Is It Wrong For Me To Love You?

Chapter 2- Fairies, Glutes and New Hope

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What's wrong with me?! One minute I'm sleeping in my room and now I'm walking through a ridiculously long and never-ending forest with some guy/thing that I just met yesterday! Am I really that stupid and naïve to follow god knows what, to who knows where? I've got to stop thinking about this, right now I need to think about how I'm going to get home.

"Hey, are you ok back there? You seem to be thinking a lot about something, so what's wrong? Rayman asked.

"If I knew that I wouldn't be thinking so much would I?!" I shouted.

"Are you still angry at me? I said I was sorry and anyway I didn't mean anything by it"

"Whatever, are we there yet or not? I asked coldly. I was starting to get impatient.

"Yeah, yeah almost. Stop complaining will you!" He was getting angry too.

We were still walking though this endless forest and I was really getting sick of seeing: tree, branch, tree oh and look a load more trees. Argh! I've had enough of…


Suddenly from out of nowhere, came this big giant frog thing! Of course, my human instincts kicked in and I screamed.



"Me! What about you? What the heck are you supposed to be?!"

"Oh right, my name is Globox. It's nice to meet you weird looking lady" He said smiling.

Great, two insults in one day. I must be getting a reputation around here. Is everyone around here as rude as these two?

"Hey Globox, where you been buddy?" Rayman said.

"Me and Uglette just came back from our trip to the swamp. Hey Rayman, is this lady your new girlfriend?

"Hell no! I would never be that rude, uncaring freak's girlfriend" I yelled. I can't believe that frog thing would ever think something like that.

"Hey, hey! There's no need to be so rude! I said I was sorry about three times now, I'm not gonna say it again" Rayman stated. His face turned to sadness and if I had noticed, I probably would have felt guilty for saying it.

"Ok, if she's not your girlfriend, then why is she following you?" Globox asked.

"I'm taking her to the Fairy Glade. Maybe they can help her get back to wherever she came from."

"Hey, can I come too? Please?!"


"Oh by the way, what's your name lady?"

"It's Emily" I said.

We finally continued on our way to the Fairy Glade (Wherever that is) with the new addition of Globox, who I found out from the hours of talking, is a glute, not a frog. After what seemed like a lifetime of walking, we came to a clearing, with a building right on the edge, which I assumed was the Fairy Glade.

"Is this the Fairy Glade?" I asked, my eyes filled with hope.

"Yep, I'll let Betilla know were here" He said.

At last! I can't believe how long it took to get to one place! I really hope this Betilla person can help me.

"Hello there, you must be Emily, I'm Betilla. Rayman told me all about you and how you got here" Betilla said, smiling.

Wow! That was fast, I should thank him later. "So can you help me?"

"No, I'm sorry, but I can't help you. I don't have the power to send you back home, but the Fairy Priestess might"

Will I never get home?! All I want is to have my normal life back, but I don't think I'm ever getting out of here. Why did I ever fall asleep? What's mum going to say when she finds me gone? Ugh, I don't want to think about it anymore.

"Hey, come on, don't cry! I promise I'll get you home" Rayman tried to comfort me, but I couldn't stop crying. I wanted to be with my family again, and I just wanted to be alone right now.

"Please, don't cry my dear, there is a way for you to return home" A voice said.

"Huh, wh..who's there?" I stuttered, tears still welling in my eyes.

"It's alright. I am the Fairy Priestess, who rules over the entire Glade of Dreams. I can tell you how you can get home, but I can't take you there myself" She spoke so nicely, wait, she knows how I can get home!

"Tell me! Please! I have to know, NOW!" I was desperate.

"Ok dear, now listen carefully: To get back home, you need to defeat, the one who brought you here and afterwards you will be granted one wish. Use it to send yourself back home"

"WHAT! She can't defeat Mister Dark! I've lost count of the amount of times I've tried!" Rayman shouted.

"Then maybe you can go with her, if she can't defeat him herself, then maybe you can do it together"

"But…fine, I'll help her"

I was so happy! I didn't care how we did it, but I was determined to defeat Mister Dark. I had to get home no matter what! Also, I don't know why, but I'm think I'm starting to take a liking to Rayman. When I get a chance I am defiantly going to thank him.

"So, how do we get there?" I asked.

"Rayman knows the way, just follow him"

"Um, yeah, about that…I forgot again heh, heh"

"And just how many times have you been there? Honestly Rayman, you always forget" Betilla said, crossly.

"I'm sorry Betilla, but It's been awhile since I was last there"

"Um, actually it was only two hours ago" I said.

"Oh…heh, I guess I'm losing my mind" Rayman said, embarrassed.

"That's enough now. Here, Murphy will show you the way" The Fairy Priestess pointed to a green bug type thing. I was grateful for what everyone was doing to help, but it kind of felt weird going off to defeat someone with a bunch of things, to put it nicely anyway.

"Hey, so is everyone ready or not?" Murphy said, getting impatient.

"Haha, yeah, lets go" I was crying again, but this time, they were tears of joy. I was so happy to have met them all and I'm so happy for all their help.

"Miss Emily, please take this. I really hope you make it home safely"

"Thank you ma'am, I will"

"Hey are you coming? You want to go home don't you?" Rayman yelled.

"Wait for me!" I shouted after him.

I ran as fast as I could to catch up. "Oh right, Rayman?"


"Thanks. Thank you for everything you've done for me"

"You…your welcome" He said, blushing.

And so begins our journey to Mister Dark's lair. All I had on my mind right now was home and how everyone must be feeling. I wonder if they've noticed that I'm gone? For now at least, I just need to focus on getting there.

Back at the Fairy Glade however, the Fairy Priestess seemed to be having second thoughts on what the outcome would be.

"So, do you really think they will defeat him?" Betilla asked.

"I think they will, I just don't think that she will choose to go home when the time comes" The Fairy Priestess said.

"Why do you think that?"

"Lets just say that love can change anyone, even if they are so determined to achieve their original goal"

"Yes, I think being around Rayman will change her mind too"

"We can only hope she chooses the right path"

Little did they know that lurking in the shadows, was Mister Dark's henchmen…and he had heard all of it.

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