First try at a TDKR fanfic. Written for the prompt endings. Also, check out the wonderful wild-springflower's story of the same name, it is amazing.


He knew what had happened the moment he saw James Gordon on the front step, a grave expression on his face.

"Mr. Pennyworth, I am so sorry to tell you that-"

"He's dead, isn't he?"

There was a short pause, then the word he feared, but expected, "Yes."

His world fell to pieces around him. The little boy he had watched grow up; the man he had hoped to see in Florence with a family, happy and carefree; the man who had defended Gotham despite how ungrateful it was, was dead. Bruce had died without him by his side, telling him, showing him how much he cared.

He had failed to protect him. Failed Bruce's parents by caring too much about their son. He had treated every scratch, every wound, but he had ripped up the one left by Rachel's death. Betrayed him. Left him. And despite everything, the very thing he had hoped to prevent still happened.

Bruce Wayne, the unknown hero, had died.