that Mike would take an interest) Mike smiled at the hat cutely which was blue toggle hat with a monster face and teeth "Mwonser" Mike cried playing with the ties, "Correct baby it is a monster do you like him" Harvey asked placing the diaper changing items on the carpet and laying the puppy plastic changing mat down.

He always tried to hide the baby powder away from Mike before the kid could get a chance to grab it. Mike loved to grab the powder and shake it on as many items as he could find, his favourite game was to wait until Harvey was all dressed for work and cover him in baby powder or to drool on him. Mike looked at him moving his head to see if the baby powder was behind daddy, Harvey saw the look and couldn;'t contain his smirk knowing what the young man was looking for "Uh uh daddy know's you mister you are not getting the baby powder, you can have the empty baby oil bottle" Harvey said taking the new one out the box , Mike grabbed it wondering what he could do with it, the first thing he did do was stick it in his mouth.

"Right buddy we need all these clothes to play in the snow" Harvey said trying to change Mike's diaper as quickly as possible while Mike was occupied. He was not looking forward to trying to put all the layers on the kid he knew that he would probably have to wrestle the clothes onto Mike the kid hated where clothes at the best of times and now Harvey was going to bundle him up in so many that he thought Mike would probably have trouble walking. "Right kiddo daddy needs you to lie down for him, can you do that" Mike whined but allowed Harvey to lie him down when he was handed a little toy, a windup alligator, "Here buddy a baby oil bottle and an alligator you are too spoiled" Harvey said mockingly tickling Mike's chin.

Donna and Harvey had had an idea of having lots of little toys in each room of the condo in case they needed to change Mike's diaper or get him dressed because he didn't like lying still and the longest diaper change (they had actually timed it) was 1 hour,Harvey had thought that this was ridiculous and decided that they needed to find another way to make Mike feel more comfortable or to distract him. The toys meant that Mike always had something new to entertain him while to distract him away from the thing that they were trying to accomplish. "Dwadeee awigawtor" Mike said poking the alligator and chewing on it holding his pacifier in one hand. Harvey smiled sadly Mike always had to have his comfort items which were his pacifier and his soft toy hippo "Yeah clever boy that is an alligator lift your bum buddy" Mike obliged humming a song as Harvey pulled the sweatpants over his diaper"Look at this new snow suit mummy got you this" Harvey said trying to instil excitement in his voice if he sounded as though he thought it was a daft idea then Mike would not even think about wearing the suit.

He couldn't ignore the frown that appeared on his sons face as he saw the suit , "It's like your jammys but for the snow it's okay Mike" Harvey tried to explain as he pulled another wooly jumper over Mike one of the ones which Donna's sister had knitted, she had knitted a few for them. Harvey had been very sceptical about Mike wearing them but had been told firmly by Donna that Mike wasn't a snob like him and would probably love it, it was one of those ones with a teddy bear on the front (like those god awful ones everyone's parents used to knit) it was classy though which made Harvey think it wasn't soo bad. Donna had been right of course Mike loved his wooly jumpers especially the one that had the dinosaur embroidery so much so that it could only be washed when Harvey or Donna sneaked it in after Mike was safely down for his nap to avoid tantrums.

"Daaddy av umper" Mike asked grinning as Harvey played peek a boo with him "Gwain" Mike squealed giggling each time Harvey 'appeared' from behind his hands.

"Daddy doesn't have a jumper with a teddy bear on it kiddo or a dinosaur, daddy has a lovely tom ford jumper something that he actually wouldn't mind wearing in public " Harvey explained he felt asthough he was babying Mike by putting him in a snow suit but he just wanted to ensure that the kid was warm and he supposed that Mike was essentially a toddler anyway. He wouldn't know the difference. Another thing that Harvey classed as babyish attire was onesies, Harvey hated the sight of the giant baby grows he really just couldn't understand why the hell an adult would voluntarily choose to wear something as weird as a baby grow. You would have to shoot Harvey before he would be seen dead In one (Donna had pictures to prove he did actually wear one), Mike had been having a crying fit refusing to Let donna put it on him so Harvey had to wear it to show Mike that it was fine. Donna could still picture Harvey dancing about singing Mike's bedtime song dressed in a monkey onesie. The truth was Mike had been wearing them since he first had his accident but he was slowly trying to assert his independence like a real toddler would and threw frequent tantrums.

The onesies were necessary now as Mike had recently started kicking the covers off at night because the kid couldn't lie still which resulted in him waking up early in the morning crying because he was cold. Harvey had decided that as much as Mike hated them the onesies with the feet were essential for sleeping partly because after three nights he was fed up of being woken up at three in the morning and having to get up at seven walking about like a zombie and also because he couldn't afford for Mike to catch any illnesses as the kid's immune system was still weak and he was very susceptible to catching colds or having throat infections. He had just recovered from a throat infection that he had suffered from for Almost two weeks, it was horrendous for not just Mike but Harvey and Donna who had to keep taking a reluctant child's temperature and supply him with endless supplies of drinks changing horrible diapers and going without sleep for 42 hours as Mike was miserable at because he was feeling awful.

"Ahaaha" Mike wriggled as Harvey tried to put another jumper on him one jumper was enough who needed two Mike was thinking as he protested "Dadee nwo-ahaha" Mike cried "Mike you need to be wrapped up warm or we can't go outside to play in the snow, it is freezing outside" Mike kicked Harvey whining pushing against Harvey's leg "Mike stop it enough no kicking, you want a timeout" The time out corner had been established a few months ago when Mike had started throwing big tantrums and frequently. Mike shook his head starting to cry he didn't like the timeout corner.

Harvey gently picked him up lifting him onto his knee "Buddy what's wrong is this because you don't like wearing clothes" Harvey asked smirking as Mike nodded rubbing his eyes, Harvey quickly wiped a tissue out of his pocket as Mike rubbed his snotty nose on his shirt he no longer winced when the younger man did this as he was used to it. Mike whimpered wrapping an arm around Harvey's neck "Come on can I lay you down to finish getting you ready the quicker we get out we can play" Mike didn't answer he carried on sucking his thumb but with no protests Harvey was fine with that.

"Mike buddy smile mummy will kill me if I don't get pictures" Mike turned around grinning at the camera. Harvey couldn't help but smirk after a onesie, two jumpers a pair of thick waterproof trousers and a bulky snow suit Mike could hardly stand let alone walk and kept falling over. Mike had started to cry when he fell on his bottom whimpering and rubbing at his eyes. Harvey smiled at him knowing that there was no way possible that the kid could have hurt his bottom with all the padding that he was wearing. "Mike you're okay buddy up you get" Harvey encouraged seeing the young man's watery eyes and instinct reaction to lift him arms up wanting picked up. He could tell by Mike's face when he was going to cry he did this thing where he scrunched up his nose and blinked twice looking down at his hands. Mike smiled struggling to sit up again giggling at first as he tried to sit up falling back onto his bottom after a while he got annoyed and started wailing holding his arms out to Harvey who was pulling on his boots Mike crawled over to him crying to be picked up "One second kiddo we need to work on your persistance" Harvey said quickly buttoning his black stylish winter coat reaching down to pick Mike up. " Mike kiddo you're very grumpy today did you not get enough sleep time last night" Harvey asked stroking Mike's cheek with his finger.

"Mike give daddy his phone back please" Harvey said exasperated as Mike had grabbed his phone when he had bend down to lift him out of the car seat. You take your eyes of Mike for one second and he has stolen or broke something. Mike shook his head hiding the phone in the seat compartment

"Mike daddy wants his phone on the count of three or its time out one, one and a half, two two and a half, I'm not joking Mike" Harvey wanted to laugh as he was doing the thing with Mike that he said he never would, he was doing the classic parenting trick of counting to three in order to get Mike to do what he said. It didn't seem to have the desired effect on Mike though as the young man giggled blowing a raspberry as he went to throw the phone onto the front seat "Mike do not throw daddy's phone I'm warning you Mike it's not funny" Harvey tried not to laugh as Mike looked up at him innocently grinning, Harvey and Donna found it difficult not to laugh when they were telling Mike of as the young man had a way of looking at them which made them melt

" Buddy sto stop it" Harvey chuckled as Mike grinned blowing a raspberry and hiding behind his hippo teddy looking up at him looked like a little innocent puppy. "No Mike don't put the phone In your mouth eww" Harvey quickly grabbed the phone dusting it off on his jacket. Mike kicked his feet against his car seat whining. Harvey sighed unfastening the clips and trying to keep a hold of Mike as the young man tried to run off as he was excited at seeing the snow, he had never seen it up and close before, well he had but not that he could remember. "Mike you need to wait with daddy" Mike cried out hitting Harvey's hand with his hippo "Mike enough kiddo unless you want to go home, how many times do we need to tell you not to hit kiddo" Harvey said sighing it seemed that no matter what they said or did the first reaction from Mike was to lash out with his hands and hit someone "AHHAH"

"So Mike what do you think about trying sledging today?" Harvey asked as they made their way down to the park from the car park, usually Harvey would put Mike in his wheel chair if they were going out as Mike had only just begun to toddle two months ago and still wasn't 100% steady on his feet he still fell over a lot but because of the snow they couldn't use the wheelchair as it would probably get stuck. Mike looked up at him chewing on his hippo and smiled widely.

"This looks like a good spot" Harvey said to himself as he put Mike on the ground while he got the sledge ready "Oh come on why won't you work" Harvey muttered as he tried to attach the rope to the sledge to ensure that Mike would be safe, he turned around and swore to himself "Shit kid no no you can't do that" Mike looked around wondering what the fuss was, in the time it had taken Harvey to attach the rope to the sledge Mike had wandered to the edge of the hill and was peering down ready to climb down. "Buddy you need to stay with daddy kiddo that's really dangerous"

"I think I preferred it when you couldn't walk then we could keep track of you, you are going to give me grey hairs" Harvey said rolling his eyes as Mike was scowling at him.

Harvey said to Mike as he picked him up holding him against his hip while he took Mike's hat out the bag. Mike whined wanting to walk he didn't want carried everywhere "Ada alk" Mike cried "Sorry kiddo it's too dangerous just now, in a bit okay?"

"Here we go Mikey let's get your hat on" Mike moaned knocking the hat off his head and into the snow, Harvey smirked raising an eyebrow as he picked it up and placed it back onto the young man's head. Mike made an angry sound which sounded a bit like car revving, attempting to knock his hat off again "Mike" Harvey said firmly "The hat stays on, if we do not wear the hat then there is no sledging" Harvey took a firm hold of Mike's hand as he went to hit him "You are too quick to hit Mr" Harvey told him in a disapproving tone trying to keep a hold of Mike as he squirmed and and wriggled in Harvey's arms. Harvey simply sighed bouncing Mike up on his hip, he was very much accustomed to the toddler tantrums now. Donna classed Mike as being in the terrible twos they were used to things being thrown across the room and getting slapped and kicked and the timeout mat was being used at least five times a day not to mention the scars that Harvey and Donna both carried with them after Mike's not so good habit of pinching people and grabbing to get their attention.

"Right I'm just going to put you on the ground so daddy can rest his arms" Harvey said truth was his arms were not sore just a bit uncomfortable but he wanted to encourage Mike not to cling to him all the time, the kid was like a little limpet. Mike cried unsure of being in the scary 'white stuff' he clung to Harvey literally wrapping his arms around the older mans legs "Mike you wanted down a minute ago- Harvey sighed " We can't walk if you are wrapped around my legs, let go a bit okay" Harvey felt awful as he could see the tears running down Mike's face at the refusal of being picked up. "Dadaaa ahaha uwwwpy" Mike cried Harvey smiled bending down to Mike's height wiping that lovely combination of snot drool and tears that every parent loves to clean. Harvey found it amazing how Mike always seemed to be dirty he was bathed every night and his face and teeth cleaned at least three times a day but he could still cover Harvey's suits in dirt.

"There let's get you cleaned up kiddo that's not a pull face you'll not get any girls with that face we have to be charming" Harvey chuckled earning a watery almost giggle from Mike that soon disappeared though and was replaced by the sad puppy eyes "Come on buddy where's Mike's famous grin where's daddys smile" Harvey asked showing his bottom lip to Mike, Mike poked Harvey's lip smiling slightly "Come ere kiddo I want to show you something" Harvey lifted Mike onto his knee pulling his back against his chest wrapping one arm around Mike's waist to ensure that the young man felt safe. Harvey leaned down to the ground still holding Mike in a protective embrace wincing as Mike accidently nipped his neck as he clutched on for dear life fisting his daddy's jacket.

"Look at this Mike this is snow you can pick it up it doesn't hurt" Mike looked at the snow in Harvey's hand hitting it with his glove before trying to transfer it to his own he looked down at it frowning "Dwit gwone" Mike said confused "Snow gwone dada" Mike shrieked, Harvey smiled "Yeah the snow melts when we touch it because snow is cold and we are warm" "dwe warm coz we gwos cwowes" Mike said trying to lean down to feel the snow but making sure that he was still holding Harvey. "That's good Mike, good boy you are clever Mike daddy and mummy's clever boy"

Harvey managed to get Mike to sit on the sledge with not too much trouble, he had been all ready for an all-out tantrum of fear and reluctance however it was quite the opposite Mike was intrigued by what the sledge was and was eager to sit in it. "Dadeee" Mike cried lying down in the sledge "buddy you need to sit down kiddo" Harvey said lifting Mike up and siting down pulling Mike back against him "Mike buddy you need to keep a hold of daddy okay" Mike nodded rubbing his blanket on his face "Okay we ready one two three" Mike let out a frightened squeal as the sledge started to go down the hill, Harvey tightened the hold he had around Mike he knew that it was unlikely that Mike would fall out but he didn't want to take the chance or terrify the young man. "Gwain gwain gwain" Mike cried happily digging his heels into the snow trying to push off.

After nearly two hours at the park building snowmen and sledging Mike must have been on the sledge at least 10 times Harvey looked behind them at the sky "It looks quite dark now buddy I think it is going to snow one more go and then we need to go okay" Mike ignored the last part drumming his feet on the bottom of the sledge excited that he was getting another shot.

"Dadaa nwo gwo" now gwo" Mike cried trying to crawl away quickly in the snow "Mike buddy come here monkey" Harvey said having to almost run through the snow in order to catch Mike who was a very fast crawler. It seemed amazing to Harvey that after his accident Mike could do nothing and now he could crawl at the speed of a cheetah. "You are too fast for me now kiddo, the next thing we need to do is try to potty train you, what do you say about that, you are making so much progress" The real tantrum began when Harvey picked Mike up carrying him to the car." NO NO NO NOO DADAAA AHHAHAHA" Mike screamed kicking with all his might.

"Mike stop it, sit in your seat" Harvey said firmly trying not to loose his cool with Mike who had slid down on the floor in the car lying down having a fit as he hamoured his legs against the floor and flailed his arms. "Mike will you stop please come on buddy we have had a nice time" Harvey was at a loss with what to do he couldn't reach down far enough to pick Mike up. "Mike we are going to be here all day" Harvey knew his reasoning was useless because in Mike's eyes he may as well be talking French.

Harvey crouched down so he was looking into the car "Mike baby what you doing" Mike stopped his kicking and looked over to where the voice came from he eyed Harvey for a second before resuming his kicking. "Mike buddy you want some milk buddy, you want a bottle" Harvey asked trying to stop the tantrum "NO NO NO" Mike screamed "Okay we are not siting here all day" Harvey said firmly as he pulled Mike's foot bringing Mike closer to him as he quickly lifted him up using his knee to hold holding him in the car seat. Mike cried trying to wriggle past Harvey screaming in his face as the man prevented him from doing what he wanted. "AHHHHH" "Mike enough you do not scream in daddy's face, that is naughty" Mike kicked Harvey, Harvey took a firm hold of Mike's hands ignoring the struggle "You do not kick people do you understand me Mike I will smack your bottom if you kick me again" "No-ohoh" Mike yelled, Harvey let go of Mike's hands pulling the strap across the car seat and getting into the driver's seat.

"Mike naptime kiddo" Mike shook his head "No daddy" Mike whined as he stamped his foot "Mike enough of that kiddo we don't stamp our feet at people"Mike was getting too fond of throwing a tantrum when something wasn't going his way. "That's not telling me you don't need a nap kiddo, that's telling me that the cranky little boy needs to have a sleep" Harvey muttered throwing the plastic trains into the box.

"Go way!" Mike screamed throwing himself on the floor dramatically Harvey rolled his eyes he was getting fed up with the constant tantrums it seemed Mike had a disagreement with everything. "Mike come here please and help tidy your toys" "NO" "Mike now please come here and help daddy tidy your toys away" Harvey said as he was in the process of putting the cars in the toy boxes. Mike cried tipping one of them out "Mike! I have just put those away help me put these away" Harvey could tell himself that he was starting to sound fed up with Mike and he didn't want to lose all the trust and patience that he had built up with Mike over the last few months but Mike wasn't making it easy. "Do not pinch daddy Mike" Mike stuck his tongue out at Harvey walking away from the toys and toddling into his room. "Mike get back here please, Mike" Harvey called in vain knowing that Mike was quite clearly ignoring him, he groaned as his shoulder alerted him to his discomfort as he took Mike's bottle of milk out of the pan. Harvey and Donna both found it lovely to feed Mike his bottle when the little boy was close to sleep it gave them a warm gooey feeling inside.

Bringing it through to his bedroom he raised an eyebrow as he saw Mike lying on the floor playing with his Thomas the tank engine train his room in disaray "You really are going for it today kiddo" Mike started crying sticking his thumb in his mouth as his daddy spoke to him. Harvey was concerned he was praying that Mike wasn't feeling unwell and that ws the reason for his naughty behaviour

"Buddy what's wrong?" Harvey asked picking Mike up sitting him on his lap placing the back of his hand on Mike's forehead "No you don't feel unwell you just overtired kiddo too much excitement for one day. I think that's why you are cranky and upset" Harvey cooed stroking Mike's hair, he lifted the young man onto his hip a he got Mike's crib ready. He checked Mike's diaper changed it and then carefully laid Mike down in his crib placing the bottle on the mattress "Night night baby have a good sleep" Mike curled up sticking his pacifier in his mouth too tired to even pick his bottle up. Harvey smiled picking up the bottle taking Mike's pacifier out as he held the bottle in Mike's mouth. Mike began to suckle his breathing becoming slower as he fell into a deep sleep.

"Night kiddo we'll see you soon, we had a good day today, even if you are becoming a little monster" Harvey planted a kiss on Mike's head ruffling his hair as he covered him with the sesame street Oscar blanket.