Chronicles of Narnia ~ Book 3.5 ~ Daughter of Aslan

In a land beyond Narnia, far beyond the city of Tashbaan. A couple riding in the back of a farmers wagon in the storm; cold and afraid. "Torren are you sure we will be safe there? In Narnia?" the woman questioned, her voice shaking from the wind. "All is well Musha, have no fear. Our daughter shall be safe at last." The man smiled despite the cold and thunder. "But what shall we d-" she screamed when the horse had stopped and let out a cry. The lighting had struck a tree and had fallen in the way of the farmer and the two travellers. "Quick dear, while we have time." Torren rushed to help his pregnant wife down while the farmer was calming the wild beast, and the two fled to the docs below.

The twain had escaped from Musha's father, he was against their relationship. "A princess marrying a pheasant! Unheard of!" A tall man with a long robe and a huge crown on his head turned to his daughter who was kneeling down with a young man beside her. "Please sire, if you could just consider-" the young man got up to face the king. And met a cold hard glare. "No! I will not hear of it! Be gone, while I have spared you patience! Otherwise you shall be fed to the lions!" And the man was sent out, forcibly. Dragged between two guards wear heavy armor. The daughter wailed as she was held back by her mother. "No Torren! Father why!" she wept as he disappears through the doors.

And now the two were on a boat; miles away from the father and the life they'd both known. They had been travelling fro nearly 2 weeks, and in that time she failed to mention to her mother that she was pregnant with their grandchild. If Musha had only revealed her daughter earlier, the king might have rethought his actions for a son to succeed him in his old age may be helpful. A long and healthy lineage may have pushed the thought of marriage, and the loving queen would have liked to spoil her first grandchild. None of them knew if their child was a boy or a girl. (Remember they never had x-rays in those times) And if the king ever knew, he would instantly assume she was a he. But alas, that is how the world of Narnia works.

Braving the sea, the two snuggled close to each other to keep themselves warm. Surrounded by sad people looking for new life in Narnia. It was a week's journey and they needed to cross soon for her father has almost caught her the past days. And were desperate enough to take the sea. Things wouldn't have gone worse, but they were in a dry boat, with good bread and milk, and a blanket. Only they were expecting the baby soon, and it looked ready to explode. And so the third night, their precious baby girl was born. "She's beautiful." There was a kind; old lady on board, who was experienced in delivering babies. "Thank you kind ma'am" Torren was crying at the baby girl in the arms of her mother. "May you stay safe on your journey to Narnia." And she left them in peace. They had gotten to know every part of her. From her beautiful brown eyes, to her small soft hands. And when she saw her parents for the first time, she gave the most enchanting smile they have ever seen. It was as if the sun outside had shone whenever she had laughed. Those next few days were the happiest time of her parents' lives. And the last.

The sun shone, but even the sun sets in paradise. The storm grew louder and harder. And land draw nearer and nearer. It was a shame though that they couldn't make it. Torren bargained with the captain. On the days when they had set sail he would work for their food and payment for the ship. One peaceful night when Hana wouldn't cry for milk and bread, Musha woke with a reassuring smile of Torren. The emergency bell has rung and they were to get to the safety boats as soon as possible.

Holding on to Hana as if she were the line to death and life, they hurried on the deck where several people have started gathering in. Being the kind couple they were, they allowed the elderly and children to be seated first. But they didn't expect for lighting to strike so early. And soon the ship's flag was on fire, as if it were crying for the heavens to take it home. Everything happened too soon. The boat was quickly sinking, and they were running out of boats fast. In their last attempt to save their child, Torren found a basket big enough to put their child in. "Here Musha, if we are not to live, at least our daughter can see another sunrise." And with their eyes full of love, they put the sleeping girl and kissed her one last time. "Please take care of her," They handed the basket to the old lady who delivered Hana.

"Thank you kind friends, for allowing me the last seat." She whispered as she looked out to the boat where the loving couple stood out to watch their daughter sail away. With tears in her eyes, the baby Hana yearned for her mother's warmth. The other boats made it far out to the shores of Narnia where two fauns waited to receive the survivors of the shipwreck. But the old lady and the basket with the girl, was not among them. Somewhere along the way, the old lady fainted and fell of the boat, she sought for Queen Lucy the Valiant to heal her illness, but she couldn't make it in time.

But the poor darling Hana was all-alone out a sea. The sea raged on and threw all their might and power in rage and anger. Yet the basket still kept afloat. It was as if the Naiads had covered Hana in a barrier. With her parent's love to guide the way to shore. The winds blew, the lighting struck, and the waves grew to gigantic sizes, and the storm died with the baby's basket lying on the shores of Narnia.

Meanwhile a terrifying and beautiful creature was walking towards the sea. It was long due that the storm was to pass. And queen Lucy personally asked that he would calm the seas. As the great being was the son of the Emperor-Over-The-Sea, maybe he could do something about it. So Aslan walked over, the sky still gray and gloomy. But when he stood on the edge of the shore, where the waters met the land, the skies began to clear and the sun peeked trough the clouds and Aslan heard a cry nearby.

He found the basket's lid open with a baby girl crying for her mother. "Be still child, for you are safe now." He breathed on the girl and she stared for a moment. Being only a few days old, she would have not known how a lion would look like. But he looked bigger and stronger than any other cat she would have seen, instead of crying she laughed and grabbed his nose and kissed him. A bit stunned at the motion, he blinked but began to chuckle loudly and heartily. "You are quite charming my dear, but where are your parents to take you in their arms?" He asked, though he knew the answer. After contemplating for a while, he decided to take the child to Queen Lucy, for she might have loved a daughter to care for as her own. But journeying to the castle, he began to fall in love with her. And in the steps of the castle of Cair Paravel, he could not bring himself to hand her over.

In the famous Archenland, Aravis and Cor have had their first son, prince Arden of Archenland. A/N I know in the book it said that they already had a son. But just deal with it, 'kay. And on the same date Hana was born into the world of talking-beasts and magical creatures. The kingdom made huge fireworks and the biggest celebration for the whole Archenland.

The story of the Daughter of Aslan has begun. With the Deep Magic at work, a lost tale to add to the Chronicles of Narnia.