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Summary: She had to choice, she loves him, still loves him, even he was not here her when she need someone beside her the most; and he, he promised that he will give all the best to her, he was here to support her, to give her the strength to live, and no one can find a reason to reject her. Right after everyone gave up, he appeared suddenly, and who will she choice? The one she loves? Or the one loves her so much?

It was cold outside, the sunshine was bright and light; and the snow flew down on the ground lightly, just liked plumage, some workers were busy about the decoration, they hanged the light to the cell. Also they decorated the Christmas tree too, the children outside sang Christmas song happily. This early December was really cold, and Christmas was coming to town, yeah, Christmas, his birthday was on Christmas too…

Remembered their first Christmas together, he didn't allow her to decorate the temple, but it ended up with a happy birthday and Christmas party with friends, and she gave her very first handmade gift toward him too.

A lady with blonde hair sat on the chair, and looked through the window, seeing the children played with the snow, she felt upset. In every December, she looked really sad, and she even didn't have the mood to drink her favorite drinks – Green Tea Latte, it got cold on the table but she just got a sip of it.

"Maybe white lily is the best flower to be the bouquet ever; do you think that it's a good idea?" A man with dark hair and greenish orbs voiced, his eyes were full of joyful and love. He flipped around the magazines which named "Our Wedding", "Prefect bride". He stared at her and waited for her answer, but she seemed can't hear his word, her mind was too far away from it.

Yes, what she thought was too far away from the topic they were going to discuss, the topic that they should talk, they should decide as fast as they can since the event was coming soon, but they still had a lot of thing hadn't confirmed.

"…Yu, Miyu?" The voice raised and the voice woke her up finally, the blonde who named Miyu looked at the man, and smiled toward him, and the man just looked at her in concerned. "Are you alright?"

Avoided his gaze, it not that she hated the gaze and the man in front of her, it was just because she didn't know how to react the man when he had the gazes that full of expectation.

"I am okay, Hayate." Miyu said and nodded, with a pause. She smiled toward the man who name Hayate, and Hayate just put his left hand on hers, he was about to grab her hand, but she avoided it, and put her hands on the laps. "So what are you going to talk to me?" Miyu asked after she knew that she was out of his topic. But after she asked the question, her eyes still spotted on the view outside the window. She didn't know why, while she heard the Christmas song, she wanted to cry, her vision blurred suddenly, but she didn't allow the tears rolled down.

Noticed that she was not in the mood, the man who named Sagawa Hayate gave out a sigh, it seemed that they had to discuss of it next time, since he knew that he couldn't force her to talk about it while she was upset. In these three years of relationship, he noticed that she had being like this every winter, especially December, and if it was near Christmas, the situation was being worse, so they didn't have any date or outing during the whole December, but this time they had to meet in the whole December. They had something important to talk about, so that they had to meet in a small café near her apartment in the early December, but she just looked like the past December, always looked like daydreaming, with a sad face, with a deep thought expression, also he could see that the tears rolled down on her rosy cheeks too…He knew that it was because of her "Past", he knew it already. Even he didn't know that what had happened in her past, he knew that there was someone in her life. But he didn't have the dare to ask her, it hurts if he knew that he couldn't replace "Him" in her heart and her life.

"Miyu, you looked really tired today, maybe it is better that I send you home." Hayate said, and then he gave the bill, stood up and readied to leave. He had to be patience of it, since he wanted all the things would be prefect in their "Big Day", so that he would like to give time to her, to let her decided everything; he wanted she could have a memorable wedding; he wanted all the best to her.

"No, I don't want to back home early," Miyu said, and she was avoiding him again. "There is somewhere I want to go else." She added and stood up, readied to wave goodbye toward Hayate.

"Do you need me to company you?" Hayate asked, even he knew that answer would be a 'NO', he still wanted to ask her, and he still wanted to have the chance to company her to her "past". In these years, she went to 'The place' alone, and he had never known nor had the idea about where she went to. he didn't have the idea that why he wanted to know that the place she usual to go to, maybe it was because he knew that the reason, her past, and he just wanted to have the chance to make her let go of her past.

"You should go home now, you had the duty whole night, and you deserved a well sleep now." Miyu shook her head and said, and her was just give him a reason to refused him to company, but she knew that he didn't accept it. "Hayate, I can handle it, don't worry, and I will phone you if I back to home, okay?" she added, right after Hayate considered and nodded, she picked up her bag and left the café.

She got on the train with some packages, she used to have a long way train travel, and she used to go to that "town". And after changed two times of the train, she got off the train and looked at the sign of the town, "Heiomachi". It had been two months that she didn't visit this town, the town that she had lived for years. She walked along the street, and climbed the long stairs as usual, and then she reached to a temple.

The sound of knocking the Muyu, and read aloud the spell, also the smell of burning incense, it was really too familiar to her, and Miyu used to it already. She knew that he was here; she walked toward the main hall, and saw an old man with a monk outfit, knelt on the ground, and knocked the Muyu.

"Uncle, I am here." Miyu walked toward the old man and said, and her voice made the monk stopped his track and looked at Miyu, when he notice that the girl he treated as a daughter was here to visit him, the smile appeared on his face. And he was the priest of the temple, Saionji Hosho.

"Hey, Miyu welcome." Hosho said, and when he noticed that Miyu came with some packages, he frowned. "How many times I told you that you don't need to bring me too much thing, I am just an old man, a lonely old man…" then he finished his words with sob.

"Uncle, I promised him that I will take care of you, so that I am here, to buy something to you, also, you are friend of my papa and mama, and I should take care of you too." Miyu asked and put down the packages, "It's getting cold, so that I brought some clothes for you, you should keep warm and health." Miyu handed the packages toward Hosho and smile.

Hosho got the packages and lead Miyu to the dining room, and served her some tea to keep her warm too.

"So how's your 'Big day' going on?" Hosho asked with smile, and took a sip of the hot green tea.

"Almost done, and I will be hold on 24 December." Miyu answered, but she lowered her head, and didn't look at Hosho.

She didn't want to mention the 'Big day', she accepted it was just because of she couldn't find a reason to reject, but then she regretted it, she still believed that he will come back.

"You are really a good girl, but I don't have the luck to have a daughter in law just like you." Hosho said, and he started to sob again, every time he thought about his only son, he felt pain, and hurt too. But on the other side, he felt happy because of she let it go, and she had someone stands by her finally, so he didn't have to worry about her anymore.

"Uncle, I am sorry…sorry for don't wait for him." Miyu said, and she kept lowering her head, didn't dare to look at Hosho since she knew that his eyes were full of tears, also she wanted to hide her tears too.

When they discussed about this topic, they both felt hurt, and pain, every time she thought about him, her mind couldn't run as usual…she couldn't think in logic.

"Miyu, you don't have to sorry," Hosho dried his tears and look at Miyu, and he patted on Miyu's shoulder to comfort her. "As an eldership of you, I don't want you to wait for him forever, you shouldn't waste your time like this, and you shouldn't waste your time to wait for someone you don't know where is he, and how is he…" Hosho said, in these five years, they couldn't receive his news, and even the volunteer organization had received any news from him…

She nodded, and the tears dropped on the table, one, two, three…more and more tears, she understood that what Hosho mean, but she still believed that there was miracle unless they found his died body…

"He's still alive, I can feel it." Miyu said firmly, biting her lower lips to prevent more tears rolled down. With a sigh, what a stubborn girl, everyone gave up the searching and the volunteer organization went back to Japan right after the accident, and just apologized to Hosho and Miyu.

And after the event, she went back to her former town, and lived as a normal girl, but she came to the temple to visit Hosho, she went to the airport, also she had traveled many places to find him, but there was no news, no bad news, also no good news. Looked up at Hosho, and wiped away her tears, she knew that she shouldn't cry in front of Hosho, since he was sad too, at least he became a lonely elder.

"I want to sleepover in his room, okay?" Miyu said after she dried her tears, and smiled toward Hosho. She used to sleepover in his room after he hadn't come back. And Hosho looked at the clock, and it was really late for a girl to take a long train trip, so that he nodded.

After the bath, she changed into his pajama, and pull out his futon, she lied on the futon, hugged his pillow tightly, even it had washed and dried a lot of times, she still hugged it tight, she wanted to felt his scent, and his warmth, she could feel it while she hugged his pillow.

"I miss you…" Miyu mumbled to the pillow, and went to a deep sleep quickly while the tear stains on her face.

The night came, the moon was on the dark sky, also the stars were shining in the sky with the moon too, and it was a really quite night, the wind was blowing, the time was flowing as normal…

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