2 Years later (still flashback)

Louis' Point Of View

It's been two years since we first meet. Khalpana and I have been best of friends. But I really hope we would be more than just friends. Yes, I'm now in love with this girl and have not guts to tell her. That's because I don't have the slightest hint that she's into me too.

Next week's the prom and I don't have a date yet, so does Khalpana. During recess, we got to that palm tree where we would always hang out. Just the two of us. Not even Subha with us. I gulped as I was ready to ask her to the prom.

" Khalpana, can I ask you something ? " I didn't think while asking. I just shot the question out.

" Sure, Lui ! " she smiled at me putting her soft palms onto mine. How does she do this and keep telling everyone ' we're just friends ' ?

" It's about the prom, do you think that maybe-"

" Oh Lui ! Thanks for reminding me about the prom. I won't be able to come cause one, I'm going to an early vacation with my family and two, I don't have a date. " She giggled.

" Well, okay. " I told her in disappointment.

" Who are you going with ? " she asked me.

" Well, I'm thinking about asking the Hilborne girl. " I had to say it ! I just had to ! I didn't want it to be awkward.

" Beth ? Oh my ! That's great, Lou ! My best friend is all grown up and is about to ask a girl to the prom ! You don't know how happy I am for you ! "

" You don't know how disappointed I am. You don't know how much you mean to me. You don't know how much I love you. All I want to do is to kiss you and tell the world you're mine, Khalpana. I love you, not any Calder girl. I need you, not anyone else. You complete me. And I'm glad that we're best of friends but that's not the exact thing I want. I want you to be mine. Everytime I approach you to say this, the words get stuck at my throat because I get distracted by how beautiful you are. You're the most gorgeous thing in the world, more than the angels. I love you. " I told that in my mind so she wouldn't hear it. All I want to do is to get this out of my chest but I can't.

" Hey Beth ! " Khalpana screamed at Bethany that was walking pass us.

" What are you doing ?! " I asked her shockingly !

" Since I'm not going to be here to see you guys dance, I want to see you asking her out. Please Lui ! " she let out her puppy eyes. I love it when she does that and I makes me weak knowing that she's not mine.

" Yeah ? " Bethany asked. Rumour has is that Bethany likes me but I don't trust them. Plus, I'm in love with another girl.

" Ummm Bethany, will you go out with me to the prom next weekend ? " I forced out the words. They weren't for her, sadly.

" Omg Louis. Seriously ? Yes, yes I would love to ! " she blushed and walked away. I now kind of believe the rumours. What have I don't ?! I gave her hope when I want Khalpana, not Bethany.

" Lui ! Why aren't you going after her ? " Khalpana questioned pushing me towards Bethany. " I can see that she's shy. Well done, Tommo ! " she chuckled.

I didn't had the mood to speak at class. I was gloomy.

" What's wrong, bud ? " Liam asked me.

" Nothing. I just asked Bethany for the prom and she said yes. "

" What ?! Weren't you supposed to ask, well you know who ?! " Liam knows almost everything, so does Harry. Harry and I have been really close, like brothers. Sometimes I stay at his place and vice versa. I told Liam what happened.

" Bro, I understand what I feels like. Anyway, I asked Subha to the prom ! " Liam screamed in excitement.

" What did she say ?! " I questioned.

" Yes ! It was unbelievable ! " Liam exclaimed.

" Bro, you're on like donkey kong ! " We both burst into laughter.

" I have an awesome plan for next week. I'm going to ask her to be mine. " Liam told me his big secret.

" So that's what you've been planning all this week ! Do you need my help ? Tomlinson at your service. " I cheekily smiled at him.

" I need you, Harry, Niall and Zayn to sing for us. Will you guys ? I want it to be her best night. I want it to be memorable. "

" Of course ! Well, what are we ? Brothers ! And brothers help ! " We gave each other a high five.

*Prom night*

Bethany's Point of View

I was waiting outside for Louis to pick me up when he came in a black Porsche. He opened the door for me and I sat into his car. I still can't believe that I was going out with the hottest kid in King George Fifth International School. I've always had a crush on Louis, for a long time.

We arrived at the school hall. I can't believe I'm saying this but it was decorated were beautifully. It was like the prom night in the movies. Soothing music couples dancing to it.

Louis' Point of View

We were at the dance floor. The environment was happy but I wasn't. Even with Bethany by my side, I felt lonely. Yet I was happy for my friends. I spotted Harry and Felicity Skinner, Niall with Holly Scally, Zayn and Rebecca Ferguson, Liam with Subha.

Harry, Niall and Zayn were already dating these girl. As for Liam, in a few moments he will. I'm a whole different story though. I didn't want to dance with Bethany. I had no mood for it.

" Louis, come on ! Let's dance already ! " Bethany was pulling my hands but I was sat firm to my seat.

" I don't feel good Beth, sorry. " I let out my best smile. Suddenly a rough hand pulled me away from Bethany. It was Zayn.

" It's time, man. " He told me while smiling cheekily.

Liam was still inside the hall when he signaled us to get out. We went to the school's garden. It was pitch dark but we were able to see our way. The moon was bright tonight. We hid behind some bushes where Niall hid his guitar to play it later.

Minutes later we heard voices of Liam and Subha.

"Liam, where are you bringing me ? Can I open the blind fold now ? Are we there yet ? " she kept on questioning him.

Liam's Point of View

I removed the blind fold I tied earlier. She look even amazing under the moonlight.

" Subha, I want to do this fast because, well I'm nervous."

" What's happening, Liam ? " she questioned as her brown eyes gazed into mine in curiosity.

Niall started strumming the guitar.

" It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart, Without saying a word you can light up the dark.. " I started singing.

The boys were giving extra background music. They were going all ' uuuuuu ' and ' aaaaa '. Subha had her hands tied together. She looked touched. I held her hand as me and the boys together went

" The smile on your face lets me know that you need me,There's a truth in your eyes sayin' you'll never leave me " and I ended getting closer and closer to her

" You say it best when you say nothing at all " and I finally confessed " I love you, Subha. "

Tears started strolling on her cheeks. She hit me in the shoulder as she giggled and said

" Did it take you two years to tell me this, Payne ? "

" Actually, yes " I laughed. " Be my girl ? " I finally asked her !

" A million times, yes ! " I pulled her towards me and we kissed. It was my first passionate kiss. I could feel her smile during our kiss. She was gorgeous, she always is. She is mine.

" Awwwww Liam's all grown up " the boys were such tease at the back of us.

Present – A year later

Louis' Point of View

Zayn, Niall and Harry are now back to their singlehood. Three of them had been through tough times with the ex-girlfriends and probably now they're better. Liam is still with Subha and it's been almost a year since they got together. They're going strong. As for me and Khalpana, it's the same. I got with Bethany months ago when she asked me to be hers. I accepted because I was afraid of hurting her. I knew I had already hurt he at the prom last year. Honestly, I tried my best to love her but I couldn't because she doesn't cross my mind, Khalpana does constantly. I was so in love with her yet I was still loyal to Bethany but she wasn't.

It was last year. I was on my way to my tutor's when I saw Bethany with Stark, the baseball captain of my school. And they were kissing. I instantly broke up with her and the only person who comfort me was Khalpana. So did Harry and Liam, but oh well, I loved Khalpana. And this year, I still don't have the guts to ask her out for the Music Club's dance.

" Luiii ! " she didn't stop yelling my name.

" Okay, are you going to tell me what happened or not ? " I hold both of the shoulders so she would stop jumping.

" Okay, okay ! Danial, asked me to the dance ! " She was literally fangirling. Danial is the vice president of the school's orchestra and Khalpana was attracted at they way he plays the guitar, which I find not attractive. My heart broke into pieces when she told me.

" And, there's more ! " she continued fangirling.

" He, asked me to be his girlfriend ! " I couldn't stop her from jumping. I became weak. The girl I loved, for 3 years. I'll never get to call her mine anymore. I'll never get to scream to the world " Khalpana is mine ! ". I'll never get to kiss her under the pouring rain. I'll never get to comfort her when she's sad. All my dreams of building a family when I grow up with her, they were all shattered.