It was the beginning of February, 2nd of February to be precise. Since the year before, I did well in my public exam, my parents insisted me to get into a better school. Now here I am, King George IV International School, a well-known cluster school.

It was a chilly day that morning. However there the glazing sun beaming brightly. It was my first day and I was pretty excited ! I wasn't alone, along came my best Muslim bud in the whole wide world. Her name was Syahirah, well that's what we call her. By we, I do mean the others , Dee, Laine and the ones I sadly left for this new school. Our parents shared the same bond we share for the past ten years. We all went together since both of us were equally nervous. We were asked to sit on a long brown bench right in front of the office. This place must have been really old for the bench was giving out squeaky noises. The place was gloomy which gave me the chills. I saw students getting into the corridor, excited students. They all looked so elegant. Tidy would be a good description.

There were about 10 news students. We went into a room full of tables and chairs because the principal wanted to give us a warm welcome. She introduced herself. Miss Bell was her name. She looked good, I can say. She had long hair with curly locks decorating the ends of it. Big sparkling black eyes with small glasses. A flawless face, not much wrinkles. Totally pretty. She gave a speech about the history of the school. Surprising this was the first speech I had found interesting. Without wasting anymore time, she handed out each of us a book. The school regulations. " You best read them to survive " she chuckled. We were divided into classes. I was praying for Syahirah to be in my class and thank God it came true. " Jevashenee and Puteri Syahirah " Miss Bell called out.

" Since you're from the same school, I thinking placing you too in the same class would be wise "

" Thank you so much, ma'am ! " I grinned.

We were led into the class by the counselling teacher. I studied that Syahirah and I weren't the only lucky ones who were placed into this class, Brainstromers. The were two more pupils. A girl and a students who were already in the class were studying Civic.

" Oh ! New students, eh ? Well class, why don't we get no know you news friends ? " the teacher smiled.

It was a man. He was very tall and slim. He was a Chinese, I read his skin tone. He was good-looking for his age.

" Introduce ! Introduce ! " the class started to go wild. I was nervous. But we had no choice. Four of us did introduce ourselves. I went first.

" My name is Jevashenee Sokkan, best known as Jeva. I'm quite of a jolly person. I actually didn't expect this. I would've gotten a script ready if I knew this was coming " I giggled, so did everyone. A pleasant looking guy stood up " talk about you relationship status ! " Everyone started to laugh. I got red.

" Umm I'm mentally dating a celebrity. Wait ! Did I say dating ? I meant married ! I'm mentally married to Justin Drew Bieber ! " I laughed so hard this time.

" Bieber ?! Why him ?! " a Chinese guy questioned from far. I guess he's a hater. I had not much time to answer him. It was Syahirah's turn.

" Hey, my name is kindda long. It's Puteri Syahirah binti Rusli. So umm, I don't have much to talk about myself. As you can see I'm kindda shy. Umm, any questions ? " Syahirah became red.

I know she was really shy. She was since we were little. She got the same question as I did.

" Simply no. " she answered with a pretty smile.

Then it was the guy's turn.

" Hello everyone. My name is Vicknesh, call me Vick ! " he gave a small smile.

Vicknesh looked gloomy. It was as if he was forced to get into this school. It was hard for him to even smile, I guess. He was tall and dark. He had neat hair, combed to the right. Clothes fit to his body. He looked smart, but not happy. I wasn't listen to what he was saying. Soon it was the new girl's turn.

" Hi ! My name is Kasmietra. I know it's very hard to pronounce that, it's Kas-mi-tra. You guys can call me Kas, it's an easier way to call me ! " she giggled.

This girl was definitely going to be my new best friend, I could predict it. She looked to carefree, just like how I act. She was slightly taller than me. Fair and had short hair which was straight. I bet she has Chinese blood cause this girl has small eyes, with brown pupils which made her look even prettier.

I was looking at the class. It was, not bad. White, spotless wall. Reminders and pictures sticked to the information boards. My big chestnut eyes went across the room, when I realised someone looking at me. I turned to the left just to meet a pair of big green sparkling eyes. It was then I saw him. This boy was gorgeous, he had curly hair and they had curly locks dressing the ends, but even curlier than Miss Bell's. They were brushed to his left. It looked messy but in the good way. He was probably an exchange student because his hair was brown, not too dark and not too light. It was almost perfect. At that moment, that lovey moment, was when I felt butterflies fluttering in my stomach. He smiled at me, and I returned it. He was so cute !

" Thank you, new students. Now the class monitor, will you please show them their seats ? " the teacher look at the guy who just smiled at me.

" Ah, not to forget, we have 2 exchange students in our class, from England. Our class monitor is, Harry Styles. And the other is Zayn Malik. Boys, please stand so these pupils can see you "

Both of them woke up. Zayn look very secretive other than his perfect hairstyle. His hair had a sleek appearance. His eyes were hazel, which was attractive. From the way he looks I could already tell that this guy is quiet, yet smoking hot. Zayn looked Pakistan-nish. His eyebrows were thick, which is another bonus point for him. He had that charming look which girls craze for. Totally from the top to the bottom, this boy looked stunning. Just stunning !

3 of us girls were asked to sit at the back and the new boy was placed beside Zayn. Poor Zayn. The bell rang and the it was already recess time. I guess the principal took a long time to entertain us. I took out my large Tupperware in which there were sandwiches my mother made for me. I always have a voracious appetite when it comes to tuna sandwiches.

Syahirah was already talking to Kasmietra while both of them were waiting for me. How nice ! Before I left my desk, I found someone standing beside me. It was Harry. He looked even handsome closer.

" Hello ! I am Harry Styles, the class monitor. Here's the timetable for our class, there are 3 copies here. Please give it to the other 2 girls. And umm you looked kind of nervous back there. I wish you good luck on your first year here. " Harry smile and I spot him blushing. This guy had dimples ! How adorable !

" That's so nice of you, thank you ! " I smiled back trying not to blush at how sexy his British accent was.

" Umm, Zayn and I aren't the only ones who are from England. There are three more guys from the other classes. There's Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and an Irish kid, Niall Horan " he exclaimed.

" More hotties ? " I wasn't thinking before saying that. Harry kind of blushed. To cover how idiotic I was, I laughed.

" Haha, I guess. Well, seeya later. Bye " Harry went off. I could already see Zayn, Liam, Louis and Niall waiting for him at the door. I gathered with Syahirah and Kasmietra.