Welcome Readers, to my newest fic.

This is my first entry of the Umineko series, or more like the Alternate Universe. It will still contain some of the dark atmosphere and elements from Umineko.

The fic stars Kanon who becomes a member of a mysterious organization/society taking place in 1990, four years after the events of Umineko no Naku Koro ni. How he ends up in the society will be reveal as the story progresses. The story takes place mostly in Europe and to other continents depending on the 'cases' Kanon will take.

Our story will tackle a few supernatural elements but mainly magic elements... Dark and forbidden magic.

I have to warn you, readers, some elements, stories, and imagery will be disturbing.

I might also be adding a few guest characters from different series, but that depends on the time period.

And so, without further ado, let's get started.

DISCLAIMER: like the rest of my fic, I do not own the canon characters. I only own the original characters.

"I don't want to say I hear voices.
Well, actually I do hear voices, but I don't think it's supernatural. I think it's just that when characters are given enough texture and backbone, then lo and behold, they stand on their own."

~Anne Tyler


A cold, dark street during nighttime...
The road was completely empty, devoid of people. Countless snows dropped on throughout the city and the wind swirled across the lone street.

In the street was a young woman in her early 20s. She was on her way back home. She just needed to cross the lone street and move west in the next intersection where she would finally reach her house.

The woman found the street creepy, seeing it something that people could only find in movies. Once you actually experience such a thing, it can be quite frightening.

Once she crossed a few miles, the woman suddenly stopped and turned to look back. No one was there. It may not look like it, but she had the feeling she was being watched. After a moment of nothing but silence, she shrugged it off as her imagination.

However, that's the point she realized she was wrong.

The moment she turned back to the front, a faint sound of footsteps echoed coming from the left. The woman turned to the left and spotted a moving shadow running into a nearby alley. It surprised the young woman.

Staring at the dark, cold, narrow alley, the woman stood with a fearful expression written all over her face. The alley seemed like a perfect place for something to hide. It was much darker due to the shadows of the buildings from both sides.

The dark, cold atmosphere merely made everything more frightening as if something may jump out and attack you at any moment.

Overcame with fear, she was coated in her own sweats and her heart beating faster. She also had a frightened look written all over her face. Her legs began to shiver making it harder for her to stand.

Fortunately, she was relieved when she heard a cat meowing, which she thought the shadow was actually a stray cat.

Continuing her way back, the woman eventually reached her flat. It was in the middle of the city. A quiet neighborhood, to be exact. It's one of the places you would find peace.

Once she's inside, she flicked the switch to turn on the lights.

By the time the lights were on, the young woman immediately realized she was not alone...

There were people whose skins were pale as a living corpse in her home...

She couldn't scream in time as one of the intruders got to her...

The lights were suddenly off...

Devilish cackles echoed across the house...

"The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary. Men alone are quite capable of every wickedness."

~Joseph Conrad


December 25th, 1989

It's already passed midnight, probably half past three.

A boy with gray hair and blue eyes, dressed in black coat and wearing a short scarf around his neck, stood at the metro. He had rode on it for about six hours, switching aimlessly from line to line without any system.

Nothing was going down lately and the metro got less crowded.

There he was, sitting there with his eyes closed, listening to sounds of the rails and ignoring the bystanders. He actually liked being alone.

A thief once tried to mug the boy. Unfortunately, for the thief, when he attempted to reach his hand onto the pocket, the boy suddenly grabbed the thief's hand. It was rather a surprise because the boy's movement was fast as if he knew he he was going to be mugged.

In retaliation, the thief tried to throw a punch, but he couldn't. The boy's grip was surprisingly strong that the thief wasn't able to break free. Should he hardened his grip more, he would've crushed the scoundrel's fist.

Staring at the thief was the boy's cold eyes. Only by looking directly into his eyes may send shivers into your spines, as if death literally stared at your inner soul.

Prompted to run, the thief turned and fled.

The boy stared at the fleeing crook with a sullen look. Even though he seemingly had no facial expression to signify his emotions, he held no disdain toward the fleeing scoundrel at all. He actually pitied the thief, seeing him do such thing could only mean he may a troubled man.

It took a while for the boy to turn his attention to someone else sat on the other side: a beautiful woman. She's quite young, probably in her early 20s. In a stylish fur coat, she had a little handbag and a book in her hands.

She had seen the commotion between the boy and the thief.

The attractive young lady glanced at the gray-haired boy before she turned away. On the other hand, the boy didn't look away from her as there's something about her that attracted his attention and invisible to the eyes of a normal human. Her skin was unusually pale as a ghost, but normal humans would see her skin as clear, not pale.

There's no doubt about it. She was not human. And so as the boy since he could see through the disguise.

It was strange too. Normally, someone like her wouldn't be able to conjure a spell that disguise her true color. In fact, her kind has never learned this kind of spell before.

Logical deduction? A dark mage probably cast such spell on her.

The boy continued to stare upon the young woman. His stare made the pale-skinned woman nervous and sensed something different about this particular teen.

Her timing was impeccable. The train started to slow down. She got up and walked her way to the door. When the train finally stopped, the door opened and she immediately got off the train.

To her relief, the boy didn't follow.

The woman sighed followed by a smile.
She continued her way out of the station.

Unfortunately for her, she was unaware that the teen had, indeed, gotten off the train from the other side of the cart. As soon the train darted off to the next destination, the boy made his way across the rail road and to the pale woman's direction.

It was quiet. There were less people hanging around the station. Most people during this time of late were on their way back home from Christmas parties or visited their relatives living apart from their homes. Sadly enough, some people spend time alone, either they're all alone or their families abandoned them.

The boy ignored the innocent bystanders and focused on tailing the woman.

The trail led a cold, dark street.
Snow continued to drop throughout the night.

It was very quiet and there were almost no people around, which made it similar to a ghost town. Save it for the woman in the stylish fur coat and another woman who seemed to be a year older than the former. The latter wore a traditional Russian clothing. Like the former, the latter had pale skin.

Moments later, other people with similar pale skin arrived. There were four of them, six if you include the last two women. Of course, like the woman from the train, they're all under a spell that disguised their true color.

Once they made the roll call, they depart to the next location, probably to the place where the rest of their kind reside.

One of them suddenly stopped, which urged the rest of them to stop.

"What is it?"
"We're not alone..."

They whisper among each other.

They turn to the back at the cold, empty street with a tree stood between two houses on the right side. Nothing caught their eyes.

However, the group were different than the humans. One of them claimed to had heard a footstep, which suggested that someone's following them. It was further proven true when another heard the pounding sound of a human heart.

One of them, a man dressed in a Russian winter clothes, including an ushanka, stepped forward from the group and approached the presence.

Hearing the heartbeat from an alley to his left, the man went there. The alley was much darker than the street, which would make it a perfect hiding spot for stalkers. Unfortunately, the pale-skinned could hear the stalker's heartbeat within the shadows.

Gleeful to have found another prey, the man approached slowly his target. The man with the pale skin had gotten much closer to whatever was in the shadows. He had already extended his fangs. Unfortunately, when he became too close, a light bright as the sun suddenly flashed across the alley. The man was not only blinded but his body had burst into flames and slowly burning away his flesh.

The pale-skinned man screamed in horror before he suddenly felt severe pain flowing through his abdomen. He was too late to react as he found a crimson-colored sword made out of pure energy impaled through his scorched body.

He stared in horror to see his attacker... The same boy from the train.

Looking down on the boy's body, he found that the energy sword came from his right fist. The boy's left hand carried a strange amulet marked with a symbol of the sun.

"Y-You..." The man suddenly spoke slowly but painfully.

The boy suddenly placed his blade deeper into the man's abdomen and grabbed his face with his other hand. The mysterious boy moved close to the man's ear and whispered...

"Transigendum futuro saeculo... Vampir..."

With that said, the boy pulled out the energy blade. The flames consumed the man's body and left nothing but his ashes behind.

Once the creature's gone, the boy turned and ran deeper into the alley. Footsteps echoed from above.

The rest of the vampire group ran across rooftop intending to corner the boy, cutting off both his escape routes. They're fully aware that one of their own had just died.

They succeeded to do so sending two of them into the alley below, both were male vampires.

Both vampires were in the north and south positions with the boy stood between them just as they planned. However, they sensed something was wrong. Their chase felt too short and the boy didn't make any effort in running and gave up almost too quickly.

It felt as if the boy had intended this to happen.

The boy stood there doing nothing as if he expected one of them to attack, which only made the two creatures feel more unnerving.

Everyone in the alley merely stood, not taking any chances to attack. The enemies could clearly see that something's not right.

The boy stared upon the vampire in the front with his seemingly cold, empty eyes.

In turn, the vampire stared back with a lustful look intending to suck out the boy's blood though he had to prevent himself from doing so. The other vampire had much control than the other one remaining cautious, being prepared for whatever the mysterious boy had in mind. There's something else that bothered the creature of the night, mainly the boy's 'scent.'

Suddenly, the mysterious boy spin around and threw a wooden stake hidden underneath his black coat to each vampire. The vampires evaded them. It didn't stop there though as the boy threw a few more wooden stakes from his coat, much to the vampires' surprise. The creatures of the night couldn't dodge the stakes for long due to the tight space, which made it more difficult for them to move around.

As a result, the vampires were forced to attack the boy.

Everyone should know that vampires are exceptional hunters. Known for their lethal speed and their strength of at least ten men, these creatures are one of the most dangerous predators of the supernatural realm.

They move in just when their mysterious assailant stopped throwing the wooden stakes.

Surprisingly, the boy was agile than he actually looked. He was able to dodge their attacks and countered them, but he didn't make any efforts to actually hurt them to the point of submission. However, it didn't mean he has no plan in mind.

After it felt like hours, when in reality it's minutes, the boy noticed the rest of the vampires didn't come to aid their fellow comrades. He evaded another assault from the vampires and looked up. He may not see them but he knew that the rest of the vampires were still up there in the rooftop.

Unfortunately, with the boy distracted, one of the vampires grabbed him and tossed him to the wall.

"Oh, I see what you were planning," the vampire suddenly spoke as he moved in and strangled the boy. Despite the creature's grip, the boy quietly motioned his right hand pointing at the vampire's abdomen. "You'd tried to make us look desperate so our brethren would come and help us, then you could use us against each other. Clever tactic, boy, but we're not that easy to fall," the vampire extended his sharp fangs.

The vampire smacked his lips excited to taste the boy's blood, slowly taking off his scarf exposing his neck.

"Transigendum futuro saeculo..."
The boy suddenly spoke quietly.

"What did you say?"

The vampire heard the boy speaking until the creature suddenly felt an intense pain hurling through his body. His fellow comrade watched in horror to see something impaled through his stomach. When he looked down, he found the same crimson-colored sword that killed the earlier vampire extended from the boy's right hand.

The mysterious boy immediately grappled the weakened vampire and cut him down to pieces. The pale-skinned creature's remains burst into flames and left nothing but ashes.

"Y-You..." the other vampire muttered in horror. The gray-haired boy glanced at the third vampire with his seemingly cold eyes. In fact, the pale-skinned vampire recognized the boy's true identity and it's terrifying enough to scare a vampire.

Another pair of vampires, both were women this time, descended to the ground. Their comrade's death had finally attracted their attention.

"No, don't come here!" the male vampire yelled out. At first, the female vampires were befuddled by their comrade's reaction, but they found their answer once they saw the boy's energy sword from his right hand.

"About time," the boy spoke quietly.
He picked up the amulet from his amulet with his other hand. The mysterious boy held out the amulet up high followed by a bright light shining across the alley.

Like the first victim, the extreme exposure to the sunlight emitting from the amulet had scorched both the three vampires. Unlike earlier, the boy used amulet much longer, long enough to burn the creatures of the night into ashes.

The light emitted from the amulet suddenly disappeared. The mysterious boy looked at the amulet and noticed that he used far too much light. Only a very small amount of light remained in the amulet. At least it took care of the vampires.

"Five down..." the boy looked up to the night sky and spotted the last vampire, "One to go."

The final vampire was a slightly large, bald man in traditional Russian clothings. His skin was much paler than the rest of his kind.

"You'll pay for this," the last vampire snarled and jumped down from the building.

In retaliation, the mysterious boy went up by running across the wall.

Both the mysterious boy and the vampire engage into an aerial combat.

The boy delivered the first strike and the vampire jumped back up into the air evading the assault in time. The pale-skinned man descended once again intending to stomp the mysterious boy into the ground below.

The boy dashed through the air and reached the other wall in time to evade the vampire's assault. Once the pale-skinned man landed on the ground, the boy jumped down as well. The boy swung his energy sword downward. Unfortunately, the vampire moved away from where he was in time. Once on the ground, the boy dashed at the vampire.

Swinging his crimson blade made out of unknown energy, the boy tried to cut down the creature of the night.

Despite the boy's unusual agility and speed, the vampire was faster. It may be possible that the final vampire was the strongest among them.

The nocturnal creature stared at the mysterious crimson blade emitting from the boy's hand. In addition, the vampire glanced back at the boy's face.

"You," the vampire spoke slowly when he realized the boy's true identity, "So you're the new guy and, of all people, 'they' sent you to hunt us down?"

"What was your name again?" the vampire asked while pacing back and forth, "Is it... Kanon?"

The boy, whose name was Kanon, didn't answer. Instead, the vampire's answer was a stare from the boy. The vampire shrugged.

"No matter, it will be over soon," the vampire smiled.

The fight continued as the last vampire standing charged forth. He was getting serious too.

The mysterious boy, Kanon, immediately responded to the attack by throwing the last of his wooden stakes. While running into the boy, the vampire evaded the stakes pacing left and right. Fortunately, once the vampire had gotten close to the boy, the latter jumped high into the air evading the assault. As a result, the vampire punched the wall. If he was a human, that would've hurt. Of course, he's not. Instead, the vampire broke the wall.

Looking up, the vampire witnessed the mysterious boy running upward across the wall reaching out for the top. Once he got closer to the top, he jumped off from the wall and soared above the night sky.

Kanon looked down and saw the vampire ascending fast. They engage in another aerial combat once the latter reached the former.

The vampire was very careful with Kanon's mysterious arm blade since it was capable of killing his kind. As a result, it required him to evade the energy blade as he could while trying to kill Kanon. The latter, even though he possessed exceptional speed and agility, still needed to be careful with the vampire's superhuman strength.

Their fight seemed endless enough as the two combatants fought fiercely through midair as both of them attacked and evaded at the same time.

Eventually, their battle reached the ground of the rooftop.

Kanon moved in for the next kill though the result remained the same.
"Try as you may, you cannot touch me," the vampire gloated.

Kanon leaned backwards after deciding to take a different approach. The vampire took the liberty to attack the former. Fortunately, Kanon evaded the creature's attack without countering. Instead, he waited patiently for an opening.

Eventually, he found an opening and cut the vampire's right arm through a series of maneuvers. The latter screamed out of extreme pain. Looking at his severed arm, the vampire was horrified to see his right arm burned away into ashes.

The vampire glared at the boy. For thousands of years, that was the first time he had trouble dealing with another kind, let alone a boy. It wasn't the thing that angered the vampire, he was upset mainly by the pain for the first time, let alone by someone younger than him.

While Kanon stared at the vampire, he suddenly sensed a presence nearby.

Unfortunately, because he's distracted, he failed to see the vampire dashed directly at the him. The creature was moving much faster that he managed to catch Kanon by surprise and grabbed the boy by his right shoulder in the process. The creature of the night was running so fast that they both darted off from the rooftop. With the boy in his grasp, the vampire threw Kanon across the area. The latter was hurled across the night sky until he crashed through a window of a nearby flat.

Now inside the apartment, Kanon was one of the rooms: a bedroom.

Even though the crash was painful, it didn't hurt much for him.

His crimson sword vanished from his hand afterwards.

Getting back on his feet, Kanon noticed the lights were off. Bed was neatly made and the furniture around the room were clean. It proved that someone lived here. He hoped whoever own in this particular apartment would understand if he had explained everything to him. Then again, his opponent was a vampire, so the results may be different than he had thought, or even worse.

Something in the apartment had caught his attention. It was a smell. The smell was already horrible enough that it managed to make Kanon feel sick, prompting him to cover his mouth. However, there's something about the smell that caught his attention.

After inhaling the smell carefully, Kanon realized that it was a scent of blood. Fresh blood, to be exact.

His encounter with vampires had helped him to piece together the possible answer to the smell.

Kanon exited the room slowly and quietly as he reached the foyer. The room was neat, no doubt about it. It was dimmed as well though the moon's light reflected through a series of glass windows into the room, which lit the foyer a bit. With a set of well-made furniture and clean atmosphere, the person who lived here must be a good decorator. Kanon also spotted the kitchen section in the left side.

The smell was much stronger in that room, however. Nothing seemed to faze him as if he had experienced it before.

Before he could track down the scent, an idea hatched in his head. Looking back at the bedroom where he came in, he closed the curtains. Next, he turned to the switch and flicked it, turning on the lights.

With the lights on, he walked his way across the foyer until he a small door in the uttermost right corner. It's probably the bathroom. The scent was even stronger in that point.

When he opened the door, Kanon found the source of the smell... He found a woman's corpse inside. Someone died with a horrified expression and her eyes were wide opened. The mysterious boy inspected the body a bit closer. From the looks of it, her blood completely drained leaving numerous stretches across her body. There was blood on the upper side of her dress. Kanon also found numerous bite marks on her neck.

Kanon deduced that the poor woman was another victim to the same group of vampires he had fought in the street. No words could express how he sympathized the unfortunate victim nor her relatives once they found out about her death.

He closed her eyes, which made her look like she's asleep. That was the only thing Kanon could do for the unfortunate woman. Lastly, he placed something that resembled white pellets that shaped like ovals. There were a total of five of them. When he placed them in front of the door, the pellets turned invisible.

He then closed the bathroom door.

"Fate can be cruel at times, can't it?"

An ominous voice suddenly spoke from the direction of the room where Kanon landed.

The boy turned and found the now one-armed vampire stood in the shadows.

Kanon stood in his grounds preparing to defend himself for whatever the vampire had in mind. The pale-skinned man glanced at him with a wide grin and his fangs were already extended.

"No matter where they go, death will always follow and take away a life in such cruel ways. Humans are the easiest to fall," the vampire started to talk to Kanon while pacing back and forth.

The boy remained silent.

"You don't talk much, do you?" the bald man asked.

"I'm sure you'd understand that we needed blood to survive. You either take it or be taken," the vampire started to talk again.

Much to his surprise, well not really that surprise, Kanon finally spoke back. He said, "It's clear that you're an abomination. That's why I am here."

"You've been living for centuries preying upon innocent lives and taking them without pity," Kanon motioned his fist and pointed at the vampire, "You will pay your crimes with your own life."

The vampire chuckled.
"Go ahead and try, you won't kill me that easily," the vampire taunted the boy.

The creature of the night dashed at the boy.

Kanon's arm summoned the energy sword once again preparing to defend for himself once again.

Once the vampire got close, Kanon jumped across the pale-skinned creature intending to attack him from behind. Unfortunately, while in midair, the vampire grabbed Kanon by his leg and tossed him away, crashing into some furniture mainly the chairs.

Kanon quickly got up and kicked the chairs directly at the vampire. In retaliation, the creature evaded them easily. The vampire then charged back at the boy intending to engage into close combat.

The boy immediately picked up something underneath his coat and dropped a pair of pellets. Upon collision to the ground, it imploded into a gust of smokes. Unfortunately, the vampire leaped backward into the ceiling and attached on it as if he was a spider, barely evading the smokes.

Kanon hid within the smoke.

The bald vampire recognized the scent from the smoke.

"Garlic," he immediately said.

"Clever toy. Someone did make his research. However..."

The smoke soon faded, but Kanon was nowhere to be found. He actually managed to sneak behind the vampire and he leaped up to the ceiling in an effort to impale the creature with his crimson-colored blade.

"It's not enough!"

The vampire suddenly lunged below and punched Kanon directly on the face, crashing him to the floor below.

"I can smell you," the vampire landed, "I can hear your heartbeat."

Kanon got back on his feet and glanced at the vampire.

"Try as hard as you may, you won't lay a finger on me," the vampire gloated.

This time, it was Kanon's turn to charge forth.
Through a series of slashes, Kanon tried to cut down the vampire but to no avail as the latter evaded every single of his attack.

Having enough with the boy's feeble moves, the vampire decided to kill the former by piercing through his heart with his claws.

When the vampire extended his claws from his only arm, Kanon decided to make another move. He quickly picked up the sun-marked amulet from his pocket. Unfortunate, by the time he held the amulet to unleash its light, the vampire dashed away from the area in a flash. Thus, the light missed the vampire much to the boy's dismay.

"Ah, another clever toy you have there, boy," the vampire's voice echoed the room.

Kanon looked around the foyer after putting his amulet, now completely drained of light, to his pocket.

"But," the vampire executed a dropkick on Kanon from the left side, "Don't think your toys can save you now!"

The vampire grabbed Kanon again and tossed him aside. This time, the latter landed on a kitchen section, mainly next to the dining table.

Kanon immediately got up again until he found the vampire reaching the kitchen. The latter picked up some knives from the kitchen's shelf and threw them directly at Kanon. In response, the mysterious boy used the table to block the hurling knives.

The vampire suddenly appeared behind Kanon and charged at him again. Fortunately, the boy sensed the pale-skinned creature's presence so he leaped to midair in time. The vampire passed by the leaping boy and crashing through the table. It was a surprise, actually. The vampire's speed was much faster, rivaling that of a speeding bullet.

While leaping, the boy could see the wide grin on the creature's face, which you can tell that the vampire wanted to sucked out the boy's blood.

Once Kanon landed, he found the vampire homing in again.

Kanon ducked in time just to evade the vampire.

This time, the boy grabbed the vampire by his shirt intending to smash him. Unfortunately, the vampire countered the grapple and tossed Kanon to a fridge nearby.

Battered and injured, Kanon leaped again into the air in time as soon as the vampire lunged for the punch. As a result, the vampire punched the already broken fridge. Now in the air, the boy descended below stomping the vampire.

The boy immediately leaped away from the pinned vampire. The former immediately turned.

To his surprise, the vampire punched his arm into the fridge using it as a gauntlet. The vampire turned and punched Kanon with the fridge sending him flying across the kitchen. The latter crashed on the wall.

Upon getting up, Kanon saw the vampire threw the fridge directly at him. Quickly to react, Kanon rolled to the left in time to evade the hurling fridge.

Kanon ran from the kitchen with the vampire on pursuit.

He returned to the foyer.
From there on, he made his way quickly to the direction to the bedroom and placed another set of white oval-shaped pellets on front of the door.

Afterwards, he returned to the foyer at the exact time the vampire arrived.

"You should have run for your life when you had the chance," the vampire walked slowly toward Kanon.

The vampire's response was the same as before: the silent treatment.

"Your loss."

Kanon and the one-armed vampire engaged once again in close combat.

Executing a series of fast slashes, Kanon tried to pierce through the creature to no avail. The boy was more careful this time so he managed to evade the vampire's claws. It was the same for the vampire as well.

Their battle lasted for a few hours until Kanon began to show signs of exhaustion. As a result, the vampire began to gain the upper hand.

Kanon was forced to move away from the vampire and stood close to a window, with its curtains closed.

Panting in an exhausted manner, Kanon stared at the vampire who smiled at him.

"Impressive. For centuries, I have never seen someone who has survived this long. Warriors who dared to challenge me fell within a minute or two. But you? You lasted for hours. Truly impressive," the vampire told Kanon.

"But enough is enough. I've toyed with you for too long," the vampire motioned his arm, "You took my arm, now it's my turn to take yours and then your life."

Kanon remained silent as the vampire slowly approaching. He looked at the clock hanged on the left wall and noticed that the time was almost 7 o'clock. Their battle in the apartment was longer than he had expected. Of course, that also meant his plan worked.

"I take it that you've ran out of ideas," the vampire gloated.

Halfway toward Kanon, the vampire stopped in his track. He noticed something that horrified him from behind the boy. He could see a small ray of light shining behind the curtains. The vampire immediately realized Kanon's plan.

"How... How could I be so foolish!" The vampire turned quickly and fled to the bedroom. If he's fast enough to get out of the flat, he may be able to escape the sunlight.

Fortunately, by the time he reached the door, he step on the invisible pellets and it implode into gust of green smokes, the very same smoke that Kanon tried to use against the creature.

Inhaling the smoke, the vampire choked since the scent was garlic, poisonous to his kind.

The vampire leaned backward trying to get away from the smoke. Confused and panicked, he returned unwittingly to foyer.

"Transigendum futuro saeculo."

Kanon immediately cut off the curtains with his crimson-colored blade exposing the sunlight into the room. In turn, the bright sun burned the vampire's flesh. The boy immediately cut off the other windows' curtains exposing the entire room with sunlight.

The creature yelled in pain and it ran to the bathroom door. There was no window in the apartment's bathroom, so he should be safe there. However, when he laid his hand on the doorknob, the invisible pellets beneath the door imploded another gust of green smoke. The creature choked again.

Kanon moved toward the vampire and pulled the creature back into the opened area exposed to the sunlight.

"T-This cannot be!" The vampire yelled in agony as flames fully engulfed his pale body. Kanon watched as the flames burned away the vampire leaving nothing but his ashes.

Relieved that all the vampires were gone, Kanon knelt down under one knee. He groaned quietly in pain as he hold his abdomen. Even though he have won, it wasn't an easy battle with a vampire as he took a lot of beatings from the latter. If that was the true extend of a vampire, he didn't want to imagine if he faced all six of them in battle. If he had faced them in combat, he would've been their next meal.

More importantly, there's still one more thing he needed to do.

Kanon exited the apartment.

The sun had finally risen and shone the street. The people should be up by now for their Christmas morning.

However, there's no time to relax just yet since only one enemy remained. It's not a vampire but a human, a mage to be exact. Some vampires were capable of using magic, but this one was different. No vampires knew of the spell since it was one of a few spells that were kept in secrets from the world, even to mages.

He could interrogate the vampires before, but then again, would you be able to get something out of a vampire?

With that in mind, Kanon searched the areas nearby looking for the presence he had sensed earlier.

To his dismay, he couldn't find it. The presence was long gone.

In the bright side, he took care of the vampires and knew that someone was leaking 'secret' spells...

"One man's 'magic' is another man's engineering. 'Supernatural' is a null word."

~Robert A. Heinlein


December 28th, 1989

Snows have stopped falling across a particular street. Piles of snow covered across the street.

In a small antique shop called "Ancient Treasure Vault," the owner was reading a newspaper at the counter. The news showed the recent murder at Moscow from three days ago, where the cause of death was the drain of blood. Not only that, the murder was actually related to another string of murders that haunted Moscow for a month.

The owner sighed after reading the newspaper until someone entered the shop.

"So, I take it that you got rid of them vampires?" the owner suddenly said as he put the newspaper at the counter.

"For your first assignment, you actually did better than I thought, let alone a bunch of vampires... Kanon."

The owner turned his attention to his visitor, Kanon.

End of Chapter

That's the end of the first chapter. I hope you like it.

In the next chapter, we will be introduced to the mysterious organization, the Ludicium Magicam, along with characters behind it. Kanon's backstory within the organization will also be explained here.

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