Chapter Fourteen


Everyone must have heard Johnny screaming as they all gathered around to watch in suspense.

"Rick, stop! Can't you see your hurting him! Stop!" I begged, as Mike and Jayden ran towards Rick and Johnny to try and spilt them up. For a split second Rick looked at me, although it felt like it wasn't long; it felt like he was staring into my very sole, he knew I was scared. He then let go of Johnny, but before anyone could stop him, he had ran down the stairs out of sight. No one followed him, not even me which I do regret, we all desperate to see if Johnny was alright. When Mike and Jayden and Tracy, began to help him up, I could see he was struggling for breath, his eyes were tightly closed and his face was blood red. Suddenly a swarm of guilt began to surround me, as I ran down stairs to find Rick.

"Tara, wait!" I heard Jayden shout from behind me. I turned around to see what he wanted, hoping he'd be quick as I had to find Rick. "Are you going to find Rick?"

"I need to see if he's alright." I explained, backing away; hoping he'd end the conversation so I could find Rick.

"I'll help you." Jayden offered, "You saw what he just did to Johnny, he's in a venerable state, I have to see if he's alright." I nodded, I was to focused on Rick to think of the consequences it would have on Rick if Jayden came to help him. Jayden and I ran down stairs, and search every room from high too low for Rick, but we couldn't find him.

"He might be in the garden." I wondered.

"Right." Jayden began, running towards the front door, "You check the front I'll check the back." I quickly ran to the back door, then into the garden. I gave it a quick over glance before running future in. This was the first time I'd been in the back garden, so I was a bit unsure where I was going, as it was a very big garden. I kept going future into the garden until I saw what looked to be two old car or computer chair wrapped in blankets. I walked closer towards them, and notice Rick was sitting one of the chairs. He face was planted in his hands, and I could hear him sobbing quietly. I walked closer and sat on the seat next to Rick before asking:

"Are you alright Rick?" There was silence for a moment, until Rick began to speak "Why didn't stick up for me, all day he's been a jerk to us, then you stick up for him. And in the car, when I was defending you, you were on Jayden's side." He slowly began to move his hand away from his face to watch for my reply.

"Rick, Johnny may have said a few things about us, but that doesn't give you the right to strangle him, I mean did you see how bad you hurt him, you could have killed him." Rick shuck his head in disagreement. "And as for taking Jayden's side in the car, well I wasn't taking his side, I'm my own person Rick, and I know I need him to talk to I need his help, I thought you of all people would want that for me." I cried. "Looked I'm sorry if I made you feel like I didn't care, but I just think that with Electra and Johnny, if they wanna play their little games, then we shouldn't even batter an eyelid. Just let them go…Its not worth getting in trouble over." Just as Rick turned over to me and smiled, Tracy and Jayden appeared.

"Rick." Tracy sig, glad to have found him.

"I know…office." Rick murmured, as he walked with Tracy back inside.

"Nicely handled." Jayden, thanked, taking the seat next to me.

"You heard?" I asked.

"I know, I shouldn't have been eavesdropping, I'm sorry, but what you said was right you know; you shouldn't give them the satisfaction. " I smiled, looked to the ground and then back up at Jayden before continuing to speak. "I was wondering, I mean, when the others told me you were coming, they said it was because I needed help, but what does that mean exactly? I mean I had that over woman before you see was meant to just they said you were specially trained…and well…" I took a deep breath in, then back out, confused about what I was really asking. Luckily I think Jayden did, he gave me a smile and then began to speak,

"Some people, like Rick, when something is bothering them will let it out straight away, be it by telling someone or harming the person that's bothering them, whereas people like you, might have nightmares or get scared every so often, this is more physiological, they might not even know why, so we are here to help them, you, understand why it happens and how it can be stopped." Jayden smiled, before I smiled back at him and the continued to talk, "Normally I would start with a session a day, for a few weeks and then decide how many session with me you'll need a week, from there on. But I think it might be a better idea if you decided. We could have one, once a week, once a day, but remember the sessions aren't set on that day, I mean at any time you feel you need to talk, all you need to do is ring and I'll be right over."

"Well, I guess we could start with once a day?" I suggested.

"Yeah, great." Jayden smiled, we both then got up out of are seats and walked back inside.