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My Life

Chapter One


The sun shone brightly over me, as I pondered over the elegant flower petals covering the mystical land. Sounds of joy lingered in the air as happiness filled my body. My mind was overcome with loving thoughts, when I saw a ravishing woman skipping towards me. Her hair blew in the calming wind, and her eyes twinkled like bright stars in the night sky. She grabbed hold of my hand and sat me down on a comfortable white bench that was surrounded by the joy of playing children. A smile larger than life covered my face as I watch over the world.

Suddenly a dark figure appeared from over the mountains and dark gloomy clouds started to gather overhead, taunting all the people who dared to pursue their plans for a happy day. The dark figure raised his arm, a pointed it towards me. At that moment all the happiness was gone from my body and replaced with a black hole of fear from which I could not escape. The ground started to collapse from beneath me. Everyone was gone, they had all disappeared. All accept that dark figure. Minute by minute I could feel him getting closer towards me; with each step he had taken another dark thought entered my mind. Sooner than I could have imagined he had appeared in front on me. I felt myself falling to the ground, begging him to leave me alone. But he disagreed, instead pulling something out of his cloak. Despite my many attempts, I could not see what it was. Before I had time to think, he lifted it above his head and plunged it towards me.

"Tara, wake up! Tara!" cried Tracy from the front seat of the car. I opened my eyes in confusion.

"What, what's going on?" I asked.

"You were screaming, but it's alright, you were only dreaming." Tracy responded reassuringly. At that moment the car came to a halt, and Tracy spoke calmingly "Ok, you wait in the car and I will go and speak to Mike, the head care worker. I'll be right back, don't go anywhere." She look at me for a moment waiting for me to reply but I didn't respond, instead I just continued staring out of the car window watching the night sky. I was guessing she tuck my silence as a yes, as she jump out of the front seat of the care, eager to get inside the home.

As I gaze out from the window, a certain object caught my eye. It was a square sign, with the words "Elmtree House engraved on it. I 'am guessing Elmtree was the name of the care home. I don't know why they call it a house and not a home. They say it's because they try to provide a family-like feel, but all care homes are the same. Doomed from the start! Care workers do not give a damn about the children; they just care about how much money they get at the end of the month. I don't care what anyone says I lived in a care home all my life, and there all the same. Sorry I am rambling, I tend to do that, anyway my names Tara and this is my story about my life in care.