Kasmietra's Point of View

I rushed to the restaurant to find Zayn already waiting for me. He was alone. There was no one in the restaurant, I wonder. We were alone !

" Hey Kas ! " Zayn woke up from his chair excitedly with a broad smile drawing on his face. He looked very handsome, I could already faint !
" You umm look very beautiful " Zayn looked at me and blushed. I could see his cheeks turning red and that was adorable !
" Am I over dressed for a date ? " I giggled holding my wedding gown.
" No ! No ! You look gorgeous, babe. " Zayn smiled making me enter the blushing lane too.
" I reserved the whole restaurant so that we could finally be alone. " How could this guy be anymore sweeter ?
" Aww ! You shoudn't have ! I mean, it wasn't necessary but that's lovely. " I gave him a peck on his cheek as he smiled at me.
" Nah, I want to have the best night of my life cause I have someone to share it with " This time I swear butterflies invaded my insides.

Zayn's Point of View
I pulled the chair for her to seat, the chair that was facing mine so I could keep my eyes on the most beautiful thing in the world I had ever seen.
" Gentleman much, Zayn ? " she chuckled. My heart skipped a beat looking at how pretty she was. Everything went slow motion, that perfect moment as she gracefully took her steps and sat on the chair. How can someone make everything the do look perfect ?

" What would you like to eat, madame ? " came a fancy looking waiter. Fancy enough to serve the restaurant.
" It's my treat today, you can eat as much as you want " I smiled at her. She took the menu and started choosing.
" Umm I would love to try the Lobster Newburg, please. " she ordered.
" And I would like to have the Chicken Marengo , please and thank you. " I looked at the waiter as he wrote down everything.
" What would you like as drink, sir and madame ? "
" Passion fruit juice and Zayn ? " she questioned.
" Give me just coke. Thank you " I smiled at the waiter. He went off, and once again we were alone. The wind ran through her silky straight hair making her look more attractive. All I could do is just sit there and admire her. What was I feeling towards her ? I have been longing for the answer. I had to break of the silence !

" Kas ! How has it been going ? " This was the best I could ask.
" It's umm fine. Yeah, fine. " she smiled at me once again melting me.
" Look, I don't want to waste anymore time kay. I need to know something. I have been longing to ask. It's only been a few weeks since we meet, I know it's very short but - "
" Your food is here, sir. " I got cut off by the waiter who came to serve our food.
" Well. Let's eat. " Kas started munching on her salad dressing. I couldn't continue what I was saying but go one with her.

Jevashenee's Point of View
I was for a long time freezing outside but I didn't want Harry to catch up with me but somehow that boy found me. I didn't wake up from the bench as he walked near to me.
" Can I take a seat, Kas ? " He extended the ' Kas ' part. Maybe he felt something fishy already. Oh no !
" Yeah, sure. " I exclaimed.
" Let us talk about something. Maybe about Zayn. Do you luuuuuuuuurve him ? " Harry started laughing and it made me laugh so hard ! He talks in a different way, a good different and it never fails to make me laugh. Just to make him not suspicious, I had to say it " Yes, Harry. I luuuurve him " I giggled.
" Don't you love me, Jeva ? " Harry questioned. Jeva ?! Why did he say my name ?! How did her know ?! Was he joking or something ?! Maybe he's just joking ! Okay calm down, Jeva.
" Jeva ? Harry, Jeva's not here. She went - " I got cut off as I felt his strong palm raising my chin and his lips pressed to mine.
" I followed you and Kas outside the toilet and eavesdropped on what you guys were talking. I'm sorry, I really am ! " Harry gave me a hug and we stayed in each others arms for a while just like that. My head was rested on his chest. I could feel his hear beating fast. It was the perfect moment and the wind blew swiftly passing us. I pulled over and gazed into his eyes. I looked at the time. It was already 8:30 pm. I had only half an hour to spend with the guy I felt something with in such a short while after meeting him.
" Jeva, I've been longing to ask you this. Since the music club is organising a school dance, I hope nobody has asked you yet cause - "
" No one has asked me about it, Harry ! " I giggled.
" Yeay ! Would you like to go with me ? " Harry was smiling broadly showing off his pearl white teeth.
" That would be awesome, thee Harry Styles ! " I said pinching his cheeks. He tickles me when I do that.
" And we shall have a great time next Saturday ! "

The silence started. I lay my head on Harry shoulders as he wrapped his hand around my waist. That moment was perfect.

Kasmietra's Point of View
As soon we had eaten, the waiter had already empty our table. Zayn and I woke up as I got ready to head back to the town's hall. Zayn held my hand tightly as we walked towards the hall.
" Zayn, I've got to go now. My family is in the town's hall. I'll tell your everything on Monday at school, it's a long story. " I gave him a hug and was about to walk alone but Zayn's hand didn't let me go. The pulled me towards him instead.
" Let me give your something that would make this night unforgettable. " Zayn said as he wrapped his hands around my waist and kissed me and I kissed him back. I felt him smiling in that kiss. It was true and a passionate one, I could feel it.
Zayn pulled over but still hadn't let me go. He gave me a massive hug and kissed my head.
" Goodnight, babe. Seeya on Monday. " Zayn smiled at me and I waved my hands at him.

I rushed to the back of the hall to find Harry and Jeva in front of the toilet !
" Harry ?! What's going on, Jeva ?! " I felt a mini heart attack seeing them both together. Did Harry know what's going on ?! Does everyone know ?! Am I in trouble ?!
" Long story, Kas. To make it short, everything's fine. Now, lets change and head home. " Jeva was rushing to get changed. I could see signs of her being tired already.

We changed and gathered at the party. The hall was half empty. And like everyone, I had an awkward moment. That awkward moment when Harry Styles is the bride's brother and is my cousin. I giggled at myself. My parents started to once again congratulate the bride and groom and I was hoping there won't be a fifth wedding, sigh. We headed home and my dad dropped Jeva on the way home. It was a beautiful night and a start of a new relationship.