3. I Have a Date With the God of Pigeons


OKAY, SO FIRST OFF, THAT COMMENT ABOUT ME BEING A FREAK? So. Not. True. [Sadie, you just gave me the mic. I'm not about to give it back to you already!] I was feeling rather annoyed. So first Sadie get's this vision in the middle of the eclipse and then she get's a jackal from her supreme god boyfriend. The point is, I wasn't feeling too great about myself. I walked around the yard for about fifteen minutes before the pigeon incident.
So I was pacing around when I noticed the pigeons. They were standing in a funny kind of formation all staring up at me. With a shock, I realised the pigeons had spelled out one word, help. I stared. Before I could figure out whether or not I was imagining it, the pigeons flew off. I decided it was real and rushed back inside, quite forgetting that I was mad at my sister. To prove that point, I barrelled straight into Sadie. She was playing with Jack the jackal with Walt nowhere to be seen. My expression must have been pretty serious because Sadie took one look at my face, stood up and said,
"What's up?"
"We have a problem." I told her.

So after my conversation with Sadie she told me-more like ordered me-to take a break and go hang out with Zia. I called her by using my brand new bird bath and we agreed to have dinner together.
So there I was, sitting across from Zia. She laughed at something I said and leaned over to kiss me. That's when everything went wrong. Zia's eyes rolled back in her head until only the whites were showing. Then her head turned into that of a pigeon, which was kinda scary after getting the "help" pigeon message earlier. Then the massive pigeon that used to be my girlfriend spoke,
"Thank the gods! Carter Kane, you are in serious trouble."
"Aren't I always?" I asked under my breath. Then, in a louder voice,
"Horus? Is that really you?"
"No, it's Ra, king of the gods."
"Oh, of course it's me you dolt! How many falcon warrior gods do you know?"
"Um..." I gestured at his pigeon head.
"Yes, yes." Horus said in amusement. "I believe that I have told you before that I rather admire pigeons."
"Uh...could you hurry up? I was kinda in the middle of something."
"Oh, yes. Rather awkward to say the least."
"My power fades." Horus said, completely ignoring me. "You must travel to Egypt. It's where you will find answers. Tell them. Tell them-" And then he was gone, replaced by Zia, who looked around in a weird manner, eyes wide.
"Yeah, I think we should continue this later." I said, motioning at our table. "I gotta get going, but you're welcome to come along…" I rose so fast that I knocked down my chair. People were starting to stare. I grabbed Zia's hand and half dragged her back to the house.