After about five minutes of not getting through to Mitty, Ruby eventually got her to go get the other members of her team.

"So ever since the dream, it's like the sin of 'Envy' is taking over me."

Grant stroked his chin in deep thought, "And it said 'Envy must be stopped'?"

Ruby nodded, "I think it means the doll."

Rai snapped his fingers, "Then the doll must be destroyed!"

"But where is the doll?" asked Justin. "Do you know where Ace chucked it?"

"Hey, why don't we ask the crayon!" said Mitty. The other members of the group ignored her.

"I think Riley said he threw it in the Halloow Canal that runs through the city."

"Then we'll head down there and check it out," said Justin. He and Grant left the room.

"Don't worry," smiled Rai, "Everything's ok at the end of the day."

He and Mitty caught up with the others half way down the corridor and they took off for the canal.

"There is nothing in there," sighed Justin. He was standing on the bridge overlooking the canal with the rest of his team. It was around eight thirty at night and the murky canal looked rather creepy in the dark.

"We need a closer look is all," said Grant. "Good thing we got a water type on our team," he smiled, patting Rai on the back.

"Are you kidding me? That is the dirtiest water I've ever seen. It's so murky; there could be anything in there."

"Come on Rai, take one for the team," smiled Justin.

"The soup says yes!"

"Ok, ok, I'll dive," he smiled. The other three members of team Fluffy stood back as Rai prepared to dive. He stepped back and ran to the railing, vaulting over it head first.

He spiralled into the river, but was unable to see anything, as the water was so murky. After about five seconds he resurfaced. "I don't see anything."

"Just keep looking. Ruby's life may be at stake."

Rai dived down again and swam to the bottom. In the murky water, Rai saw two red lights. They were lying further ahead on the bottom of the canal, so Rai swam to where they were.

"Envy will be free!"

The red lights were the dolls eyes. Rai grabbed the doll and swam to the water surface. "Guess what I found. No one told me the dolls eyes glowed!" he smiled. He swam to the edge of the canal and climbed out. The doll was still in his right hand, but Rai couldn't bring it out of the water.

"Hey I can't get my arm out."

Even when Rai let go of the doll, the doll grabbed onto Rai. It seemed to get heavier, as if it was pulled Rai down.

"Guys! Help!" he shouted. He tried to pull away, but the arm was persistent to holding on.

"Leaf Blade!"

Form up on the bridge, Grant shot blades of green energy from his wrist leaves towards the water. It hit the dolls arm and it broke off from the Croconaw. Rai quickly scrambled away and ran up to the bridge to re-join his team.

"Thanks Grant," thanked Rai.

"Just doing a leaders job." He didn't look at Rai, as he was busy looking into the water. "That doll, shall we call it Envy, is still in there."

"So will it come back out?" asked Justin. He liked to show a brave face, but was parcially scared.

"He he."

The voice came from behind them. The four Pokémon turned to see the doll floating in the air, surrounded by a purple aura.

"It's a Banette!" cried Justin.

"The Pokémon that best represents envy," Grant thought to himself. "A doll, long forgotten, is envious of its replacement."

"Why are you here?" shouted Rai.

Envy the Banette laughed, "All you Pokémon do is shout. I may be a sin, but even I want to keep calm. Now Team Fluffy, please tell me where the school is. I'm guessing its close."

"Why do you want the school?"

"Again with the shouting. Don't worry your little unintelligent minds about it. If you tell me where it is, no one gets hurt."

"You hurt my friend Ruby. You need to pay," demanded Mitty. The other members of her team were actually surprised she was able to structure a sentence that made sense. "Thunderbolt!"

The team were even more surprised when Mitty sent a shockwave of bolts towards Envy from her tail. The attack obviously hurt, as the Banette screamed with pain.

"You attacked me!"

"You bet she did," said Rai, "Water Pulse."

A ring of water was sent for Rai's mouth, which also hit Envy. Banette was a little confused, but shook himself back into consciousness.

Envy yelled "Shadow Ball!" Envy didn't just shot one ball of dark energy, but instead shot many. Team Fluffy were unable to dodge, and got shot several times.

"X-Scissor!" Grant leapt forward to where the Banette was floating and, with the three leaf blades on the back of each of his hands, sliced the Ghost.

"Screech!" Envy literally screeched in Grant's ears as the Grovyle sliced into the ghost. Grant was sent flying back and landed on the bridge.

"You can't fight me!"

Justin growls and leapt up just as Grant had done, "Iron Tail!"

Justin swiftly turned as he jumped to where Envy was flying. His tail, now glowing silver, hit the Banette in the face. Banette then threw Justin back onto the bridge, without the need of using a move.

"What did I tell you," laughed Envy, "You can't fight me."

The Pokémon all looked up. All of their attacks had hit the ghost Pokémon, but he looked as healthy as ever. He was a far stronger Pokémon, and Grant couldn't help but feel this was because of Ruby.

"I'll be right back!" shouted Grant as he ran down the right side of the bridge, "Just hold him off for five minutes."

The Banette didn't care about Grant running, but continued to attack the three other members of Team Fluffy.

"Ruby is envious of Twilight but Twilight and Alistar are just friends," he thought to himself as he darted down Regent Street, "If I show her this, then Envy ought to stop."

Halloow Cities street were bare of any life and that made running through them much easier. Grant made it to the academy within two minutes, even though it was on the other side of the city from the canal. Grant being extremely fast and agile of course helped.

He had to ninja jump over the academy gate, and they were locked for the night. The front door was open though, and a good thing it was too. Grant first went to Alistars temporary room (which he was staying in while he recovered) and woke him up.

"Sorry, who are you?" asked Alistar, barely awake.

Grant laughed a little, "I'm the Leader of the Academies newest team, but more importantly I think your friend, Ruby, may be in grave danger."

Alistar really awoke then. He jumped out of the bed and went willingly with Grant to Ruby's room.

"Um Ruby," said Alistar, who knocked on the door as he entered.

Ruby was asleep, but stirring in her sleep.

"We need her awake," whispered Grant. He pushed Alistar further in the room and Alistar walked up to Ruby's side.

"Ruby," he said, slightly rocking her body.

Ruby suddenly awoke, but was crying in pain.

"Ruby, I need to tell you this. I don't like Twilight; I mean she's just a friend. I really like you."

Ruby's screaming stopped, and Alistar leaned in a kissed Ruby. Ruby closed her eyes, all envy gone.

Back at the canal, the Shadow Balls had stopped spiralling at the team and the host body of Envy, the doll, fell into the canal.

Mitty, Rai and Justin almost collapsed, as they were extremely tired.

"Is it over?" questioned Justin.

"Leave that for the cheese to say."

The team laughed at Mitty's remark. That was something that would always cheer them up.

"Today is a day that we wouldn't usually hold an assembly, but today it has come to my attention that the school may be under attack. Following what shall now be known as the 'Envy Incident' protection of the students is top priority."

The Perplexer took a pause, before continuing,

"We can only assume that this will be the first of many attacks, and these attacks will follow the seven deadly sins. Try your best to stay out of the temptation of Lust, Wrath, Gluttony, Pride, Greed and Sloth…ing."

FIN, end of chapter 12.

So how did that go. That's one sin down, and six to go, but that will happen much later.

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