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Chapter six: Realised

"Good morning, Bucket." Lucas whispered when I opened my eyes a bit the next morning. It was very dark because we were still hiding in the cave. He gently brushed a strand of hair out of my face. At the touch of his hand on my cheek, I immediately winced and opened my eyes wide to see where I was. Because of the darkness, I couldn't see anything, but I felt that I leaned against Lucas's shoulder. Then I remembered the last evening. I carefully got up and sat against the wall.

"How long have you been awake?" I asked Lucas quietly. I could see my breath forming little clouds in the cold air. Although autumn just had started, the nights and mornings were very cold, but in the daytime it was warm. First I was confused as to why I was wearing his jacket, but then I remembered why and realised I was very lucky to have it. I suppose that I had been snuggled up against his shoulder the whole night and that he'd had his arm slung around me the whole time too. It wasn't a miracle why I wasn't cold; body warmth had played a big role.

"For a couple of hours. I didn't want to wake you; you looked so peaceful and happy." He chuckled.

"Ok. Did they come back?" I asked. I was afraid to hear that they turned up again that night. I just wanted to survive these two weeks.

"No, they didn't, but we have to be more careful than last time. They're too dangerous to ignore," he admitted. And he was right. We couldn't risk getting caught. Next time we wouldn't be able to escape again. They were angry and we shouldn't underestimate them.

"You're right. Do you have any plans for today?" I enquired. He shifted back against the wall too and snorted.

"I really don't know. But we shouldn't do anything rash," he told me. "Or do you have something in mind?" Despite the darkness, I could see his facial expression. I tried to think of a good response, but I didn't know what to say.

"No, I don't know. You're the survivalist; I have no clue." I just said. Oh my god, I was trapped in the jungle with a psychopath. Where was the exit from this nightmare?

It really was time to change the topic. I listened to the silence and thought about it. Lucas didn't say anything either. I hated the silence, but it seemed as if he was okay with it. In my opinion, he wasn't used to talking to other people. He had lived alone in the jungle for five years. I shouldn't forget this.

"Tell me something about your past, please," he pleaded. "What did you do before you came to Terra Nova?"

"Well, what did I do? I went to school and met my friends. Just all the things normal kids do," I told him vaguely. I didn't want to tell him everything.

"Ok… Did you have many friends in the old world?" he enquired again.

"Why do you want to know that? I had a couple of friends, you know, most of them were boys, but anyway. Don't forget, I came to Terra Nova when I was 12 so I was quite young back in the old world," I explained. The loss of my mother had made me feel older than I actually was. When I had found out that my mum wasn't dead and had just been kidnapped, it was a real shock for me. I can still remember when the Sixers told me to be their spy very well. I had agreed and I still didn't regret it. Taylor could banish me hundreds of times and I wouldn't regret saving my mother. She was more important to me than any colony. All this had matured me and I became a tough, young woman, but I still was a teenager. Nobody should forget this, especially Lucas.

"Oh yeah. I remember the day you arrived in Terra Nova," he told me while he got lost in his memories.

"You do?" I asked him. "Hadn't Taylor already banished you by then?"

"Yes of course, but I was around to work on my equations when the fifth pilgrimage walked out of the portal. It really feels like yesterday that you and your mum came here," he explained.

"Well, it all happened a long time ago," I told him. "It was such a great chance for my mum and me after the loss of my father. It seemed like paradise to us. Your dad pretended that this is a paradise and every one of us believed it."

"He's not my dad!" Lucas suddenly shouted. His words echoed through the cave and filled the darkness. "Why are you calling him my 'dad'?! I still regret that I didn't shoot him when I had the chance." He breathed heavily and got even madder when I spoke again. I had always hated his sudden anger.

"You're childish, you're so childish! Seriously, Lucas, why can't you accept this? I can understand why you blame him and why you're so angry about him, but aren't you able to hide it? You're grown up, why do you have to act like a kid?!" Now I was the person who regretted something. It would've been better if I hadn't said anything.

"Oh you're such an idiot! You're always telling me that you understand me and now you have to insult me? I don't have to listen to a child because actually you're the one of us who hasn't grown up!" He jumped up and went to the other side of the cave. As the cave wasn't so big, he still stood in front of me. I jumped up too. He couldn't leave me alone.

"W- What? Actually I'm more grown up than you! Which one of us is immature enough to just shoot people because he argues with his dad? And who can't talk with the other in a normal and civilised way?" I asked him. It really annoyed me that he was so furious, but it also scared me. Both of us knew that I was dependent on him. If he didn't care for me, the Sixers would get me easily.

"Oh you're so naïve! It's unbelievable that I trusted you. I thought we would do this together now, running away from the Sixers and helping each other! Oh, I should've known that I can't trust Taylor's adopted daughter, I really could've known! Oh I'm such a fool," he told me loudly.

"You really are! Hey listen to me, how was I supposed to trust the enemy of all Terra Novans and the murderer of so many people? To be honest I just did, because I thought I knew that you're still a good person inside, but I was so wrong about you. And for your information, as you're not his son, I'm not Taylor's adopted daughter!" I explained to him. I tried to keep calm again because if I shouted, I wouldn't have a chance to calm him again.

We both just stood there for a moment and listened to the silence until he gasped for breath and moved towards me. The darkness scared me a lot because I couldn't see what he was doing. I just heard his footsteps and figured out what he did.

When he took a step towards me, he reached out for me. Because of that, I stepped back against the wall. Then he touched my cheek and spoke to me calmly.

"Please don't leave, okay? Stay here, we're going to get through this together. I'm so sorry," Lucas stated. He leaned towards me and we stood there like this for a while until he forced himself to turn around. I didn't say anything. This had to sink in. Nobody will ever be able to understand him or his mood swings. One moment he was angry, then suddenly he was sorry. His behaviour wasn't logical and one couldn't guess what his gestures and actions meant.

Both of us kept silent for the next couple of hours. The atmosphere wasn't nice, everything was messed up. He wasn't sure what he felt and I wasn't sure either. Did I feel happy? Or was I angry or afraid? Did I like him?

I sounded utterly silly. I had to remember what I was supposed to feel for this person. Hate and respect. I only wanted to survive in the jungle, I wasn't meant to make as many friendships as possible.

His former behaviour just proved that he wasn't normal and able to be with other people, but everything got more and more complicated with time.

"What do you think of a night walk? We'll use the darkness as an advantage for us and get away from this area as fast as we can," he asked me quietly. I had to admit that it was a clever idea and agreed. We would get away from there, shielded from the shadows of the night, and finally escape the Sixers. As my knee was okay again to some degree, I could move faster than before which made everything easier.

"Do we take our things from the other shelter with us?" I wondered.

"No, it's too difficult to go there. They'll certainly catch us if we go back there." Lucas said.

At dusk when we were ready to leave, we took our rucksack and carefully climbed out of the cage. It was restorative to breathe the fresh air again and see the darkening sky.

First we had to see if we were safe and if nobody was around. When everything was checked, we ran along the scarp face in the direction of the jungle. It was quite cold and you could feel that the summer was over. A strong breeze let me shiver.

Finally we reached the end of the rock and ran over the grassland to reach the jungle again. It was much easier to hide between the trees than running around on a flat area with no protection. We ran for a long time, but it was very exhausting, so we took a break. Lucas and I sat sown beneath a huge tree and listened to the sounds of the jungle. In the distance we heard a dinosaur roar. We were used to hearing dinosaurs because they were everywhere. We were very lucky that he wasn't in our area.

Suddenly Lucas turned around to look at a little bush next to the tree. The bush had some berries on its tiny branches.

"Oh, look. I'm pretty sure that these are one of the ingredients for your mother's medicine. Shall I take some?" he asked me.

"Oh, that would be great. We might never see one of those bushes again," I told him while he picked up some berries and put them in our rucksack. I was glad that he remembered that the berries belonged to my mother's medicine and suggested we move on. Lucas was surprised that I wanted to move on because it was only two days ago that I didn't even want to move a bit. But today was different; I just wanted to get away from there. I could really feel the danger that came from the Sixers and I didn't want to risk our lives because I underestimated them.

We got up and walked through the trees quickly. It was already pitch-black when we reached a glade. Both of us were totally out of breath so we stopped. On the night sky, there were no clouds and we could see what seemed like every star in this universe. The moon shone bright above us and lit the world up a bit. It was wonderful to watch the sky so we sat down again.

"Do you so see this star? It's right next to the very shiny one?" Lucas asked me and pointed at the sky.

"Yeah, I suppose I know which one you mean," I told him while I was searching the sky for the star he wanted to show me. "This one?" I asked and leaned against him to see it better.

"Exactly. This star is thousands of light-years away. One day I thought that maybe the old world is one of those stars and we're just in a parallel universe. You know, the time fracture could be a rip in time that leads to this world, but I'm not sure. I love astronomy, space is a thing we can't entirely understand and not even the best physicist can explain what's waiting for us out there. There are thousands of unravelled mysteries. The time portal is one of them. Now we're here and never going to be able to contact 2149 again," he considered. It was fascinating to listen to him because I could really feel that he loved what he did. I was also interested in time and space and I've also often thought about different worlds and stars.

"What would happen if the old world collapsed? What would happen with this world?" I enquired.

"I have no clue. It depends on what the old world and the new world really are. Are we living on the same planet as the old world? Or where is the old world now? I can't figure it out and to be honest it's not our problem at the moment." He reported. I could really understand him and his thoughts.

"Yeah, we're living here and now and nothing will ever change that again, I suppose." I spoke. "We should make the best of it, the old world has to deal with their problems and it's none of our business. We can't do anything from here."

"Oh, I totally agree with that," Lucas chuckled. I was tired of running and just wanted to stay there forever. I enjoyed this moment a lot. The atmosphere was so calm and the galaxies above us seemed to protect us from all our worries and problems. Maybe this was the reason that it is so fabulous.

"Look there, a falling star!" I noticed while I watched the sky.

"There are often falling stars here. You have to wish something." Lucas told me.

"Hm, I have to think of a good thing…" I thought loudly. "Ok, I know something."

"Do you wish to be in Terra Nova again?" he enquired. "Do you want to be back in the colony?"

"I'm not going to tell you, otherwise it won't come true!" I laughed.

"Yeah, but the second one was a normal question," he said, talking himself out of it.

"I'm not going to tell you either," I stated. He looked at me and smiled.

After that I kept silent. I've never told him what I had wished myself, but it wasn't to be back in Terra Nova. Actually it was the opposite. I didn't know what made me change my opinion about him so fast. When I had woken up at the morning everything was okay, but then we had had this argument and now I was feeling like the most foolish person on earth.

But in this moment, I realised the person I really wanted to be with.