Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: The Perplex School

'The perplex academy of Pokémon Exploration is home to not only the brightest young minds, but the brightest young explorers. Many teams have come to the academy for one reason, money. Broke explorers can find a home here while earning money exploring. The school itself can host up to five hundred pupils at a time, with but 16 spaces left. The board of education is branching out looking for those not only interested in the money, but the good feeling in helping others. If you think you could be one of those Pokémon, being in one of the four new exploration teams, then please leave your details with us.

We hope to see you soon.'

Rai, the Totodile, snatched the flyer from the lamppost, to get a closer look. He needed somewhere to stay, and an exploration team would open up many possibilities, this was definitely for him.

The young Pokemon boarded the east train to the School District of Halloow city. When he had finally made it to the entrance school he found locked gate and no one around

"Hello!" he shouted, "Anyone!"

At that a Diglett popped out of the ground.

"You, you've come for the Exploration team branch out ,yes!"

The Diglett sounded older than he looked, his voice sounding like one of a Stoutland's.

"U-u-u-u-u-um, yes," confirmed Rai, looked extremely nervous.

The Pokémon disappeared back into the ground, leaving Rai extremely confused. Before Rai could shout for anyone again the Pokémon popped back up.

"Sorry kid we've checked the records, and your no cut out for it, sorry."

The Pokémon disappeared for a final time, leaving Rai to walk off, unsuccessful.

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