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16 December 2020 a.t.b

Cross Academy, South Japan

"Hay Zero did you hear the news? Empress Nunnally is coming to Japan!" Yuuki ran in to the Headmaster's home, "She'll be here tomorrow, and as a leading member of one of Japan's armies you'll get to meet her!"

"Yeah I heard on the radio, I was gonna go get some practice in my Knightmare-frame," Zero replied as he grabbed his jacket off the hook by the front door.

"Can I come too? Please Zero, please," Yuuki begged.

"No you remember what happened last time?" Zero looked at her doubtfully.

"Yeah sorry I wrecked your nightmare. But I've changed Zero, come on at least let me watch," Yuuki really wanted to spend some time with her best friend.

"But what will Kaname say, he doesn't like you around the Knightmare-frames."

"Since when did you care what Kaname thinks?"

"Since I swore allegiance to the Kuran family and that means you to Yuuki," Zero turned and looked at her.

"Okay fine I'll stay behind, maybe I'll call Milly and see if she knows about Nunnally's visit," Yuuki said a little upset. The Ashford academy in Tokyo was in a schooling relationship with Cross academy, they had been working together as an opportunity for the Britannians to get to know the Japanese aristocracy.

"Bye Yuuki see you later," Zero waved at her as he jumped onto his motorbike and sped off.

When Nunnally heard that she was going to Japan on a political visit, she was over joyed, she would arrange to see all her friends, Kallen, Milly, Nina, and Rivalz. The Empress would be accompanied by her good friend and ally Zero, he too was looking forward to the visit to Japan, though he could not see any of his friend due to the fact that he was Zero, only two people in the entire world knew who he really was of whom one had disappeared, they were Empress Nunnally and C.C.

"Nunnally? Are you in here?" Zero asked while he knocked on the door to empress Nunnally's room.

"Suza— I mean Zero is that you?" Nunnally went to the door of her room.

"Yes, it's me. Come we must go now, time to leave for Japan," Zero opened the door to her room, walked in and started pushing her wheelchair down the hall.

"Okay so I checked up on B.L's stats and well she's doin' fine," the mechanic shouted from underneath an old car, 'B.L' stands for 'Black Lancelot' Zero's Knightmare-frame, she was as unique as all of Suzaku Kururugi's Knightmares though the design was similar and the way she handled was also similar to the Lancelot's one couldn't copy the B.L's workmanship, she was made by the best; Rakshata Chawla, Japan's leading Knightmare developer in collaboration with Earl Lloyd Asplund, this model was a design based on the Lancelot Albion and the Shinkirõ. She was the fastest Knightmare-frame in existence and had INV. Flight Enabler (INV. stands for invisible), no other Knightmare in all of Japan had this feature, one could say that Zero was a test pilot to see how the INV worked.

"Kallen?" Zero called out to the mechanic's apprentice.

"What's up Zero?" Kallen Kozuki walked out of the main office, her spiky red hair in disarray and a large black grease smudge on her left cheek.

"Did you hear? The Empress of Britannia is coming," Zero said.

"You mean Nunnally?" Kallen asked excited.

"The one and only, I need B.L ready for her arrival tomorrow," Zero ran his hand through his hair and looked sort of embarrassed, "can you do it?" Yuuki had come with him to training last week and she had made Zero crash into a wall, though the B.L was functioning fine the entire head-piece was fucked-up, it looked just like it had got into a fight with a giant lion, and lost.

"Well you haven't been in since Tuesday so you don't know how awesome I am, I fixed her in two days, so she's ready for tomorrow," Kallen looked smug, she was pleased with her self for doing the best job she could.

"Thanks Kall, I'm going to go get some practice now," Zero tried to walk past her, but she held out her hand,

"Oh no you don't you will not wreck the B.L again!" Kallen would not let him ruin her handy work.

"But I didn't bring Yuuki this time," Zero pleaded.

"That doesn't matter, Mr. I promise I won't break it," Kallen said, "we must save your dear Knightmare-frame for the ceremony tomorrow."

"Fine so I can't practice then?" Zero asked.

"You can use my Guren," Kallen said as she threw him the key, "the code is '61adc5'."

I don't know the Guren's actual code so I just made that one up.

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