Chapter four. Six months after the accident that changed everything.

Cognitive age Two and a half.

Harvey smiled as he stood looking out onto the balcony through the glass doors, it was only novemeber and in the last week the temperatures had rapidly dropped overnight and New York had been submerged under a blanket of snow.

Harvey just knew that Mike would want to play in it, they had been in the middle of bath time when Mike squealed pointing outside his eyes wide with amazement at seeing the snow flakes.

Going back into the condo shivering as it was suddenly warm he could see Mike siting on the carpet surrounded by some building blocks "Twingle winkle ittle swar dow wonder wat du ware" Harvey smiled lovingly over at Mike who was busy building a house out of some coloured building blocks.

"Buddy it snowed last night" Harvey said bending down onto the carpet to sit next to Mike who smiled around his pacifier seeing his daddy sit down "Buildeee" Mike cried happily offering Harvey some bricks The older man smiled, these moments when Mike was calm were so nice. "What we building kiddo, we building something cool" Mike smiled putting the corner of one of the blocks in his mouth

Harvey tuted gently removing it, ignoring the look Mike gave him. The kid ate absolutely everything, except real food that was, which was still a pain in the ass of a battle.

"Swupid swupid" Mike cried throwing a block across the room when his knee hit the model causing it to fall to the floor. He was frustrated and annoyed that it wasn't working for him. Harvey had thought that the blocks would be good for developing Mike's coordination "Mike kiddo don't throw things look let daddy see" Harvey asked showing Mike how to build it without it falling "Nwot fwall"

Mike shrieked giggling as Harvey put some more blocks on he was in awe of his daddy who could do anything, Mike clapped his hands drumming his feet on the carpet with excitement "Nwot fwall dada nwot fall" Mike continued to giggle amazed by what was happening before his eyes. Harvey grinned at Mike checking the clock on the wall he ruffled Mike's hair as he stood up, he needed to get Mike's clothes out so they were ready to go out to play in the snow.

"Mike stay here kiddo daddy will be back soon" Harvey told Mike firmly, Mike could understand simple instructions now that he was roughly at a toddler's development age. Mike nodded rolling on the floor as he played banged the blocks off each other.

Harvey returned carrying a ridiculous amount of winter clothes, (clothes he was bracing himself to put on his unknowing charge and the diaper changing supplies, hiding the baby powder. Mike would recently grab it and make as much mess as he could, covering every item in sight.

Hia favourite game was to wait until Harvey was all dressed for work and cover his very expensive and very dear to him suits in talc.

Mike looked at him moving his head to see if the baby powder was behind daddy, Harvey saw the look, raising an eyebrow "Nice try kid, I know your game, you're not getting it, what you are going to get, is dressed"

Harvey fought against flailing limbs in all directions and fingers to his hair, Mike had recently 'discovered' hair, or rather pulling It "Mike ow" Harvey cried, as Mike grabbed a fistful of his hair, once he saw the clothes, Harvey intended to put on him, it was no secret that Mike did not like wearing clothes, he was more than happy to go about in his vest and diaper.

"Mikey, look it has a dinosaur on " Harvery cooed to Mike, as the younger man sucked on his pacifier, cuddling his beloved stuffed dragon, totally no longer interested in Harvey getting him dressed.

"No!" Mike cried, smacking Harvey across the head with his dragon, as the older man added another jumper, worrying that his pup would get cold, he didn't have the time or patience to have another round of Mike when sick again, Mike was a pain in the ass when Ill.

Mike you need to be wrapped up warm or we can't go outside to play in the snow, it is freezing outside" Harvey told him sternly, only to find himself being kicked for what must have been the fourth time, since the whole escapade that was dressing Mike.

"Do not kick me Mike, that hurts, do you want a time out, would you rather sit there, than go and explore in the snow?"" The time out corner had been established a few months ago when Mike had started throwing tantrums all the damn time.. Mike shook his head starting to cry he didn't like the timeout corner.

Harvey told himself that he didn't need to feel bad, when Mike cried, if he was being punished, but he still felt the guilt and found himself, sitting Mike up on his knee, bringing his phone out, snapping a picture of Mike in his clothes, for Donna of course.

Mike was less than impressed and displayed this throw launching Harvey's phone across the wooden hard floor. "Mike!" Harvey scolded, sighing and retrieving his own phone, when Mike had refused, instead, pulling at the snow suit, he found himself in.

"Mike, what do you think about learning to sledge today?" Harvey asked, as Mike looked up at him, showing him his dinosaur program on the iPad, babbling something the older man hadn't understood.

Harvey smiled sadly, he wished he could understand all of what Mike said, Mike meant the world to him and he wanted the younger man to know it.

"So sledging pup, excited?" Harvey asked Mike as he toddled beside him, towards the hill, Mike sometimes still had difficulty with walking and required regular massages and breaks. Harvey would have brought the wheelchair, if it weren't for the fact, that it would have gotten stuck.

"This looks like a good spot" Harvey said to himself as he put Mike on the ground, after carrying him the rest of the way, Mike seemed nervous and no longer was babbling, Harvey observed, wondering what was wrong, he put it down to Mike just being overwhelmed. Harvey looked back to check on Mike, after conducting another check of the sledge, making sure it was in perfect working condition. "Damn it Mike" He cried, racing after the younger man, who had apparently gotten over his 'fear' and was trying to walk down a bloody big hill.

"Mike, don't do that kid, stay by daddy" Harvey said in exasperation, keeping a hold of Mike's hand, until they were ready to go "You are going to give me grey hairs kid" Harvey chuckled, while Mike blew raspberries, cuddling his dragon."

Mike had completely freaked out, when Harvey had sat him on the sledge, crying and gripping for his daddy, screaming at the top of his lungs, Harvey had momentarily been too shocked to do anything, other than scoop him up, holding him close, wondering what had caused the sudden outburst.

After Mike had been consoled, Harvey had decided that there was no way sledging was going to happen and had introduced Mike to snowman building.

"Daddy big snowman" Mike cooed, as he tried to roll a large ball, just like his dad, adding a tiny amount of snow to Harvey's snowman. Harvey smiled proudly, it was so fantastic to see Mike coming on so much.

The two of them had the best time chasing and playing with each orher in the snow, Mike was finding it hilarious, crawling after Harvey an was giggling and laughing harder, than Harvey had heard, "Get daddy" Mike giggled, crawling at the speed of a cheeta. Harvey playfully ran from him, stopping, after a while, knowing Mike was getting exhausted and wouldnt stop on his own.

Harvey pulled Mike into his lap "Say bye to snowman pup, we need to get home, we have had enough for one day" Harvey explained, unprepared for Mike to grab his hair in anger, escaping from his lap, crawling at haste.

"Dadaa nwo gwo" now gwo" Mike cried trying to crawl away quickly in the snow "Mike buddy come here" Harvey said sternly, having to almost run through the snow in order to catch Mike who seemed determined to get away.

Harvey tried reasoning with Mike for almost ten minutes, before he had, had enough and simply scooped the younger man into his arms." The real tantrum began with these actions.

"NO NO NO NOO DADAAA AHHAHAHA" Mike screamed kicking with all his might, kicking Harvey's torso, his legs and other unpleasant places. Harvey tried to control Mike, trying to remain calm and not loose his cool.

"Mike stop it, sit in your seat. No! Do not try and bite me, Naughty!" Harvey said sternly, hoping to quell the tantrum, "Mike will you stop please come on buddy we have had a nice time, Daddy had a. Mike! Do not pinch me!"

Harvey had, had enough and clipped Mike into his car seat, fighting against, being kicked away, it saddened him to see the temper tantrums, but he had been assured by Mike's therapist that it was because Mike had lost control, and not down to him. Mike was fighting to get his own way and couldn't communicate properly yet.

It seemed the best of today was over, Mike's rage and tantrum continued, once reaching the condo and he was not going to make the afternoon smooth for Harvey at all. Harvey ignored Mike as he lay on the floor, screaming, rolling around and kicking, trying to get his attention, the older man calmly made a bottle, Scooping Mike up. "Nap time" was all he said.

Mike continued on with his incessant screaming and crying, babbling that he didn't need a nap and Harvey was "Bad" and "Stinky" Harvey couldn't help but smile at the childish insults, as he laid Mike down in his crib, with his bottle, covering him with his cars blanket, exiting quietly.

It was going to be a long night.