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After everything, Kanata became a professor in a hospital of America, but he still missed, and one they, they met again, it seemed that the destiny told them that they should give each other one more chance…

Five years later

A brunet sat in his office, his entire mind went too far from his jobs, and he just stared at the photo that took with a blonde 10 years ago…

It had been five years but he still didn't have any partner, he always compared them with her, in fact, how come he could forget her? She was always the one so special for him, and she was the apple of his eyes.

He left because of her; it was unbearable that to watch her married with another one instead him. And he didn't dare to go back to Japan, didn't dare to contact her or his friends in Japan, he worried that if he knew that she had children with him, or he had move on already.

"Professor Saionji, here come a patient from Japan, and need for your suggestion." A nurse said with her folders.

With a sigh he stood up and continued his work, He, Saionji Kanata, who was really a successful doctor in America, he aced for everything but love. After he left Japan for work, he had lost the one he love the most in his life already.

He left the office building and about to walk in the ward building, but a little girl bumped into him.

"Hay, little lady, watch out." He said while holding the girl, and right after he could look at the face of the girl, his eyes got widen, the same blonde hair, the same emerald orbs…she looked like her very much…

"Arigadou, Uncle." The girl said, and it told him that she was Japanese too, he patted the girl's head gently, and he could smell her scent, it was so familiar to hers too, mint strawberry…could it be she's there?

Without any doubt anymore, Kanata went into the ward building, and found the patient from Japan, the one needed his help…he went into a single room, and waited for the doctor to present.

"Professor, I present you the Sagawa Hayate." The doctor said, after he introduced the patient, Kanata looked at the man was lying on the bed, it was he…didn't noticed how shocked Kanata was, the doctor continued his present. "And Mr. and Mrs. Sagawa, here is Professor Saionji; he may give you some advice." The man and the blonde who sat beside him looked up, and gasped at once. Especially she, Sagawa Miyu, since she met her first love, she hadn't expected that she would meet him again, and in this situation too.

"It had been a long time I seen you." Miyu controlled to choke it out, but Kanata just nodded coolly and turned his face to the doctor.

"How's he?" Kanata said, without seeing his record, just looking at the doctor.

"Brain-cancer, and the cancer cell was about to spread to his liver." The doctor, as a professional, Kanata had known that if the cancer cell spread to the liver, it was too dangerous. "So he went to America to find someone professional, who can cure him."

"Okay fine, what's stage of his sickness?" Kanata asked, still without looking at Miyu or Hayate.

"The final-stage" Hayate said, and that made Kanata looked at him once. "Don't forget that I was a doctor in Japan."

"Maybe he need to stay here, I need time to discuss with all the doctors of the department." Kanata said, but he hadn't look at the history yet, then he left the room.

"Kanata." Miyu rushed to Kanata, and Kanata stood and waited for her, wondering that what else she wanted to say. "Can we have a walk?"

With a nodded, he put his hands into his pants, and Miyu walked behind him with lowering her head.

"How's life?" Kanata was the one who broke the silence, but he kept walking, without looking at Miyu.

"I am fine," Miyu said, she didn't have the dare to say one more word, she was so sorry for making the choice, she felt guilty with Kanata…

"Nice." Kanata said, and they were walking out of the building, the time went so fast…he thought himself.

"Mama, you are back, Hana miss you very much." It was the little girl, who almost bumped into Kanata before. She rushed to Miyu and hugged her tight.

"Your daddy is sick, and mama had to find a doctor cure him." Miyu said, and she hugged and patted on her head, it showed that she gave the girl, Hana all her love.

So that's why he felt so familiar with this little girl? She was the daughter of Miyu and…Hayate…

"Hello uncle, here I see you again." Hana said, nodded with polite.

"Hana, he's uncle Kanata, he was a friend of mama, and he will cure your daddy" Miyu said with smile.

"Uncle Kanata, you are mama's friend?" Hana said and blinked her eyes, her emerald was the same as Miyu's, and they were just like the stars in the dark sky, so beautiful to look at it. "So can you walk us to the hotel? I thought that Grandma wants to see you too." So Hayate's mom is here too? Kanata thought.

Couldn't have any reject, Hana pulled Kanata's arm to go out of the hospital, and Miyu just let out a sigh and walked behind. And they reached a car and got on it.

After they entered the hotel, they got into Hayate's mother's room.

"Welcome back, Miyu," the dark hair woman said, and she was Hayate's mother, she still looked so tender. And she noticed Kanata; she realized that who was he, the boy she went to Heiomachi she met before, who was walked with Miyu. "Hello, if I hadn't forgotten, you are Saionji, right?"

Kanata just nodded and provided his hand toward Mrs. Sagawa, and they had a handshake.

"Mom, he's the professor of the hospital that Hayate live, and he will in charge of Hayate's case too." Miyu said, she tried to explain that the relationship of them, and in fact, they shouldn't have any relationship, right after she got married five years ago.

"Dr. Saionji, nice to meet you," Mrs. Sagawa said with smile, "You are friend with Miyu, so that please try your best to save Hayate." Mrs. Sagawa added. She mentioned the word 'Friend' so hard, and Kanata felt it, it seemed that she knew that they were not just friend…

"Mom, please take care of Hana first, I wanted to have a talk with Dr. Saionji." Miyu said, and she pecked on Hana's forehead, and closed the door.

They were alone in the corridor. It was so silent, and they were the only two stayed in the corridor.

"What do you want?" Kanata asked, with faced to Miyu, his voice was so voice, without any emotion, that made Miyu didn't know that what's in his mind.

"Sorry, I am really sorry…" Miyu said, and her voice was tremble, all she could do was apology, no matter that Kanata had said that he would respect whom she choice, she felt guilty with him still, and she thought that he might hate her a lot.

"So how do you recompense my heart broken?" Kanata said, and he lowered his head, and stared at Miyu, their eyes met, and Miyu just closed her eyes, waiting for his kiss.

"What do you think I want to do? Mrs. Sagawa." Kanata said, and he turned his back faced Miyu, and then he left her alone. He became so cool heart again, wasn't that because of her?

Miyu knelt on the ground, the tears fell unstoppable, she couldn't stop thinking of the past, their sweetness time, but they couldn't back to the time, anymore…

The next day, Kanata went to visit Hayate after his case meeting, everything was in his plan, the doctors, and the directors didn't have any idea to save Hayate…

"Professor, I have said that there is no help, am I right?" Hayate said right after Kanata entered his room; he had already sat up and looked at him.

Yes, he's a potential doctor too; how come he couldn't notice himself that there's no hope?

"Be strong, I will find more ideas." Kanata said, and he sat on a chair that beside Hayate's bed. "Think of your wife and your daughter…they depend on you, they need you."

Thinking of Miyu, and Hana, he wanted to help Hayate; he just wanted her to have all the happiness, how come she had to suffer to lose her husband right after she lost her parents for goodness sake? Plus Hayate was someone who helped her to walk out of the painful of losing her parents, she couldn't lose him again.

"Miyu doesn't need me…" Hayate said, he looked up at the white, and his word shocked Kanata a lot. "You win, no matter I married her for goodness sake, and I couldn't get her heart."

"You have a daughter with her a least, am I right?" Kanata said, think of the little girl that with Miyu, his heart broken.

"Professor, you hadn't seen my record, right?" Hayate said as he raised his eyes and looked at Kanata. "I think that you need to have a look of it."

Kanata stared at Hayate, who was giving him a sign to have a look of his medical record, and there was a word that surprised him a lot – "Infertility"

"So that Hana's father is…" Kanata asked, and he needed to confirm it. If Hayate couldn't have a baby, so why there was Hana? And she looked so much like Miyu that he confirmed Hana was Miyu's daughter.

"Do you think that there was another man went into Miyu's life?" Hayate's said, and looked at Kanata with challenge.

His eyes gotten widen, he hadn't thought that she was pregnant at that time. And he hadn't thought that she would get pregnant with him.

"Plus I didn't have the chance to tough her…" Hayate said, he closed his eyes and recalled their wedding night.

She lay on the bed with her normal clothes, she had changed it so fast right after the ceremony, and waiting for her husband's coming.

Hayate climbed on the bed, and was about to kiss his bride, but he noticed that she was avoiding his kiss, with a little disappoint of it, he just lay beside her, and embraced her and drifted into sleep.

And the next morning, he woke up so early and looked at his wife, she had woken, but she was pale.

"Miyu, how are you?" Hayate said, she looked sick, he could notice that with his profession sense.

Suddenly she rushed to the washroom and vomit. Noticing her sickness, he felt that something wrong, but without any doubt, he sent her to hospital, and the new that Doctor gave had shocked him a lot.

"She's pregnant." The doctor said with smile. "Congratulations."

Congratulations? How could he? He hadn't tough her, plus he knew that he couldn't have any child, and she's pregnant, with the another man? Hayate gave out a fake smile, and walked home with Miyu.

"And your mom…" Kanata said, he remembered that when he met Mrs. Sagawa again, she seemed that noticed their relationship before.

"She knew it already, and Miyu knew it too…" Hayate said, "I had never thought that my rival would come and save my life." He gave out a giggle.

"I will try my best; it is the promise between me and your mom." Kanata said. He remembered that Miyu and Hana. "Miyu and Hana depend on you, so you should give up yourself too." Kanata added, and he knew that they were impossible forever…

"I am a doctor too, I know that my situation." Hayate said, and then he looked up of the ceiling. "If I gone, please take care of Miyu and Hana, and my mom…"

Giving out a sigh, Kanata didn't say anything and walked out of the room, how many cases that cancer's patient could survive? He knew it, no matter that the probability was low; he had to help him, with all his might.

But the situation was getting worst; it was all in Hayate's expected. After one week, the group told that they had tried their best. And Miyu, Mrs. Sagawa stayed beside Hayate, waiting for the time.

"Miyu, now you are free…" Hayate said, then he closed his eyes slowly, the hand that held Miyu's hand dropped. The sickness sent him to the heaven, with god.

"Thank you…" Miyu mumbled, and tears rolled down, she was so thankful that he took care of her for five years, he helped her to find Kanata, no matter it was unsuccessful, he took care of Hana, even she wasn't his daughter…how comes a man could treat her very well but he knew that he couldn't win her heart?

"How's your plan?" Kanata asked, after apologized to Mrs. Sagawa, they finally had time to talk in the cafeteria.

"Back to Japan, take care of Hana and mom…" Miyu said, and took a sip of Latte. "It was all he wanted." She looked out of the window, she didn't have the dare to talk about her future with him anymore, and how could she decide to come back with him after Hayate left her?

He didn't say anything, just looked at the view that outside the window, he knew that there were some different between them, they couldn't back to the past anymore.

Backed to the hotel, she was packing, she decided to leave…and Mrs. Sagawa came in, with Hana.

"Miyu…" Mrs. Sagawa said, and her tears hadn't dried, it seemed that she still sad about Hayate's death. And Miyu just held Mrs. Sagawa to sit down on a chair.

"Mom, you should take more rest…" Miyu said, she remembered that Mrs. Sagawa hadn't sleep for two nights. "We needed to take on a plane early tomorrow."

"Are you sure you want to leave?" Mrs. Sagawa said, and her words shocked Miyu a lot. "I had known that the relationship between you and Dr. Saionji already, I can see that the atmosphere between you and him…"

"Mom…" Miyu mumbled, she tried to say something but she couldn't think of a word.

"It's okay that if you want to stay with him, now Hayate is in heaven, I shouldn't be selfish that letting you live alone for a life." Mrs. Sagawa said. "I had known that he's the father, right?"

Miyu just looked up at Mrs. Sagawa, how comes she knew about it?

"I am the mother, how comes I don't know that Hayate couldn't have a baby?" Mrs. Sagawa explained, "After I heard that you were pregnant, I was shocked, and I remembered that you were in Heiomachi, with Dr. Saionji, I finally realized that all the things."

"I am sorry for lying…" Miyu said, with lowering her head, she didn't mean to be a liar…

"It's okay…" Mrs. Sagawa said. "If I hadn't done the selfish decision, came to Heiomachi and begged you to come back with Hayate, you would together with him, right?"

She quickly went to the hospital, and sent a message to Kanata, told him that she would wait for him in the airport, if he wouldn't come, that means that they couldn't be together anymore…

At the airport, Miyu just held Hana so tightly, he didn't come, even a reply, she didn't receive it, it seemed that he didn't have any feeling toward her anymore…

She let out a sigh; it was time to get into the lounge of an airport. But he didn't come; it seemed that the destiny that they couldn't be together, no matter Hayate was no longer live.

"Miyu, are you sure?" Hayate's mom asked her, she had known that Miyu had someone special in America, and she was so thankful that Miyu stayed with Hayate till the day him dead, and it was time for her freedom. "I don't mind that if you stay here with him, but just remember that let me to see Hana once a year. She's a cute and sweet girl."

"Mama, it was destiny, and I decided that if he hadn't come, I will back to Japan with you, and I won't think of him anymore." Miyu said, wiping away her tears, she stood and walked toward the room.

"Miyu, please wait!" A voice blurted out, then a pair of arm round her waist, she could feel that her chest, she just smiled and pulled the arm closer to her…she knew that he would come, and now, he came…

A;N: Yes, it stopped here, since I don't want to make it too cliché…and in my point of view, they both didn't have wrong, I am really sorry to kill Hayate, but if I could twist it back to Miyu X Kanata, maybe it's the best way…that Miyu didn't have to guilty about leaving Hayate, and they still have reason to continued their relationship. So here is a happy ending for all of you~ see you in my others story~ bye