The Ears Listen and the Mouth Speaks

like everything else I have ever written, this is absurd. so forgive me.

It's a book worth. Kasamatsu clenches his lips closed. All the things he tells me about Kuroko are a book worth.

"Let's eat okonomiyaki tonight."

"Remember that one time we ate okonomiyaki together with Kurokocchi?" ("And Kagamicchi and Midorimacchi?")

"You know what, let's just go to Maji Burger."

"Kurokocchi really likes to buy the vanilla shake!"

"That Midorima–"

"Both Kurokocchi and I really can't stand him sometimes! And Kurokocchi is an Aquarius!"

"Yeah, I heard."

"Eh? From who?" ("That information is top secret!")

"You, idiot." Kasamatsu sighs, stomping on the ground as they make their way out of Kaijou High. "I'm tired."

"Kurokocchi never let me carry him even when he was really exhausted to the point of passing out..." Kise follows after him, at one moment, he brightens in pride, and at another, he is dejected.

The older of the two growls under his breath. There should be a limit as to how much someone can show off. "Kise." he says, and does a kick in the stomach of his kouhai. "Shut up."

"Why–?" Kise rasps out, hugging his own stomach and whimpering, but he quickly recovers. "Am I that much of a bother?"

"Yes." Kasamatsu replies eagerly, contradicting the fact that he spends too much time with Kise himself.

"Am I?" Kise's face darkens in disbelief. "Kurokocchi said I bother him a lot."

Kasamatsu's patience snaps with a loud crack and he kicks Kise's sides. "Kurokocchi this, Kurokocchi that. I didn't mind before, but can you please just cease talking about your crush all the time like that?"

Kise pauses. He almost cried in pain before, but Kasamatsu's words awaken something inside him. "Crush?"

"Yeah, that Kurokocchi of yours!" Kasamatsu barks, "Do you think I wouldn't notice? You flirt with him whenever he is around, damn it."

"I flirt with him?" Kise asks, in exaggerated innocence that is honest of him.

"Yes. Oh God, and you send him emails with hearts after every sentence." Kasamatsu is to scold Kise for acting stupid, but the truth dawns on him. "You can't be."

Kise's blush appears on his cheeks like an explosion. "I'm in love with Kurokocchi!" he exclaims in a tone similar to Archimedes' 'EUREKA'.

"Please don't say–"

"Why didn't I recognise these feelings as love before?" Kise tears up.

"No..." Kasamatsu also tears up, though for a completely different reason concerning him pulling Kise out of his closet unintentionally.

"Thank you, senpai!" the yellow-haired boy clasps their hands together, shedding tears of joy and Kasamatsu wishes he could let a hand go and punch him. "I will go confess to him now!"

And Kise thinks the kick he gives him on his back after that is a form of encouragement.

"We are going out!" Kise boasts as he practically glues Kuroko to his side.

"Oh." Kasamatsu sighs, already resigned to his fate of having Kise babble more about his crush-turned-boyfriend.

"We are?" Kuroko says, eyes showing genuine bewilderment and shock.