Forgotten love

Summary: Someone from Sabrina's past comes back to reclaim her. Who is he? How will she react? Sabrina never left the Agency, she's still working there after seven years.

Disclaimer: I don't own Charlie's Angels characters, I only own the idea of this story.

Author's note: First of all, if you are reading this story, thank you so much. This is my first fic and I hope you'll have fun. Second, English is my third language, so no wonder if there are many mistakes. If someone wants to be my beta reader, that would be awesome. And last, constructive criticism is very welcome, especially because I want to learn. WARNING: Minor spoilers of some episodes.

Sabrina had had a long and difficult day at the "office", if you can call the streets of the city an office… Her job was the best she had ever had, but sometimes it was too much for her to handle. Today she had been about to die twice, first when she had crashed her car during a fruitless pursuit of a suspect who finally had gone away, and second when the real murderer of the case had taken her hostage when interrogating him. Great, just a great day at the office. Now she only wanted to have a bath and relax, and try not to think of the lecture Bosley would give her the next day about the third smashed car of the month.

When she finally arrived home by taxi, she checked her mail. 'Bills, only bills. What could I expect? It's not that I have many friends or admirers around the world'. The last envelope was different though: it only had her name on it and no sender at all. 'Strange' she thought. Entering her home, she left her keys and the other letters on the counter and started to read the mysterious message:

Sabrina I have thought of you so many nights and days I can't even remember. We were together once and hopefully we will be together again soon enough. Until then, I will protect you, no matter what.

Your secret admirer.

Sabrina was so surprised she didn't even register the sound of her telephone ringing until the fourth tone. Still astonished, she answered distractedly.

- Hello?

- Hi Bri, it's Kelly. I wanted to check on you after the rough day you've had. Are you ok?

- Thanks Kelly, I'm alright. A warm bath will do me good. See you tomorrow at the office?

- Hmmm, are you sure you are fine? I can come by and have a nice talk. Maybe it would distract you for a while.

- Oh, no need for that, I'm distracted enough -Sabrina said subconsciously-.

- What?

- Oh, nothing, see you tomorrow, Kell. And thanks. Bye.

- Bye. -Kelly hang up not convinced of what she had heard on the other side of the line. Tomorrow she would keep a close eye on Sabrina.

Sabrina took that relaxing bath, but her thoughts could only focus on the letter she had received. Was it a prank or it was for real? Did she really have an admirer? Would he be dangerous? He seemed to love her, but that letter was not enough to understand his real intentions towards her, if he really existed, that is.