Chapter One – Art Class (KPOV)

Art has never been one of my strongest subjects. I can draw, but my attention to detail is often… a little off. I find it quite boring to be honest. I usually end up doodling different ways I would kill my teacher, Miss Trinket. No doubt that my drawings have got me into trouble before.

"Today we are going to do something different!" The whole class groans because Miss Trinket's 'something different' is usually painting her.

"We have a new student joining us today and so you will be painting portraits of yourself and writing ten facts about yourself, to help introductions." her over enthusiastic voice annoys me so much.

I start drawing a picture of her dangling by her ankles from a tree and making her watch me tear up her precious Capitol wigs.

All of the girls in the class start whispering and giggling. I look up to see that the new guy has entered the class. I actually gasp a little.

He is the most beautiful boy I have ever seen. His blonde hair is messy and his eyes are a striking blue. He is wearing a camo jacket with a white t-shirt and blue jeans. "Uh hi, I'm Peeta" He smiles shyly at the class.

Miss Trinket scans the room for a place for him to sit. I quickly realise that the only free seat is next to me. I look down at my desk; it's covered in drawings of Trinket dying. Shit. He makes his way over to me as I desperately try to rid the desk of the drawings. He dumps his bag on the floor and sits down next to me.

"Hi, I'm Peeta Mellark" he says as he stretches out a hand for me to shake. I take his hand and shake it firmly "Katniss Everdeen," "Pleasure to meet you, Katniss" "Pleasure's all mine" I reply. His gaze holds and our hands stay interlocked for a while. His eyes are so blue, I literally feel like I'm swimming.

We eventually snap back to reality. He picks up one of my drawings of Trinket that I forgot to put away and chuckles. "She really that bad, huh?" I feel embarrassed and nod. By now I've noticed all the girls looking at me in jealousy. Well, all the girls except my friend Annie. She's staring at the one and only Finnick Odair. I lean over and snap my fingers so she wakes up. She jumps, then smiles at me in thanks.

Peeta raises an eyebrow at me. "See that boy over there?" I nod towards Finnick. "My friend Annie is basically in love with him" Peeta smiles and nods. Trinket explains the task again and we get started. Peeta asks about certain people in the class and I tell him their stories. I tell him about Ladies Man Finnick, to his best friend and my hunting partner Gale, to my arch enemy Glimmer. I feel comfortable talking to him, which is odd because I don't usually like people (exceptions for Annie, Madge, Gale and Finnick). We talk like old friends that haven't seen each other for years.

"So what's your story Peeta?" He shrugs. "Homeschooled for nearly all my life, parents own the bakery in town, not much really to tell." He avoids details well. It makes me wonder if there is something in his past that he's trying to forget.

"So let's see yours Katniss" I hold up my portrait. It's not detailed so it looks more like a cartoon. I would say it's an act of rebellion against what 'society wants me to do' but the fact is, I can't actually draw that well. He chuckles and I ask to see his. "ok, but promise me you won't laugh?" "Promise" I reply. He turns his pad to face me and my jaw drops. I stare bewildered at the drawing. He drew… me.

"Do you like it?" He asks eagerly. "It's beautiful" "so, like you then" he smiles. I am pretty sure my face looks like a tomato right now. I look over at Annie who is staring in awe with her mouth half open. She turns and nudges Madge and they both burst into fits of squeals and 'awhh!'s.

I turn back to Peeta, whose smile has grown even wider. "You were supposed to draw yourself," I remind him. "Yeah well, you've seen my face, there's no need to draw it. Plus, your face has so much detail, it's so interesting." Wow, he sure knows how to charm a girl. "How'd you get so good?" "As you know, my parents are bakers; I used to decorate the cakes. And since I was homeschooled, I had a lot of free time to practice."

"Right, Class! Time to show your drawings! Peeta, why don't you go first?" Trinket gestures for him to go to the front but he sits back, clutching his sketch book to his chest so no one can see the picture of me, and shakes his head. "I'm not really confident showing it. I think it needs more work, it isn't quite right yet." He winks at me and she moves onto someone else. I can see him blushing out of the corner of my eye and I smile down at the table.

The bell goes for next period. I have science and Peeta has history but we both have music after lunch so we decide to meet, so I can show him the way. He hands me the drawings before we part. I turn it over to find he has written his 10 facts. Number 10 catches my attention. Today I met a girl named Katniss Everdeen and I have a good feeling about her. After reading it I look up to call after him but he's already gone.