NOTE: Because Tom Card will soon be gone, I created a new superior for Michael until the show reveals that new boss next season (if there is a seventh season). I named him John Blade.

Madeline watched the local news as she ate and smoked. The news desk suddenly caught her attention.

"For the first time in history, southern Florida is under a tsunami warning," the woman said. "A record earthquake has hit the northern Caribbean islands. The possibility of a tsunami is an actual threat to the entire south Florida region now. In the past, scientists have assured us that the shallow waters that lead to our beaches would act as a breakwater and prevent a devastating tsunami. But, this earthquake tipped the scale at an eight-point-two, a record high. Residents are being encouraged to get to higher ground. The tsunami, if it does hit, is expected within the next two hours."

Moments after the news story, Michael came hurrying into the house with barely a "hello" and found his mother in the kitchen. She did not seem at all concerned.

"Mom, why don't you go take a trip to Atlanta for a week?," Michael asked. "I hear it's really nice this time of year."

"No, Michael," Maddie said. "I am not leaving. Nothing is going to happen, son."

"Mom, do it for me," Michael said. "If not for yourself, for me."

Maddie sighed. "Fine," she said. "I'll be out of Miami in an hour."

"Thanks, Mom," Michael said.

Michael left the house.

At the loft, Fiona was packing up. "Sam and Jesse are going to meet us in Atlanta," she told Michael. "Sam wants to find storage for his Cadillac."

Michael smirked. "No kidding," he said, deadpan.

Michael also started packing. He and Fiona made a few trips to the car to put bags into the trunk. As they worked, they received an unexpected guest: John Blade.

"Michael," John said. "I really hate to keep you here in Miami with the possibility of this tsunami, but we have a serious problem. It's a perfect Michael Westen job."

"Michael, no," Fiona said.

"Truth is the possibility of a serious tsunami here is slim," Michael said. He looked at Blade. "What are we looking at?"

"We've been investigating a radical anti-government group," Blade explained. "They call themselves the Freedom Brigade. We believe they're going to use the disaster to bomb a charity function that will be attended by the governor. They think the governor and her husband are exploiting the sick children to make themselves look like angels."

Michael sighed.

"Michael, there will be children at this charity event," Blade said. "It's for the Miami Children's Hospital. Many of these children are seriously ill and some have terminal illnesses and cancer."

Michael sighed. He looked at Fiona. "Fiona, go on to Atlanta and keep an eye on my mother, please," he asked. He took out his phone and started to dial.

"Who are you calling?," Blade asked.

"Sam and Jesse," Michael replied. "You're getting the three wise men for this."

Blade smiled and waited. Fiona moved her things into her own car and soon left. She was not happy, but she knew that Michael was very concerned that Maddie would hurry back to Florida once she saw that her only surviving son was not with her in Atlanta.

Sam and Jesse were concerned about staying, but they were also not going to allow innocent children be slaughtered. They met Michael and Blade at the loft.

"What we'll do is this," Michael said. "Jesse will go in at the children's hospital as an orderly. Sam will get himself on the governor's security team. And I will infiltrate the group."

Normally, governors are protected by state troopers. But the Davidson family were quite wealthy and they had hired their own security to accompany the troopers. Hillary was pleased to have Sam as part of her team. She knew his military background and knew that he was an expert with guns. He was also an expert marksman. She was sure he could shoot a pea from somebody's head without hurting that person from fifty yards away. Sam knew that even he was not that good. Was anyone? Really?

Jesse got the job as an orderly. He was strong, could move fast when needed, and was available to work at any time; the main things orderlies are asked to have. He did as he was asked and didn't talk very much with his co-workers. He did not want to stand out too much. His undercover name was Jake Travis.

"How do you plan to infiltrate these people?," Sam asked Michael. In the loft, everyone was comfortable and talking out their plans to prevent the bombing.

"There's a paintball arena on the outskirts of town," Michael told his friends. "I learned that these guys go there often on the weekends to practice."

"Paintball?," Sam asked.

"It makes sense," Jesse said. "It's a great way to get the experience without drawing attention to yourself. You can shoot all you want and nobody cares. You start shooting real guns, people freak out and start calling the police."

"Exactly," Sam agreed.

"I'll go there, like I'm just there to have a good time," Michael explained. "I'll start complaining about the government and see if it grabs their attention."

"Let's hope it does," Sam said.

The next day, Michael drove the Charger to the paintball park and used a fake ID to rent the equipment.

"OK, Fulton Reed," the man said. "Here is the gun and your body armor. Do not take these items off the premises, no matter what. Now, have fun."

"Thanks," Michael smiled. He picked up the items and walked aside to put on the face mask and body armor.

Michael watched the people who he knew were with the radical group as he played along. They were taking this extremely seriously. The other people were just trying to have fun, but the members of the Brigade were not having it.

After awhile, Michael noticed one member of the Brigade taking a break and drinking a bottle of water. Michael bought a bottle of water from the vending machine and sat near the guy. He glanced at the television, which was on a cable news station. A story about the failing economy was on.

"Damn government ruined the economy and destroyed all the jobs for this country," the Brigade member said. "We need a country with no government."

"Hey," Michael smiled as he looked at the man. "You're thinking the same thing I am. That's great. My sister is always telling me that I am an idiot for thinking that same thing."

The man smiled. "What's your name?," he asked.

"Fulton," Michael replied.

"Fulton," the man said. "I'm Elliott. It's great to meet a sensible man, for a change."

"There's not a lot of us," Michael said. "And I hate those damned illegals taking all our jobs."

"And they give tax breaks to American companies that outsource our jobs to India and China and other countries," Elliott said.

"That sucks," Michael agreed. "My cousin lost his telemarketing job to some guy in India who can barely speak English."

"I hate getting calls from those guys," Elliott said. "That accent is so hard to understand."

"I just wish somebody would do something about this," Michael said as he looked at the TV again. "They complain that people care more about people like Denzel Washington than Obama. I'd say at least Denzel ain't a lying moron stealing my tax dollars."

"I agree," Elliott said. "Obama uses that money to take his kids on big vacation trips. And that wife of his has forty personal assistants. Other First Ladies each only had one personal assistant."

"Thief," Michael agreed.

"Do you really want to do something?," Elliott asked.

"Hell, yeah," Michael replied. "Why do you ask?"

"Tomorrow, meet me at the Jackson Oaks State Park," Elliott said. "I want you to meet somebody."

"Sounds good," Michael said.

"Which car is yours?," Elliott asked. "So we know what to look for."

"That black Charger," Michael said as he pointed.

"Wow, nice car," Elliott said. "American muscle."

"Yeah, you can't beat a muscle car," Michael said.

"I'll see you tomorrow," Elliott said. "Get a good night sleep, Fulton."

At the loft; Michael, Sam, and Jesse met up. Jesse was still in the uniform from the hospital. Sam was in a black suit and tie. Jesse smiled when Sam walked in.

"So, Sam; are you auditioning to be in the new 'Men in Black' sequel?," Jesse asked as a little joke.

"Hey, the ladies thought I looked great like this," Sam said.

Michael snickered. He then got serious. "They're introducing me to the leader of the Freedom Brigade tomorrow," he told his friends. "It looks like I may be in."

"You be careful, Mikey," Sam said. "From what we know, these people could be very dangerous."

"I'll be fine, Sam," Michael re-assured. "I just need all of you to do your jobs."

"Where did you get the name Fulton Reed anyway?," Jesse asked.

Michael smiled. "When I was preparing for this job, I stopped by Mom's place to pick up a few things," he explained. "She had left her television on and it was on that old movie, 'The Mighty Ducks' and the name of one of the characters caught my attention."

"Oh, yeah," Jesse smiled. "I remember that movie. That was the strong kid who hit that puck so hard that he broke things with it. That sounds like a young Michael Westen. Perfect alias for you."

"I thought it was, too," Michael agreed. "I just hope those guys only see it as a coincidence if they've seen the movie."

"Somebody I know used to date a woman named Stephanie Tanner, like the character in 'Full House'," Jesse said.

"And call your mom before you go," Sam suggested. "You may not be able to once you're in."

"Good idea," Michael said. He walked out to the balcony and dialed his phone.