2 Years After

Ivy Lynn-Wills walks into a coffee shop. So many memories flood her eyes.

"Hey, Ivy!" Karen yells.

"Hi, Karen."

"So how are you?" Ivy laughs. "Oh, I'm fine. You seem pretty good. Derek is really great."

"And how would you know this, Miss Ivy?"

"Because we got married a year ago." Ivy tells her. "You were there."

"Really? I don't remember anything from that night." Karen says.

"You should. How's Dev?" Ivy asked.

"He's okay, I think. We divorced a few months ago because of the fact the he was an ass."


"Remember all of those days that we would make fun of Rebecca? Who put the peanuts in her smoothie, anyway?"

"Ellis. I saw him do it. Where have you been for the past year?"

"Iowa. After Dev divorced me, I moved back to Iowa. But I missed you, and I didn't know where you were."

"London. Derek and I went there to get away from the stress of the show for a bit. Then we moved back here."

Karen checks her watch. "Oh, Ivy. I'd better go! See you soon!"

"Bye, Karen."

As Karen runs out the door, Ivy silently sings.

"Don't forget me when you sing happy birthday to someone you love."