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"Aaliyah… don't leave me…"
"Sister, don't worry. Someone promised me to protect you."
"No… I want you to be the one who'll protect me."
"We'll meet again, soon."

Selene woke up from the floor in front of her door. She stood up and sat on her bed and stroke Alee's white fur, still overthinking things. Her Letter Bee hat got her attention which was hanging right on her dressing mirror. The glittering Bee was shining due to the artificial sun.

What was the reason I became a Letter Bee? She thought. That's right, to find Aaliyah, and if possible, my Dad… I wonder how Mom is doing... it's been a year already and I've never paid any visit to her since we're busy delivering letters.

A thought flashed through her brain. She packed her things—a few clothes, her shindan, and some money she got. She wore her blouse, her warm jacket, her pants, and her winter boots. She took the Letter Bee hat and left it at her bed, it was still early in the morning and she knew that Sylvette and Lag weren't awake yet, so she left a note near her hat and left.

She snuck from her room, and walked down the squeaky stairs, until she saw Gauche who was sipping tea on the couch.

"Where are you going? It's still early." Gauche asked.

Selene turned her head away from Gauche and lied, "I'm going outside for a walk." Gauche knew that she was going to leave for a while but decided to buy the lie.

"Alright, be careful."

Selene walked through the door and looked back at the Suede Residence. She'll come back, she knows she will. It's like the same feeling when she left her Mom to become a Letter Bee and now, she's leaving her Letter Bee to see her Mom, but it's temporary anyway. She felt a tear drop slide down her cheeks and continued on walking towards her house.

"I'll miss you guys…"

The same dull streets, lampshades, and children were still playing outside as Selene pass by. The streets she's walking by, it's so alike—that almost nothing changed. After walking for so long, she finally saw her house, the two-story house with plants hanging by the side. She also saw the very same bench where she would always sit whenever she's thinking or lonely. She saw a woman with brown hair who was wearing a long dress and was cleaning their house. She walked in and said,

"Mom, I'm home."

"Lag-kun! Wake up!" Sylvette rushed into the room of the silver-haired crybaby and woke him up. Lag finally opened his heavy purple eyes as Sylvette read him the note Selene left:

"Sylvette-chan, I'm sorry but I need to be alone for a while. Please don't tell this to anyone, I'll come back so don't worry about me. :) –Selene"

Sylvette didn't follow what Selene wrote but told this to Lag and Niche, while Gauche already left for work in Akatsuki as usual. Sylvette told Lag to keep it a secret from Zazie and the others so they wouldn't worry.

"Hai! Now I'm going back to sleep." Lag exclaimed, lying on his bed but Niche stretched her hair and wrapped Lag's waist and shook him. Once Niche's done, Lag's eyes became dizzy and saluted,

"Alright~ I'm getting ready-y-y~"

Sylvette looked at the note again, looking worried. "Selene, why would you make us worry all the time?"

Selene's home. She's home; back to her mom, Hana. The sweet smell of moonflowers wrapped the air as Selene hugged her Mom who waited for them to come back for a year. Selene's mom led her inside as she sat on the couches near the staircase which led to her room. She asked her mom if she could spend some time alone so she walked towards her room and lied down on her head. Little did she know that Alee followed her...

"Selene!" was Alee's call from outside her window. Selene looked surprised to see her dingo flying outside, tapping her ears. Selene opened it and hugged Alee who was cold; Alee slept soundly on her bed while she would stare out into the long-distant artificial sun.

"Why isn't Aaliyah back with you?" her mother peeked through.

"Mom, I—" she stopped, "Mom, can we talk about her for tomorrow? I'm feeling tired." Selene sensed that her mom was acting weird. Something was amiss. Her mom closed the door while Selene stared out until she heard the door lock from the outside.

"Mom? Mom!" she banged her door, hoping to get out, "Mom!" She tried to wake Alee up but she wouldn't. She kept on murmuring in her sleep. She kept on banging the door, hoping her Mom would open up. What's going on? She thought.


Zazie, together with Lag, Connor, Aria, and the dingos, they were outside the Bee Hive waiting for Selene but instead, Sylvette came in her place—crying. Lag hugged her as she wept in his arms. Aria asked what was wrong and she replied stuttering,

"Selene… she… she won't… she…" Sylvette covered her eyes until the Director came out. Sylvette couldn't bear to look at the director since she didn't fulfill what he asked them to do…


"Alright, I need your full support for this. We all know that Claudius is still out there and Selene might be his target. Now that Aaliyah's not here to protect her anymore, I want all of you to watch over her." Largo explained. Zazie was the one who suggested the idea, while the rest did their best to watch over her.

"Remember, until Claudius is caught, Selene's life is in danger."


"Where's Selene?" Zazie asked the crying silver-haired girl. She wanted to keep it a secret since Selene asked for it but she can't hide it. She needed to tell them. She needed to tell Zazie.

Sylvette opened up her eyes and told them, "She went back to her house." Largo's face became worried.

"She lives in Soured Plums Village, right?" Sylvette nodded. Then, Largo's face grew from worried to worse, "the recent killings, is right where Selene is staying."

"Idiot…" Zazie muttered under his breath as he started running towards Selene's house. "Stupid…"


"Please… open up…"


I was kneeling in front of the door now; it's been 5 hours since she locked me up. What's… what's going on? I can't wake Alee up since she's asleep. The window's been locked shut and I can feel a black aura around the house.

"Zazie… where are you…"


The lock from outside creaked. I walked away from the door only to reveal Mom; but it seems like, she's not my mom. She looked at me with her blue eyes as he walked towards me and hugged me.

"I'm sorry Selene…" what? I kept on asking myself why until…

"Ga-aah…" Huh? What's… what's going on? I looked at the ground and I saw blood dripping, and worse, it's from my back. I ran away from 'her' until she did some black magic to herself, which transformed her, into a boy with the age of 14.

He swished his knife towards me, I felt horrible, afraid.

"Who… who are you?"

"I'm really sorry…" he pushed me towards the corner as he placed his knife against my neck. I felt blood dripping from it; it trickled towards my neck until it reached my dress. But for a moment there, it seemed like he's been forced to kill me. He gave a look of seriousness until he pinned me on the floor—flat.

"Selene, forgive me. I don't want to do this…" he raised his knife, ready to stab me… his eyes were closed as he trembled holding the knife. Zazie… where are you? I closed my eyes, ready to accept death, until—

"Ahhh!" a girl, no, a woman flashed right before my eyes, with her short, shoulder-length green hair, she reminds me of Aaliyah…

"You okay sister?" sister? So… huh? "I know it's hard to believe, come on, let's get out of here." She picked me up and carried me outside until I saw Zazie with his mouth open.

"Looks like the idiot's still alive…" Idiot? Only Aaliyah would call Zazie an idiot… is she really…?

Her green hair, the same shade of Aaliyah's green, sparkling hair. And I looked at her face, but her right eye had an eye patch on it but on her left eye, it is still the same blue amethyst eyes. Is she really…

"A-Aaliyah?" Zazie's reaction was priceless. He couldn't believe it either. The girl put me down and kissed me on the forehead while Lag and the others came, who also had the same expression as Zazie and I.



".. really… you?"

Aaliyah… are you... really here? With me…?


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