Virtues of Anu

Valour stands before his foe,

Spear tasting flesh and red blood flows.

Devotion to his duty shows,

Imperius is his name.

With Hope there is love of life,

The one who seeks to end the strife.

Defends us from hellspawn most rife,

Auriel is her name.

Wisdom is silent, yet is wise,

None can take him by surprise.

Parts ignorance from mortal eyes,

Malthael is his name.

Mysterious is the one of Fate,

Yet stands ready at Heaven's gate.

Won't abandon us at hour late,

Itherael is his name.

Gaze of Justice, stern and strong,

He fights for right against Hell's wrong.

Fights the Great Conflict, lasting long,

Tyrael is his name.