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Life for rent

Chapter 1

Serena was sitting at a table in one of the cafes, thinking about all the reasons that got her here. Actually, if not for her brother Zoi and his wife Amelia, she would have never gone anywhere, much less to an expensive resort like this one. She was so busy at work, that she never allowed herself to think and admit even having problems. But eventually, she agreed. And now all the thoughts just popped in her head.

She was quite a successful designer. The outcome of her work was always very much sophisticated, exquisite and elegant. However sometimes it felt like it was lacking color. Serena tried adding new shades and tones, but it never felt right, so instead she began to manifest eclecticism.

Serena's parents died several years ago, and now it was just her and Zoi with his growing family. And her brother decided to hook her up with his best friend Kun. But he just didn't feel right. Yes, he was successful businessman, very handsome, strong and reliable. He managed to become a good friend, caring and supporting. But Serena couldn't help but think that he was just looking for a right woman for being a good wife and mother. Not that it was wrong. But she wanted to be loved and cherished. So she considered Kun to be a friend.

Serena remembered their first - and only for that matter - kiss. Sensual and passionate. But lacking real emotion. Actually, she didn't have a lot of kisses to compare to. She avoided getting involved with men who didn't succeed in making her fall in love. And Serena believed she had never been in love.

Was it so foolish of her to believe in it? Serena loved fairy-tales. Maybe that was one of them?

Zoi was so sure of the fact that they would be perfect together. He wanted his sister and his best friend to be happy. Together. Ami saw her struggling, so she suggested going to a resort to rest. Her husband loved the idea, thinking that perhaps some alone-time would be useful, after all there is such thing as change of heart. Right?

So here she was. Thinking about her love-life, or lack thereof. Maybe she should decide to give Kun a chance. And some day love would blossom…

- Mina! At last I found you! You are impossible! - a black-haired man in his thirties took a seat next to her, never paying attention to her attempts to correct him. - Keep quiet and listen to me carefully. Everything is ready. We do as planned. You'll find the documents in your room waiting for you on the table. Meet me at our spot in three hours. Good luck.

With that he left her alone, extremely confused. Was she and that Mina girl so much alike that a man could make such a mistake? And what on Earth was he talking about? It sure sounded like a crime. But of course she was over-reacting.

Serena stood up and headed toward hotel she was currently staying at. Someone was calling that name - Mina - again repeatedly. She was about to turn around to tell a man that he was mistaken, when the person caught up with her.

'Oh God, another hottie! What's that about the Mina? She's like a men-magnet!'

- Mina! What the hell are you doing? Come back home! Darien is furious about your last attempt but he is willing to forgive you, again, that saint!

- I am so sorry, but you are mistaken, sir. My name is Serena, not Mina.

- Oh… So you wanna do it hard way. So be it.

Suddenly Serena felt her eyes close. She was rapidly falling asleep.

When Serena opened her eyes, she found herself in a car. The view was unfamiliar. Some fields and lakes, forests and - surprisingly - a house. It was still not close enough to see it, and the fact that it was twilight did not help, but it looked impressive and grand. Almost as if a castle from a fairy-tale.

- Oh, you woke up, sis? About time. Andrew said you did not behave so here I am. Do not interrupt, for God's sake! Just listen to me carefully. I don't know what's the deal about you and your husband, but you better work it out. Peacefully. Darien's a great guy, after all he happens to be my best friend and brother-in-law. And you know it. Do you remember saying it? "Jade, he's like a prince, isn't he?" - you said. He does not deserve what you are doing to him.

'God, how come everyone thinks I am her? Even her brother?! May be I should keep quiet. This Darien guy surely knows his wife best. He'll listen to me.'

So Serena was silent. She was waiting for this encounter more than anything in the world. She almost decided to give Kunzite a chance. This last events made her want a peaceful life. This girl seemed to be in so much trouble, that it made Serena think about her own life. Now it seemed almost perfect.

She didn't notice when they arrived. It all was so blurry, as if in a dream. Serena got out of the car. And stumbled. She was caught on the spot, and suddenly, for a moment, she felt at home in his embrace. She looked up to meet the most magnificent sapphire eyes he had ever seen.

'A prince indeed…'

Something flickered there, but then his eyes became cold and emotionless. He let go of her, turned around and left, without saying a word.

The way to her - Mina's - room didn't register in her mind. But when she found herself inside, she didn't feel sleepy at all. Serena searched for anything that would at least hint at presence of the girl. Finally, she found a photo album, with loads of pictures of… her? No way. That cannot be!

Yes, now she could see it! The resemblance was shocking! But Mina's hair seemed to be a little shorter and a tad bit darker too. Mina also definitely liked much more revealing clothes. And those colour schemes and hues! She could never like that! She could never risk at all.

Sure, happy-go-lucky was the way she lived. But sometimes she felt so lonely and insecure. She just needed someone by her side. Someone strong and reliable. Not Kunzite. Someone she would fall in love with.

Serena blinked several times as she remembered those sapphire eyes. And soon the surrounding faded away.

- Hello?

- Hello. Is this Zoicite Kingston?

- Yes, who is this?

- I am officer Kou, Seiya Kou. Is Ms Serena Kingston your sister?

- Yes, why?

- I am so sorry, Mr Kingston. She is gone.

- Yes, she is on vacation.

- No. She is presumably dead.