Name: Eriwyn


Appearance: Eriwyn has pure whit ehair that is curly and goes down to her shoulders. Her eyes are grey and she is very pale. She has fangs like a snow leopard that don't stick out of her mouth.


Genetic mutation: 5% snow leopard and 95%human
Personality: Eriwyn is stubborn and sarcastic. She will not be push around and does what she wants. She doesn't like to follow orders and will fight anyone who tries to make her do something. She likes to use big words to confuse people and reads books learn more big words so shes smart too.
Powers: she has a bunch of cat qualities. She sleeps a lot and is very agile and light on her feet. She can also jump high.
hobbies: sleeping, reading
crushes: none but you can pair her with someone
Sexuality: straight
history: She lived in the school as long as she could remember and hated it. She decided that she needed to escape and she got her chance one day when a small man tried to get out of her cage. She was then on the run ever since. wavy