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Chapter 4:

"So tell me, what was your favourite bedtime story?"

"Um I don't know! I quite liked the one about a sandwich…I'm not sure if I can remember it much now, but that was cute. I also really liked the Velveteen rabbit that was my favourite bedtime story…ok you're turn, what is your favourite type of cheese?"

Kevin looked at his girlfriend. They were at the hospital, Kevin had his feet up on the edge of the bed eating crisps, and Rachel was messing around on her phone.

He didn't have time to reply, when the doctor came into the door with some paper. "Are you ready? Here are your papers, you will have to take them to the GP next week, when you can walk for longer, and they will give you any last medications etc."

"Thank you so much Doc. I really couldn't be any more grateful honestly, I owe you so much" Rachel said, standing up. Kevin rushed around to the other side, grabbed her hand. "Steady now" he said, coaxing her towards the door.

"It's ok Kev, I can walk from here"

Kevin just nodded, picking up her bag and turning to the doctor. "Thank you so much" he said, shaking the doctor's hand. "It's quite alright. Take care Rachel" The doctor replied as they left the room.

They made their way out of the hospital and got in a taxi. "Come on, let's go home. I don't know about you but I am shattered" Kevin said, holding open the door for her.

"You're tired? Why? You've done nothing!" Rachel retorted, throwing her bag between her legs. "I've been up most the nights worrying about you! I think I've aged about 20 years! Look! I'm getting wrinkles!" Kevin spluttered, pointing at his face.

"Oh come off it! You're just squidging your face together!"


"Never mind"


It was five days after Rachel had been discharged from hospital. She was making her way into work for the morning, just to ease herself back in, and because she wanted to be there when savage was charged. Gill hadn't wanted her to come in, she said it may upset her too much, but Rachel had been insistent she was seeing that bastard go down.

They were waiting outside the customs desk as the uniformed officer walked savage forward. He looked up and immediately spotted Rachel. "Rachel, baby! I didn't do it I swear! I didn't mess with your machine either! I came to see how you were I was worried! There was nothing wrong with the machine when I left! It must be someone trying to set me up! Aren't you going to say anything? Help me out here!" Nick screeched as the other officer read out the terms and conditions.

"I think you've damaged me enough Nick. If not with this, with all the lying and cheating, kicking me out when I had just lost our baby, treating me like shit, picking me back up when you knew I could ruin your life. You thought it would be better if you just ended it yeah? Made sure my mouth was shut once and for all! Well you know what Nick? Save your pathetic excuses. I'll see you in court" Rachel said, storming back up the stairs, Janet following close behind.

"Gill was right. I shouldn't have come in. I shouldn't… it's just upset me more. How dare he try and lie? We have too much evidence. We couldn't get any more even if he confessed. He's a scumbag. Why me Jan? How did I get stuck with such a loser? And then fall for it again. I should've listened Jan, I'm so sorry…I am so sorry" Rachel began to sob, crying harder when Janet hugged her.

"Don't be stupid. You weren't to know what an idiot he was, you just got the short straw. I don't blame you for going back to him, he was cunning. I'm just glad you're ok now and that you've come out of this the brighter side. He won't see daylight for a good 20 years now, don't worry about him" Janet replied, turning slightly when everyone else came back in.

Rachel pulled away and wiped her eyes, reaching for a mini cupcake someone had made for her first day back. She scooped the icing off the top and licked her fingers. "Where's Kevin?" she asked, popping the last bit of cake into her mouth. "He said he had to change, he has a surprise or something…I'm not quite sure, I don't know. He said something about a sandwich…he was buying one? I don't know" Mitch concluded.

At that moment the door to the office swung open, and Kevin walked in, dressed in some sort of costume. Rachel began to chuckle, and glanced at Janet whose eyes were wide staring at Gill. "Kev, what are you?" she squealed, trying her hardest not to burst out laughing.

"I'm a bunny!" Kevin replied. "I'm supposed to be the velveteen rabbit! You said earlier it was your favourite story, and I thought you would be depressed after Nick so I thought I would cheer you up!"

Mitch began to snigger, then Gill snorted and everyone erupted into laughter. Kevin stood there in his bunny costume, false teeth hanging from his mouth, not looking impressed. "Oh Kevin bless you!" Rachel said, walking up to him. She kissed him and he gave her a hug, wrapping his 'paws' around her.

Rachel reached over his shoulder and pulled a carrot from the back pocket that was half squished. "Care to explain?" she said, raising her eyebrows. "Oh, yeah well I thought I would get a carrot, you know, make the costume realistic, but I think I sat on it in the car and squashed it…" he flushed a bright pink, unsure of what to say.

"Well it's the thought that counts I suppose, so come on everyone! Cake!" Gill said, jumping in front on Pete who had tried to reach for a slice. "Ay ay ay! Bosses first thank you!" she said, grabbing the piece with the most icing.

"So come on then?" Kevin asked, whilst everyone else was chattering on the other side of the office, Kevin and Rachel sat on his desk, pulling his bunny ears. "What do you think of the costume then? You have to admit, it's pretty fetching" he said.

"It's very sexy." Rachel grinned.

"Maybe I should dress up as a bunny more often then, if I get comments like that" Kevin replied, biting into his carrot.

"Or maybe you should just think with your heart instead of your mouth more"

After seeing Kevin's confused face, she added "It was really sweet Kevin, thank you. I'm starting to see a different side to you now, it's cute. You're not so much of a knob as I thought you were"

"Excuse me missy!" Kevin said, poking her.

Rachel began to laugh and so did Kevin. "Come here you idiot" he said, pulling her onto his lap. He kissed her cheek and whispered; "Everything's going to be ok from now on. No-one will hurt my princess ever again; I'll make sure of that"


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