A/N Hey guys! For all of you who have never read the Kane Chronicles, don't read this! You have to have read all three books in the series to understand what I have written. For those who've read Kane Chronicles, ENJOY! This is my version of book #4!

1. The Problem at Hand


So if you're hearing this it must mean that you're still alive. If you're still alive it means that we still have a shot at getting the story out. Now, I know what you're all thinking. I know I said in the last recording that that would be the last. But of course, being the Kanes, nothing ever goes according to plan. So once again the world needs saving, only this time we have to save it from a bloodthirsty ghost and a bunch of evil gods. Carter tells me that I'm skipping a great deal of important details blah blah blah. As if I can be bothered with such boring little facts! That's Carter's job. [Oh keep your big mouth shut. I guess it's impressive, you being the Pharaoh and all, but don't get all high and mighty about it! I'm your sister, I do as I please!]
Anyhow, I guess I should tell you how it came that we, once again, had to save the world. Well, I guess things got out of hand the day of the eclipse…

So I was on the roof of Brooklyn House, having a picnic with Walt. How was our relationship going? Thanks for asking. It was going great! You should have seen the look on Drew's face when the two of us walked into school together. It was even better when she saw him kiss me by my locker! (Sigh) It was great to have a boyfriend that wasn't off limits and wasn't dying. So saying, life was good. Guess how long that lasted? A couple of months. Then came the day of the eclipse.
As I was saying, Walt and I were taking a picnic on the roof, ready for the eclipse. We were both wearing dark glasses to shield our eyes from the eclipse. I tried to ignore all of our initiates surrounding us, all perched around the roof. We'd gotten more students since the incident with Apophis. Then there was Carter, sitting beside me with Zia. I was happy that my brother had finally found someone special, other than me. [Carter, for what reason are you rolling your eyes? We both know that I am a rather important person.] Now, don't get me wrong. I still think that Zia deserves someone better. (I'm going to choose to ignore Carter's impressive language.) My point is, I was ignoring everyone else on the roof except for walt. It was going very well until,
"It's Starting!" Felix was pointing up at the sky, one of his ever present penguins waddling along beside him. The penguin was also wearing dark glasses (don't ask me what's going on in Felix's head!) Everyone looked up at the sky. The moon was moving up in front of the sun. Everyone stared up in fascination.
Doll, Said a voice in my head. I was on my feet immediately. There was only one person who called me Doll. Uncle Vinnie. I mean Setne. He was still missing. Our father hadn't managed to capture him. Nobody had. He was taking extra precautions to stay hidden. But, here he was. whispering in my head. The two of us have some business to finish. Business to finish? I should think so. There had been mayhem all over egypt. Every scroll and book mentioning Ramses the Great has been destroyed. Statues had been blown up, temples burnt down. No doubt work of Setne. And now Setne shows up and wants to chat. Apparently our mind conversation wouldn't do and he wanted to talk in person. My vision swam and I blacked out.
Gods of Egypt I thought. Where was Isis when I needed her? I would prefer not to be a Sadie headed chicken when I appeared to Setne. Seriously, I do not want a ghost mocking me. It's bad enough when Carter does it (though, I think I've got him back in line now). Carter just told me that he doesn't mock me. He only politely criticizes me. Yeah. Right.
So I think that I've finally mastered changing my chicken ba into a Sadie ba. So I concentrated really hard. I would have to do this alone. Isis was still in the heavens. I imagined myself the way I'd been a few minutes before. I'd added a light layer of makeup and red highlights to my look. I decided not to appear in the red dress I'd been wearing earlier. I took a black tank, ripped jeans and my combat boots. I guess it worked since I didn't blow myself into a million little pieces of Sadie. My ba travelled in total darkness. I guessed that that was Setne's doing. He probably didn't want me revealing his hideout to anyone.
Then, before I knew it, I was seated in Setne's posh villa. It was decorated with egyptian relics and artefacts. There was also a statue of Prince Khaemwaset (Setne) in the middle of the room. Talk about a self centered ghost.
"Sorry about the timing." Setne was sitting on a plush velvet sofa, stirring a cup of tea. "I would have summoned you sooner but I had a little trouble with the spell. Being a ghost really tunes down my magic." Summoned? Since when was I summoned? I cursed in ancient egyptian.
"Really doll," Setne shook his head in disapproval. "You should really watch your language."
"Why did you bring me here?" I was gritting my teeth, fists clenched. Setne laughed. He found my anger strangely amusing.
"Oh, I'm just being helpful doll. I thought you might appreciate me telling you that not every god supports Carter in being pharaoh."
"I know that Setne."
"Oh, but I don't think you do." Setne chuckled. "Perhaps you don't know that there's a great amount of gods who are just waiting for the right moment to strike and bring down you Kanes. That being said, perhaps now you'll realise that I'm not evil. With my help you could rally all those angry gods. I have the book of Thoth-"
"In your dreams Setne." I said.
"Think about it." Setne said, his voice dripping with magic. Persuasive magic. "You need me." With that, Setne and his villa faded.

I awoke to find Walt, Carter and Jaz leaning over me. The rest of my students were gathered around me. I groaned, sitting up.
"What happened?"
"One minute you were right next to me." Walt said, concern in his eyes.
"And then you fainted." Carter added helpfully. Only then did I realise that I'd missed the eclipse. Just my luck.
"The question is," Jaz said. "What happened to you?"
"Setne." I growled. There were gasps at this news. I looked at Carter. We silently agreed to discuss this privately later.
"Sorry to spoil the eclipse." I told everyone. "Seems like fate had other plans. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to and rest." I got up and walked down to my room. I sat down on my bed, thinking. Setne was most probably lying. But why? He said that we would need his help. As if. But why was he telling me this? I thought that he didn't want to be caught. He must have known that he came along to Brooklyn house, we would immediately turn him over to our father. So why…? I fell deep in thought. I was rather startled when there came a knock at the door and Carter walked in.
"What happened with Setne?" He asked, settling down on the bed beside me. I told him. Carter frowned.
"But why would he tell you this? It just doesn't make sense."
"You think I haven't thought about that captain obvious?" I said with a shake of my head. "I don't understand it. What did he mean by the thing about the gods turning on us? Horus and Isis wouldn't let them attack us. We did save the world didn't we?" Carter nodded thoughtfully.
"Unless…" He hesitated.
"What?" I asked impatiently.
"Nothing." Carter said. "I have to check on something."
"Shouldn't we talk to Bes about this?" I asked. "Or Bast? We could do with a gods opinion on all of this."
"No." Carter said, which surprised me greatly. "Until we find out more, we cannot have any contact with the gods."
"Find out more about what?" I asked.
"Whether there's any truth to Setne's words." Carter answered seriously. I couldn't believe we were actually considering this. But what can I say? We're the Kanes.