The Amazing World Of Regular Show f

One day in Elmore Gumball and Darwin we're playing a game of football. "Come on Darwin do you have to miss every time I throw the ball?" Gumball asked. "The ball is not alive Darwin ok" "Ok…" Darwin replied. "Now throw the ball to me Darwin ok," Gumball said. Then Darwin threw the ball as far as he can, and he threw it so far it disappeared into mid air. "WHOA" Gumball said. It was a hard day at the park, Benson and the other workers are worried that Miller might close the park after the mess muscle Man made after he thought he was a millionaire when Mordecai and Rigby pranked him. "Man what are we going to do?"

Mordecai asked. "Dude Muscle Man is really going to get fired this time…" Rigby said. "Hey look over there its Benson and Muscle Man…" "MUSCLE MAN LOOK AT THIS MESS YOU MADE!" Benson said angrily. "I thought you were a good employee…BUT I WAS WRONG YOU SCREWED IT UP THIS TIME!"Benson I'm sorry please forgive me" Muscle Man said sadly."(Benson sighs) just clean up this crap OR YOUR FIRED! Benson yelled angrily. Back in Elmore Gumball and Darwin were at school. "Man I cant believe we lost our ball…" Gumball sighed." I know we got that ball for Christmas…" Darwin said. "Lets go find it!" Gumball said proudly. So their Quest to find the ball has begun but it's not over yet. Mordecai and Rigby still have to find away to help Muscle Man clean up the mess and keep his job back! Check it out now… "Come on Darwin we have to find that ball!" Gumball said. "Right behind you!" Darwin replied. "Look it's a park!" "Good thinking buddy!" Gumball said. "Lets check is our ball is there. "Come on Rigby we have to find Muscle Ma- OWW!" Mordecai Yelled. "What the? How'd this ball get here?" "Look that's our ball Gumball" Darwin whispered. "I know lets go get it back" Gumball replied. " Umm excuse me that's our ball you have holding in your hand. Darwin said. "Oh this… here you go" Mordecai said. "Who are you guys? Rigby asked. " I'm Gumball and this friend Darwin" Gumball replied. "Well I'm Mordecai and this friend Rigby" Mordecai said. "Hi there" Rigby said. "Hey Mordecai maybe they can help us pick up the mess" Rigby whispered. "Maybe" Mordecai whispered back. "Do you want to help us?" Mordecai asked. "SURE!" Gumball and Darwin said at the same time. So their mission to help Muscle Man has started find out what happens next time… Only on Fan Fiction!