Weapon Plus has a new project that promises to end all ailments, cure all diseases, and stop death in it's tracks. X-23 takes it upon herself to put an end to Weapon Plus and gains the aide from an annoying alley. Takes place before Avengers Academy #32 and after Deadpool #50.

He wasn't supposed to be here. This has got to go against X Forces unwritten rules and regulations. Deadpool somehow managed his way into the school. Logan picked up on the scent and was forced to walk into whatever trap he laid out to protect the kids. What Logan didn't predict was that Deadpool was leading him to a danger room.

With a smile, he entered and popped his claws as the crimson comedian stood on the other side of the room waiting patiently. With a chuckle from Wade and a roar from Logan, the two battled.

After twenty minutes, they took a mutual breather while defending.

"Perhaps I should go get the first aid kit from the front hall?"

Logan looked at the open door of the danger room and smiled. "Hey kid, what 're you doin' here?"

The dark haired female pushed off the wall and walked toward the males. She wore a black tank top, skinny jeans and black combat boots. "I have come to speak with you." She looked over and acknowledged Wades presence then back at Logan with little emotion.

Wade felt his heart flutter slightly and smirked. Who is this girl and why is she so hot? Not like 'She Hulk' hot, but more like 'girl next door' hot. "You" Wade stuttered, "You have a nose." He said pointing to his own.

The female arched a confused brow at the mercenary then looked back at Logan.

He sighed. "This is Deadpool. Ignore him, that's what we do."

"Deadpool." She said to herself as if remembering.

"Dude, she knows our name." Wade said punching Logan in the shoulder.

"You are the fool that got himself trapped in a freezer for eight hundred years." She said cooly. Logan laughed at the memory leaving Wade looking confused. "My I suggest a puzzle book in the year 2035."

"Petite" All three turned to see Remy enter the danger room with a smile. "Petite, why did you not tell 'e you 'ere comin'?" When he reached the other three he tousled the girls hair.

"Gambit, I must admit that I did not travel here to meet with you."

"Ouch" Wade snickered.

Logan arched a brow at the girl and sighed. "What's up kid?"

"Perhaps we should discuss this in your office." She audibly exhaled as if trying to get a sent out of her nose. "And after your shower."

"Trust me kid, it's going to take more than a shower to get the smell of the wild out of fuzz McFuzzy face here." He said jutting his thumb at Logan.

The girl looked down and gave a small laugh. But quickly cleared her throat and looked back up with an emotionless gaze.

Logan and Remy both looked shocked at the girl. Then at Wade, then at the girl again.

Remy pointed at her. "Did 'cha jus' laugh?"


There was a silence that fell between the four. The girl clinched her jaw awiting for one of them to move the conversation forward.

"X, ya know it's okay laugh right? We're not going to punish ya for it." The girl didn't respond but instead continued to stare straight forward.

Remy looked at Wade. "Make her laugh again."

"Hey," Wade pointed a thumb at his chest, "This clown doesn't perform at bar mitzmiths, if ya know what I mean." He them rubbed his thumb against a forefinger prompting Remy to get out his wallet. Remy handed some cash to the mercenary who arched a brow. "5 bucks. That's the best you can do? That's enough for a lame knock knock joke. What did you spend all you lunch money on craptastic playing cards. Jeeze, I'd hate to see how much you dish out for a naughty set. How many sets do you go through anyways, enough to make you broke, you broke son of a bitch. And who throws playing cards anyways. If you're from Vegas or a magician then okay, but Louisiana? Come on dude, seriously? Seriously? Playing cards. That's lamer than"

"More lame." X corrected.


"You spoke incorrectly. It is more lame. Lamer is not a word."

Wade squinted an eye at the girl. "Last I checked, this isn't grammar school."

"This is an educational institution." X retorted.

Logan smirked at the mercenary. "I believe this is where the kids would say 'snap'."

Wade put a hand on the butt of his gun while pointing a finger at the girl "Listen"

"You don't want to do that bub." Logan warned.


Logan tiled his head at X who hadn't moved a muscle. "Trust me, she's clever enough to even kill you."

"I will await for you near your office, Logan." X turned and left the danger room.

Wade crossed his arms over his chest and gave a snarling look. Logan smiled at the mercenary and left the danger room. Wade looked at Remy who looked like he wanted to say something but Wade stole his wallet and teleported to Logans office to wait for the little girl.


Laura rubbed the bridge of her nose out of annoyance. Wade had been talking at her for the last 20 minutes. Dare she think he's worse than Spider-Man.

"Oh, I got one. Why did the nickel jump off the building but the dime didn't?" Laura took a deep breath and tried to focus on the reasons why it would be wrong to kill him. "'cuz the dime had more sense."

She once again had the desire to cut her skin. The pain would take her mind off of the sheer annoyance that this man held an arsnal.

Wade continued to talk to himself, remembering a story of the last time he told that joke, when a familiar sent caught the air. She hugged her legs tighter to her chest. The desire to cut her skin was defiantly coming to a head. There was no where she could escape easily without detection. Even sitting on the floor with Wilson laying on couch above her, he would know she was here.

"Jesus Christ kid, could you at least tell me what you find funny?"

"Try blood." Laura clichéd her fists, her nails biting her hands. "It's all she knows."

Wade sat up on the couch and saw a teen male buying a soda from a vending machine. Dark hair, metal hands, and oh so obvious daddy issues. "Thanks. Hey kid, checks this out."

Laura heard him pull the gun from the holster and took aim. Laura moved impossibly quickly, pushing the magazine ejection and pulling the bolt back to eject the chambered round.

Wade looked at the magazine on the couch and turned his gun. "Aww come on. I was just gonna wing him."

She moved off the couch and stood up ready to attack should the moment arrive. Her eyes were emotionless.

The kid just heckled. "See what I mean. You'd have better luck teaching a toaster love. You can't teach machines emotions." The kid took a sip of the soda and walked past Laura. "And I don't need anyone to protect me." He said to Laura. His eyes glowed green and the couch Wade was on, the chair next to it, and the coffee table were all pushed to the back wall in a blink.

"Do not" Laura warned Wade who was reaching for the magazine in his lap to reload his weapon "or I will break your arm in three places before you can chamber a round."

The boy arched a brow at the mercenary. "See what I mean." He turned and left the two in the hall.

Laura watched Wade closely, waiting for his heart rate to return to normal. He leaned against the couch watching her just as closely. She relaxed slightly. Wade reloaded and aimed at the boy…who was already gone.

She walked toward him to put the furniture back where it was. He watched her closely. Her moves were direct and with intention. She didn't bother to move the couch but instead opted to look out the window. She watched the students go about their days.

"I'm gonna guess you don't go to school here."


"Wow, she can carry on a conversation."

"For the last twenty minutes, you were talking at me, not to me. There is a considerable difference between the two."

"Riiiiiiiight. Anyways, you did go to school here once though, am I right?"


"Then how did the kid"

"I already had my GED by the time I arrived here. I was never schooled here. But I did live and train with some of the students that attend this institution now."

"Where do you live now?"

"Avengers Academy."

Wade held his hands up "Ooooooh. First an X-man and now an avenger. Must be so glamorous."

Laura held her gaze out the window. "Your assumption is incorrect. I was never an X man nor am I an Avenger."

"Pfft. Semantics."

"Aka as-salaam"*

Laura turned to see a female student in a burqua. "As-salaam alaykum."

The female student hugged Laura who instantly tensed at the contact. The girl released her noticing her discomfort. "Sorry, I forgot old friend."

"I think she needs a second hug." Wade helped. "The more you do it, the easier it comes. Come on, hug. Maybe even a little…"

"You have an odd friend." Sooraya added with a furrowed brow.

"I seem to accumulate those unbeknownst to me."

Wade continued to talk out the fansity of the two students who rolled their eyes or ignored. "Mr LeBeau told me you were here. I had to see for myself." Sooraya paused allowing her to speak but she did not. "Why are you here?"

"I have come to speak to Logan." A silence befell the two women. "Have they found your mother?" Laura asked in Arabic.

Sooraya was taken aback but looked down at her hands. "Not yet."

"Give them time."

"I fear"

"Do not." Sooraya looked up at Laura. She held her steadfast gaze. Reliable Laura, she was brave no matter the situation and told others to do the same.

Sooraya smiled under her hijab. "Thank you." Laura nodded at her.

Laura arched a brow and turned her head as if listening for something. "someone is looking for you to the east of the building." She said in english.

"Of course. Thank you. It was good to see you again friend."

"You as well."

Sooraya left and looked at the red mercenary who was still talking to himself. Laura watched her walk away with no emotions on her face.

"So you do have friends."

"Friends do not fear one another. Or, so I have been told."

"Nah," Wade stood up from the couch and stretched his legs. "Friends are totally over rated. For example, my friend Bob."

Laura took another deep breath and rested her weight on the wall while she waited for Logan to hurry up and finish his shower so she can cut the emotions from her skin.


"Aright kid, what's going on?" Logan gruffed as he sat down behind his desk giving Laura his undivided attention.

She was distracted by the widow that overlooked the front courtyard of the institute. It was foolish to put his office here. An assassin could break in by removing a window, poison his alcohol bar that was visually hidden behind the fake book shelf, and kill him.

The children below scurried along to get to where ever they needed to go. "Weapon X has a new agenda."

Logan sighed and leaned back in his chair. "X, you gotta let this go."

"Did you?" Her eyes never left the African girl who was sitting under the Jean Grey statue. "How?"

"Look, they won't stop looking for us, but that doesn't mean that we have to spend our lives obsessed with them as they are with us." Laura remained silent. "I know I'm the last one to talk about letting anger and revenge go but this ain't a path you wanna walk."

"They have created a synthetic health factor." Laura stated. The African girl looked up at the sky and smiled.

"Yea, so?"

Laura turned her head to Logan with an arched brow. He didn't see the implication that came from this. She stood in front of his with her hands on his desk. "If they give this to soldiers, it will make wars never ending. Countries will go bankrupt to keep the wars going, and those soldiers will know nothing but death leaving the countries they are fighting for in economic crisis. If they sell it, which I am sure they will, the corrupt will reign. If they sell it to everyone, the human race will cease to exist in at least six generations."

Logan arched a skeptical brow. "Six generations." Laura nodded once. "This seems a little too dramatic. Especially for you. Do you have any proof of this? Do you have a formula that Beast can verify?"

"Carrying that information on me would make me a larger target than I already am."

"So that's a no?"

Laura paused. "No."

"What makes you so sure they will sell this? What proof do you have of that?"

"They sold me, a weapon to be used commercially. The facility managers are greedy and know people will pay a high price for immortality."

Logan rolled his eyes. "And why six generations?"

Laura broke her gaze to look down. "Females with a health factor cannot reproduce." She met his gaze again, but he didn't seem to notice. "Which will leave them no option but to clone. The vitality of a clones DNA can only be reproduced three times. Furthermore, clones are imperfect and crude by their very nature." Logan's eyes softened slightly. "In doing so, by the sixth generation, humans will suffer from severe mental and physical retardation. Then the ability to reproduce will be gone."

Logan rubbed the bridge of his nose. "And you want what from me?"

Laura stood up straight and crossed her arms over her chest. "I require a partner to ensure my entrance into the facility, setting up the explosive ordinance, scrambling of computer data, exit, and detonation of the facility within a three day window."

"An' you want my help."

"No. You are a known target to Weapon X. I came to you for the contact information of Domino."

Logan scoffed. "Domino."

"During our time together on X-Force, she proved to be adept with a multitude of weaponry, a viable team member, and coupled with her luck power, would ensure success of this mission."

Logan rocked in his chair, his eyes locked with hers. Laura stood fast to her conviction, never flinching under his gaze. "Domino is still on the west coast with Summers, to you'll have to ask him to borrow her. And furthermore, I forbid you to do this."

Laura arched a defiant brow. "I came here as a courtesy. This mission will proceed with or without your permission."

"Laura" Logan warned, but took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. Kids. "I can see the need for this, but this could be a good thing. It could end pestilence, disease, even cancer."

"Including death?" Laura asked with a calm and even tone. "There is no life without death, and without death, there is no purpose to life."

Logan paused. Given her history of cutting herself and almost suicide attempt when they first met, he had to ask. "Is that what you think?"

"You tell me. You have lived longer than most and death is still not in sight. Is that a curse you'd like to give others?"

The two seeming immortals stared at one another waiting for the other to give in. "I'm against this kid."

"And I respect you decision as much as I expect you to respect mine." Laura continued to wait for him to rant about how her life was important and meant something to the world.

"You do this, and you're doing what they want you to do. How do you know this ain't a trap?"

"I do not. But this serum cannot exist. So it needs to be destroyed. I have the means and capabilities to do so. Therefore, it is my responsibility to put an end to it."

Logan templed his hands. "Whatever means necessary?"

"Of course."

Logan sighed. "I can't help you, X."

Laura nodded. "Understood. It was good to see you again, Logan. The school looks better than the first."

Logan nodded his head in thanks but waved her out. Laura left the office but took the moment to watch Deadpool make obscene gestures to Blindfold before leaving the grounds.

Logan sat behind his desk and swilved his chair in thought. "Deadpool." Logan shouted for him.

"Aww come on, teach. I didn't mean for the spitball to hit Billy. He just moved into its line of trajectory. Totally not my fault." He walked into Logans office, took the seat on the other side of the desk and put his feet up on the desk.

Logan popped his neck in frustration. "What's yer goin rate?"

Deadpool took a deep breath with excitement. "Are you hiring me to kill you? This is the best day ever!"

"I need you to watch Laura and make sure she doesn't get herself killed or captured."

"Aww protection detail. Fuck, those suck. And they are so boring. Come on, hire me to kill you. You know you wanna. All the cool kids are doing it. And as a leader of kids, you wanna make sure you're cool. Or else they make fun of you and make you cry while they give you a swirly in your danger room bathrooms."

"I need you to watch Laura for the next two weeks. If she doesn't come back alive, don't bother coming back at all."

Deadpool held his hands up in defense. "Don't worry, Prof. I don't wanna evoke the wrath of your corny cliché death threats. Seriously dude, when you get an afternoon off, come up with some of your own. Nothing makes a staple like originally. And as someone who deals a lot, a lot, a lot of death, I can appreciate originally. Mostly because I've heard them all. And I mean all of them. Including several different lauanges. Hey did you know"

"Shut the hell up."

"You shut the hell up."

"That's childish."

"You're childish."

Logan growled in frustration. His claws popped on their own. "Get out of my school."

"Okay, okay." But Deadpool didn't move.


"I like to get paid first. You know incase I accidently botch the mission, unforeseeable expenses arise, and mostly to make sure I get paid. I used to do the whole, service then the fee, but too many people kept screwing me over which just lead to more death and chaos. Speaking of which, do you know how many rich scumbags use the same Swiss bank that I use? Ha. It's almost like it's a part of their membership requirements."

Logan stood defensively "Get the fuck out." He pointed to the door.

Wade stood just as quickly with his hand on the butt of his gun. "FINE." He threw his hands in the air. "I'll make this real quick for you." He sprinted toward the window and jumped out, crashing the huge window. Small pieces of glass fell to the ground with Deadpool causing an uproar and panic on the campus. Deadpool rolled when he hit the ground relieving some of the pain and reducing the amount damage to himself. He stood up and waved a fist at Wolverine who was now looking out the hole that used to house a window. Ass hole." Deadpool shouted and turned to leave, wiping the glass off of himself as he left. Three kids watched him leave with wide eyes. He pointed at them. "Try that at home with some various narcotics. You'll have a blast. I promise."

Logan sat back down behind his desk and slammed his head into it, causing a dent in the wood. "I just killed her."


The first thing you learn is how to be alone. Without this, you will go crazy in the vacuum of your own mind. You learn how to get by without the assistance of others. You resist the temptation of friendship voting instead for independence. It saves you from relying on them. It saves you from the eventual rot of betrayal and disappointment.

Laura sat on the rooftop with her 308 sniper rifle with suppressor pointed at an empty office floor that was across the street in New York City. She kept the chair that was futherest from her in the cross hairs of the scope. She was waiting.

The Second thing you learn is how to wait. If the reconnaissance was done properly, the target will eventually arrive. However, the assassin must arrive hours before the target to ensure the arrival and the take out. But it wasn't the waiting that was hardest part of the training.

The wind picked up. Laura adjusted the dials on the scope to ensure a true hit from the rifle. His scent was in the air. Since the first time she met him, it was unmistakable. Then again, few ever forget the scent of gun oil and fresh gun powder. It was one of her favorites. And just a few of his.

She continued to wait. A new scent was in the wind. Laura took a deep breath. Finally. Something to do.

"You know you're pointing at an empty building right? Unless you know something I don't."

"It is not like that Spider-man." Laura showed her hands to him as best she could seeing as how he was behind her. "I just simply needed to catch your attention."

Spider-man crossed his arms and watched her stand up, her back still to him. "You could've called."

"Yes, but I do not have your contact information."

Spiderman smiled under his mask. "I guess Spider man isn't in the yellow pages. You could've asked Dr Pym. He tells me you're making progress at the academy. Which brings up the question why you're doing this?"

Laura turned to look at him. "I am told the best way to catch a fly is with a spiders web."

Spiderman furrowed his brows and scratched his head. "Oooookay."

"Do you see the Grace Hill Church bell tower?"

Spiderman turned left and saw it. "Yea?"

"Will one of your webs hit it from here?"

Spiderman shrugged. "It's a bit far, but yea. Why, what's up?"

Laura reached into her jacket pocket and handed him a mobile phone. "Do you think you can hit the bell with this?"

Spiderman arched a brow. "Why?"

"I need to let him know that I know he's there."


"Please." Laura held the phone out further out to him.

Spider man still looked hesitant. "You're not trying to set me up are you?"

"If I were, I would not tell you. But I am not. I have come to see you as a friend and desire no ill will towards you."

"Ooookay." Spiderman slowly reached for the phone and set a line with this toward the bell tower.

Laura heard the slight ring of the bell. She called the mobile with hers and waited for him to pick up.

*Click* "Okay, I have to admit. That was pretty cool. Even from this distance. How did you know I was here? Come on, tell me."

Spiderman's eyes went wide. "Is that…"

"Great job getting Spidermans help. I didn't think he was going to help you especially with that huge rifle you were carrying. How did you even lift that? That thing's gotta weigh like 20 pounds more than you. Oh, hey, can you tell spider man I said hello?"

Laura took the phone away from her ear, "Deadpool says"

"HI SPIDERMAN" he yelled into phone.

"Hello." Laura finished.

"I thought you said you weren't going to set me up." Spider man whined.

"I am not." Laura reassured him. She put the phone back to her ear. "Deadpool, I know Woverine hired you to follow me. But if I can track you, then so can they. So instead of getting us both killed, how would you like to help me?"

"Do what? Oh, oh, can we start up a chimichanga shop in Hoboken? There used to be this really great one but it got blown up. Of course it was me, indirectly, but hey it could be fun."

Laura arched an annoyed brow. "I've read your file, Weapon X experiment 0075289." The other end of the line became freakishly quite. "Weapon X has found a way to create a health factor for everyone. It will adapt to all DNA structures, and promises to be cheap alternative for health care to the average American."

There was a pause. "And what's in it for me?"

"Continued business. If everyone has Woverines healing factor, it makes mercenary work more difficult and assassinations almost impossible. Two factors that would affect your bottom line."

"Ouch, below the belt and right into the wallet. Which reminds me, I still have Gambits credit card. Okay, sure why not. Wolverne's already paying me to follow you around. So instead of going to the mall watching you chug Jumba Juice and hitting on guys at Hot Topic to get their discount, I get to kill. I get to kill, right?"

"And blow up a scientific facility."

"Yahoo. Science. You have failed yourself again. So, when are we leaving? Where do I need to meet you?"

"I'll contact you in a few days. Have a bag packed and bring something warm. Get some sleep while you wait."

"Coolio. Oh and one more thing." His tone went from light to dark . Full of malice and intent. "You ever call me that again, I will show pain that your wildest imagination couldn't even envision or comprehend until you're just as crazy as I am. 'kay pookie?"

Laura smirked toward the tower. "I have seen hell more than once, Mr Wilson, and have come out on the other side. I no longer fear the intents of man or their tortures. But if such a name leaves you rattled, consider it forgotten." Laura hung up the phone and looked at Spiderman. "Thank you for your assistance this evening. "

Spiderman arched a brow. "Is this a good idea? I mean, he's crazy. You may as well call your plan foiled. He's going to do nothing but mess it up in a way that's…well crazy. He will drive you insane. Literally. Laura, I suggest you consider the stakes here. Whatever your doing, you can do it without him."

"I appreciate your concern Spiderman. But as I said, I read his file. And while his methods are…unorthodox, I will need that insanity on my side if I hope to take down my enemy. And because we have a common enemy, this mission will become a success. If he does annoy me to that point, I will kill him myself, and save everyone else the hassle."

"yea but"

"Thank you Spiderman." Laura began to walk away.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Spiderman pointed at the rifle.

"It is plastic. Good evening Spiderman."

* Honorific Ariabic greeting. It essently means "peace upon you" and "peace upon you too."