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"Mr Cobb?"

"Yes?" The man had greying hair and piercing green eyes.

"My name is Agent Matthews, these are Agents Hunt, Brandt and Carter." Sofia held up her badge and Aaron nodded.

"What can I help you with, Agents?" he leant against the doorframe nonchalantly, however there was a hint of something that Ethan noticed in the man's eyes.

"If you don't mind, sir, could we step inside?" Sofia asked. "The matter is quite… private."

"Uh, of course." He stepped to the side and let them in. "Jenny. Put the kettle on." The four agents entered the rather grand looking house and followed Aaron's directions to the conservatory. Once they were seated, a woman with dark hair entered, carrying a pot of coffee along with cups.

"Mr and Mrs Cobb, we are looking for this young woman here." Jane held up one of the images, zoomed in on Eleanor.

"Why, that's Andrea." Jennifer exclaimed. Ethan and Sofia shared a glance at this sentence.

"Who's Andrea, Mrs Cobb?" Brandt asked.

"That's our adopted daughter." She explained. "She's only been living with us for a short time. Her parents were killed in a car accident. Andrea was lucky to get out with only minor injuries."

"Is Andrea home right now?" Ethan asked. "We would very much like to talk to her." The agents noticed the way the couple tensed slightly at the suggestion.

"I'm afraid she's not here right now." Aaron offered. "I'm sorry if this has been a waste of your ti-"

"Aaron!" His sentence was interrupted by a shout from upstairs. A few moments later, 'Andrea' entered the room. "Oh, sorry, I didn't realise we had guests."

"Uh, Andrea, these are some FBI agents." Aaron spoke rather awkwardly, knowing that he had been caught out.

"It's a pleasure to meet you." 'Andrea' gave them all a sweet smile.

"Andrea, darling, would you mind stepping outside?" Jennifer asked. "This is something between us and-"

"Oh, please." Sofia interrupted. "Let her stay. Since this matter involves her too."

"Me?" 'Andrea' asked, sounding shocked. "What can I help you with?" Jane showed her the same image.

"This is you, Andrea?"

"It certainly looks like me, yes." She smiled again. Jane then pulled another image from her file.

"And what about this?" This image, however, was of Eleanor. Her long brown hair falling past her shoulders.

"I…" 'Andrea' was stunned. "That certainly does look like me…" She turned to her adoptive parents. "Aaron? Jenny?"

"Uh…" Jenny mumbled, unsure of what to say.

"Mr and Mrs Cobb, I believe you have some explaining to do." Ethan raised his eyebrows at the pair as Aaron dropped his head into his hands.


"Look, we didn't know that she'd been kidnapped." Aaron protested. Sofia and Ethan had him and Jennifer in one room, whilst Jane and Brandt were talking to 'Andrea' in another room.

"Well I'm not quite sure I believe you." Sofia stated, dropping the file on Eleanor that they had recovered before Benji's kidnapping onto the table. "These guys have been kidnapping people all over the place for the past few weeks now, the most recent being a federal agent." She knew Benji wasn't exactly that, however not being able to mention IMF left no other choice. "Why don't you tell us the truth on how Eleanor came to live with you?"

Aaron sighed, placing a reassuring hand on his wife's. "Look, if we explain this to you, is there any chance we can cut a deal?"

"Depends on how deep you go into this whole situation." Sofia replied. "Start talking and we'll decide if you get a deal."

"Alright." The man sighed. "Jenny and I lost a child about a year ago. Since then, our monetary situation has dropped. The grief of losing a daughter really takes its toll on you. Particularly my wife." Aaron threw Jennifer a heartfelt glance before going on. "We were broken both emotionally and financially. But then recently, a friend of ours caught wind of this business. People who had been in horrific situations in need of a home. They were having an…" he paused, clearly not wanting to say the next part. "An auction the following week."

"An auction?" Ethan blurted out. "You mean you bought Eleanor?"

"When we heard what she'd been through, we couldn't let her stay there." Jennifer explained. "After losing her family the way she had, she was left with no one. We gave them every last cent we had to give her a home."

"But what about this?" Sofia pointed to the highlighted line of 'Eidetic Memory and Exceptional Mathematical Skills' on her file. "This wouldn't have had any influence on why you chose her, now would it? What, with your financial difficulties, surely her skills would have been useful." They saw the way the couple's faces instantly were taken over by expressions of shame.


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