Ana s POV _
I m lying in bed contemplating whether or not to get up. It s Sunday and I have slept in, it s almost 11 o clock.. It's very unlike me to sleep this long.. And very unlike Christian to let me. He usually wakes me by running his fingertips up and down my spine or another body part of mine.
I hear him now, just outside the door to our bedroom. I decide to fake sleep, cause I'm not yet ready to leave my warm cocoon.
He opens the door and walk with quiet and determined steps towards me. He leans down and kisses me temple.

"Mrs. Grey, are you ever going to join the land of the living?" .." hmmm" is all I can master to say. He chuckles at my response and lies down beside me on his side of the bed. I nuzzle up against him, and tilt my head so I can see his face. "good morning baby" ,
"good morning Ana, did you sleep well?" ,
"yes, but why didn t you wake me?"
"You just looked so peaceful and I had to take care of some work anyway, but you're awake now and you need to eat ." And with that, he drags me from the bed to the kitchen, holding my hand as we go.

"Have you eaten I ask him, when we get to the kitchen." He shakes his head in response.
"would you like an omelet?" , "yes please" .

After we have finished our breakfast, I'm standing at the sink cleaning our dishes. Christian is sitting at the breakfast bar reading the newspaper. When I m almost done with the dishes, I feel his long arms enveloping be from behind, and he rests his hands on my barely still flat stomach. He continue caressing my stomach while kissing my neck and inhaling the scent there.
"You feel so good, what did I do to get so lucky? I love you so much Ana" I lean back against him, tilting my head to the give him better access. "hmmm, I love you too Christian" He grabs me by the waist and turns me around. His mouth comes fast against mine, his tongue invading my mouth. And I moan in response. I put my hands around his neck and pull him towards me to deepen the kiss. Our tongues find each other and his hips grind against mine. And the dishes are soon forgotten.