The vision of her in her blue wedding dress, took the breath from his lungs. The room that was filled with people was suddenly empty and quiet, leaving only her in his sight. His eyes moved over her, taking in her beauty as she made her way to him. The smile on her face matched his completely, spreading from ear to ear. Her hair was pinned up, revealing the soft, porcelain skin of her neck; making his mouth run dry. Taking her hand, he stepped closer so that their sides were touching as they turned to face her father.

He had a woman with him, one he appeared to care about. He wore a smile that Richard couldn't help but notice. After everything he had said and done, he seemed to be genuinely happy to be at his daughter's wedding. The couple bowed their heads to the newly married couple, a small sign of respect that didn't require words.

"Thank you," Kahlan said quietly, almost afraid to break their silent moment, "for being here." The other woman smiled widely, almost speaking before Fredrick shifted his eyes to her. "If you both want to stay, we can have a room made up for you in the palace."

"No." For a moment, the Seeker was certain he saw a look of disappointment on his wife's face as she inched closer to him with a smile and nod as her father watched carefully. "Our son needs us back home."

"You have a son?"

"I do," Fredrick answered her quickly, his eyes moving to Richard. "It's important for a man to have a son."

Before anyone could reply, they were walking away. "He's wrong, Kahlan. Not every man needs a son."

Turning to face him, she brought her hands to his chest and sighed. "The Lord Rahl does."

He was smiling widely, wrapping his arms around her until she was flush against him. "I don't need a son. The city of daughters we're going to have will-"

"A city?" she questioned with a laugh.

"I would be happy with a village too," he whispered.

"Our daughters cannot inherit D'Harra."

"Then we will have to find a way to combine our lands."

Lifting an eyebrow, she leaned back, making it easier to look into his eyes as he began to sway them both to the music. "What have you been planning?"

"You'll see."

Connecting their lips, she pushed against him, forgetting that they were in a sea of people; their eyes all upon them. She knew him well enough to know that whatever it was he was planning, it would be worth the wait.

Pulling back, Kahlan grinned at him. "People are staring..."

"I don't mind."

"Hungry?" His eyes lit up instantly at her question, making her laugh. "For food," she added softly.

Looking over to the many, long tables of food, he smiled. Chase, Emma and three of their children were talking merrily to Dennee. "How did you find them?"


Holding back a laugh, he leaned in closer to his wife. "I would have loved to see their faces as she approached them."


Kahlan was sitting, naked, in their bed, pretending not to notice her husband staring at her as she pushed a strawberry into her mouth. His head was lying in her lap, his left hand above his head, holding hers as he watched her eat the red fruit. The blankets were bunched up around them, partly covering her legs. His body was the only thing keeping her warm.

"I need to talk to you about something," she said after a few moments. "I've wanted to tell you, but I didn't know how."

"You're pregnant," he said with a wide smile.

Surprised, she dropped the rest of the berry onto the plate on his chest and met his eyes: "You knew? How?"

"Last night, when we were in the bath, I could tell there was something you wanted to tell me, but I didn't think what it was until you left. I could see it in your eyes and then today, you refused the wine, making me sure."

"Why didn't you say anything?"

"Because I knew you would tell me when you wanted to and I didn't want you to think that our child was the reason I wanted to marry you." Smiling widely, he tossed the plate to the end of the bed, turning over to face her. "And your breasts... They're larger."

"No they're not," she said as we looked down to them. Her eyes closed for a moment as his hands moved over her. "Richard..." He pulled back, seeming to check himself as she opened her eyes. "Don't stop."

He smiled pulling back and returning to his previous position. "How long have you known?"

With a sigh of disappointment, she leaned her head back against the headboard, trying to hide her smile. "I realized yesterday morning, I rolled over to tell you, but you had already left for the fitting."

"I'm sorry."

"Why," she asked with a laugh, her fingers winding into his hair. "You didn't know and if I had told you, you would have missed all of your appointments."

"I would have made love to you until we could no longer move."

Moving quickly, she crawled over him with a seductive smile. Holding his hands to her hips, she leaned down, pressing her chest against his. "I can still move."

"Not for long," he growled, pulling her closer.

Colliding their lips, Richard tightened his hold on her, shifting her body until they were connected once more. The union of their moans, echoed through the room and filled their ears. It fueled their passion as they clung to each other. Their lives together had just begun and they weren't going to waste a single moment.

******THE END******