Hello again! This is the end of the ride. Last chapter and it's been really nice to have you along the story. Thank you for being so good readers and for encouraging me despite being a newbie in this adventure. Thanks to you I'm writing another story. Enjoy and see/read you soon! :D

The very second Sabrina crossed the threshold, memories flooded her mind. It was strange, but all of the sudden many cases came to her in a flash. The first one, when a bomb was strapped to her waist and she was obliged to stay in the office with Bosley while Kelly and Kris found some crooks who had stolen a million in diamonds.

But this wasn't the only memory that came to her mind instantly, there were others too, most of them happy after solving cases and having some coffee behind the bar.

Her friends were staring at her hoping that this idea was helping her in recovering her memories. In fact, when they saw her face changing, all doubts vanished and their hopes went up.

- Bri are you OK? Do you remember anything? – Kelly was the most impatient of them.

- Oh my God! Yes, everything is coming like a flash now! I know who I am, I know who you are and I even remember our cases!

- Really? That's fantastic! How do you feel now?

- Well, I'm confused and overwhelmed. – Sabrina was sad now. – I'm glad to remember everything but it makes me sad to know what happened with Doug.

Before she could explain her feelings, the telephone rang and when Bosley answered it, Charlie's voice cheered them up instantly.

- Good morning Angels! How are you today?

- Good morning Charlie! – The three detectives said at the same time. And Sabrina added – Charlie, I remember you! I'm finally back after this nightmare. What happened to Doug? Will he come back?

- Angel, Doug O'Neill died in the car accident, you don't have to be afraid anymore. By the way, why did you do it? What crossed your mind to risk your life in an accident like that?

- I… I couldn't stand the idea of spending the rest of my life with a psycho like Doug. I was feeling trapped and at that moment I thought that, even if I died, it was worth to try and get rid of him. It was the only way I thought to avoid that he could hurt more people on the way. Now that threat is over and I'm glad of it.

- I understand you Bri, but you scared the hell out of us. Don't you ever do it again, OK? Because we have your back, don't forget it. – Kelly needed to say it.

- Yes, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. It won't happen again, I promise.

- OK, so do you feel like coming back to the Agency and starting a new case? – Charlie always on work mode.

- Yes I am. The sooner we recover normality the better. So, what's our new assignment?