So I know I have two on the go already, but this one is something I've been working on for months now… it was shoved aside when my muse ran away but it came back this weekend and I've decided to go ahead with it.

I hope that you enjoy it!

And nope. Still don't own them :(


"Hey Nell!"


"What wassuh twelfth song they played at prom?" Jacinta turned to the guy she was trying to impress and winked. She then lifted her hand to cup around her mouth in a dramatic stage whisper. "Prom was eight years ago."

Eleanor sighed and walked across to the pair, rolling her eyes at her drunken best friend before speaking. "It was Step by Step."

"How the fuck are you able to remember that?" the guy asked. Eleanor couldn't remember his name; something like John or Joe or Jack. Well she probably could if she tried, but she's had a bit to drink and her mind was hazy. It didn't really matter anyway, seeing as she had no intention of seeing him again.

"Just got a good memory, I guess." Eleanor shrugged but Jacinta wasn't ready to let it drop.

"Uh-uh." She shook her head and placed her glass on the bar before standing to place her hands on Eleanor's shoulders. "She got this thing. This… whassit called? Eedatic… No… Pedantic… No that's not it…"

Eleanor clenched her teeth together and whispered. "Eidetic."

"Thassa one… Eidetic." Jacinta grinned goofily at the other girl before stumbling slightly. "She's alssso real good with numbers."

"Right, I think it's time you went home." Eleanor stated, hoping to save herself and her friend from further embarrassment. With a nod to 'nameless-guy', Eleanor grabbed Jacinta by the shoulders and pulled her towards the exit. Instead of getting a taxi, she decided to let her friend have some fresh air with a walk back to her apartment; besides, if Jacinta suffered any physical effects from her current intoxication, at least they wouldn't end up paying for the vehicle's clean up. It took about twenty minutes for them to reach Jacinta's home and, once she had tucked her friend into bed, Eleanor made her way back to her own apartment. Fortunately for her, she only lived around the corner so it was a short walk, however part way there, she suddenly felt the presence of someone behind her. Without looking back, she subtly picked up the pace, hoping to get home safely and realise that she was panicking unnecessarily. As she turned the corner into her street, she risked a quick glance behind her and found that there was no one there. Sighing, she smiled to herself before crossing the road to her home. Her heels clicked on the pavement as she walked up the path and seconds later a second set of footsteps joined her own. She felt her heart rate increase as she made to turn around, however a hand clamped down over her mouth and she immediately felt a sharp prick in her neck. Her self-defence training kicked in and she started to move but whatever she had been injected with was taking over her body too fast. Her eyelids closed and she fell into her attackers grasp.


So I know this was short and had none of our team in it, but I promise you, things will become clear in the next chapter :)

Much love x