"Where are we going cas" dean asked the angel sitting on Benny's lap in the back seat
"um we need to find a five way intersection… dean?"
"why can't one of us just sit in the front with you? It's kind of crowded back here"
dean gave him some scooby snacks so he would shut up
"how the hell do we find a five way intersection?"
"um dean?" sam called from the back
"i wasn't asking you sam, just go back to sleep… and try to keep the sheddng to a miniumnm"
"wait, but-"

after some driving they found a five way intersection and dean pulled over.
"allright everyone, out of the car"
"ok, i'm just gonna say it before you tell me to shut up" sam said, and took a big breath "we'vebeenlookingfortheimpalathiswholetimebutwe've alsobeendrivingintheimpalahowdoesthatwork?"
dean turned to sam and squinted. then he squinted more, and still more until he was just facing sam with his eyes cloesd.
"this is my bakcup impala"
"you have a backup impala?"
"yeah, how the hell do you think i drive around when the impala gets stolen?"
"but if we have this impala, why do we need to find the other one?"
"because" dean said looking fed up "this one isn't anthropomorphic you dipshit." … "and also because of honor"

They all gathered in the middle of the intersection
"hop on boys" brian said, winking at dean
They all climed onto the psterydcatyl's back. "what now?" asked dean
Cas started chanting "I wish, I wish with all my heart to fly with dragons, in a land apart!"
suddenly there was a tornado headed straight for them.
"HOLY CRAP GUYS COME ON WE GOTTA GO!" benny shouted, jumping off of brian
"no, this is supposed to happen" cas answered calmly
benny tried to climb back on, but it was too late, the team had already lifted off and left benny stranded there with the lifeless, replacement impala.

as they whirled around in the tornado, dean could hear the banana groaning
"what's wrong buddy?"
"tornados make me sick to my stomach" the banana said, breathing heavily
suddenly he started puking all over the place; monkeys were flying everywhere.
"what the fuck?! YOU EAT MONKEYS?"
"yeahsklds" banana choked out "most people think thasdst monkeys eat bananasdlksdjf, but it's a common moisconceptiosndd" he puked again and an orangitang was flung into the tornado.
"if that banana gets anything on my shiny, beautiful skin," said brian "lawdy lawdy he better pray fo his soul, cuz that lil bitch is gonna have hell ta pay"

Finally the tornado started to slow down and they started falling towards the ground. Brian started screaming but then dean was like
"DON'T YOU HAVE WINGS?!"(the wind was loud)
"OHHHH RIGHT" shouted brian, and suddenly they were calmly descending at a casual leisurley pace
dean was afraid of flying so he closed his eyes until he heard a thud. He opened his winkers and looked around him "ah ghosts!" he closed his seeing holes and opened them again "AH FUCK GHOSTS!"
"are we dead" sam asked tears starting to roll out of his eyes
"no, it's halloween, fuckface" said the banana
"dis 2 spooky" said dean and he ran to hide under cas's trenchcoat.
"when are we?" asked the banana, turning to cas
"um idk like 1800s maybe? do u kno brian?"
"according to my calculations it's 1867"
"wait… shhhhh!" they all ducked behind a trash can
"there he is" said cas, pointing to a guy walking around in a french maid costume. dean looked at cas skepctsically
"that's thomas edison?"
"yeah i'm p sure"
"... he's kinda hot"
"ikr… thomas edison, more like thomas e-damn,son!"
"imma go flirt with him" whispered dean.
"aw hell no, bicth, that motherfucker is mine" said cas, pushing dean out of the way

Dean, Sam, banana, and Brian all sat behind the trashcan while cas talked to tom. it was like 4 hours before cas came back and everyone but dean was asleep.
"come on guys, wake up! he's bringing us bakc to his pad"
brian rolled over to get up, but while doing it he forgot that banana was sleeping right next to him.

"what was that?"
brian looked dwon… suddenly all throughout the state of kentucky you could hear the tortured shriek of someone who'd befallen a fate worse than death.

"WE HAVE TO GET HIM TO A HOSPITAL" dean chocked out between sobs
"okay, okay, calm down, everything's gonna be fine" said tom, looking doubtful. He scooped up bananas lifeless body and started walking briskly down the road.
"WHERE IS HE GOING" cried dean, running after him
"there's a doctor who doesn't live far from here" replied tom in a tone that was all business in the front, no party in the back
everyone soon caught up to tom and they were all walking fast down the road past all kinds of old timey halloween ppl. cas squinted his eyes at a guy wearing an old timey scuba suit.
"dean was right, this is 2 spooky" he said, hiding himself in sam's hair

Tom stopped abruptly, turned to his left, and knocked on a door. A lady opened it.
"Can i help you?"
"um yes, we're looking for a doctor?"
she curtsied, "at your service"
tom looked confused "i'm sorry… you...ar-"
"martha jones, please to meet you." she pulled them into the house, sat them all down on the couch and carried the banana into another room.
Dean was still a sobbing mess, tom was too flabbergasted to even do anything, brian was a sickly shade of shame blue, and cas still had his eye on that sketchy scuba suit guy outside.
Oh right, and sam…. uh sam…. sam was, for once, the only one with no problems. He just sat there contentedly on the couch thinking about puppies.