Stiles stretched his legs. This was certainly not one of his more brilliant ideas. Dawn was breaking and Jackson was sucking Derek off... again. Stiles had had to use one of his 'don't ask me why, but I'm sleeping at your house if anyone asks'. Scott went along with it, but his father wasn't happy about the last minute news of a 'sleep over'.

Derek came with a whimper this time. If it wasn't for the handcuffs and the werewolf, he'd be on the floor. Jackson wasn't giving him a chance to recover between orgasms, but that seemed to be part of the fun. They were still sharing the odd chuckle, even if Derek was going out of his mind from the lack of control.

Jackson stood, wiping his lips with his thumb, before sucking it clean.

"I'm going for a shower," Jackson announced, stripping off Derek's leather coat and pressing his lips to Derek's. "Back in five."

"I hate you," Derek growled.

"Just giving you a chance to catch your breath."

He rubbing himself against Derek a final time, before backing off. For whatever reason, Jackson hadn't come yet. He was waiting for something. Jackson turned to the bathroom and Stiles launched himself into the laundry basket, hiding underneath a sweater. The door opened and Stiles went still. Music filled the room, making it barely possible for Stiles to hear the shower turn on. He let out a silent breath.

He was safe.

The sweater lifted off his head.

Or not.

Jackson leant against the wall, peering down at him with a smile.

"If you wanted one of my jock straps, all you had to do was ask," he said softly.

Stiles choked on his tongue. Jackson took hold of his arm, hoisting Stiles out of the tall basket. He prepared to get his ass beat, but Jackson let go of him, moving for the mirror.

"You're lucky I know how to distract Derek," Jackson remarked, fixing his hair. "Your scent sticks out."

"It does?" Stiles sniffed his underarm. He smelt like non-scented deodorant. "Wait. You knew, I knew?"


"And you didn't say anything?"

"More fun to watch you squirm." Jackson repositioned his pants. He was obviously hard. "And you're not exactly subtle, Stilinski." He shot a smirk over at Stiles. "Kinda surprised you kept watching, but who am I to complain? I like an audience."

"You do?"

"No point being good at something if no one's sees it." Jackson began towards Stiles. "And I must be good if you broke into my house. Or is it Derek?"

Stiles lost the ability to speak again. He still didn't know why he kept watching. He wasn't gay; he was more turned on by the power play. This wasn't the first night Jackson was in control, but tonight was the first time he took control.


Jackson was close now. Closer than Stiles was ready for. He backed up, running into the wall. Jackson followed him, his palms settling on either side of Stiles' body and his lips settling into a permanent smirk.

"Who have you been watching, Stilinski?"

"Both," he admitted.

Jackson's smile grew. He looked down between them and Stiles covered his crotch. He was hard and it showed. Stiles ducked out of Jackson's arms, putting a couple feet between them.

"Being attracted to me doesn't make you gay," Jackson assured. "It makes you smart."

"Are you?"

"No. To use your words, I'm flexible."

Stiles looked back at Jackson. He was still 100% on the prowl. His eyes were dark, his supernatural demon locked away, but not his sexual one. His eyes were locked on Stiles's, not letting him look away. He advanced again, moving slowly like a dog hunting. That made Stiles a rabbit or possibly a squirrel.

Part of his brain told him to run, but he couldn't move. Jackson was faster, stronger. The only advantage Stiles had was an extra half inch in height and that wasn't enough. It took Stiles a moment, but he realized he actually wanted to stay. He wanted to know what would happen if he did.

Time was up.

There was less than an inch between them now.

His body moved before his brain even registered it. His hand reached for the back of Jackson's head and closed the gap between them completely, before his arms settled around Jackson's neck. Jackson went with the momentum, his lips going for Stiles's.

The kiss was hard and rough. Stiles may have made the first move, but Jackson took over. His hand was at the base of Stiles's skull, digging into the cluster of nerves there. It was almost painful, but it felt so good. He felt dizzy, like someone had taken over his body. It was true.

He was consumed by lust.

Stiles drove Jackson backwards, pressing him up against the shower door. Jackson chuckled, spinning and pinning Stiles in place with a hand over each wrist. He pulled back and Stiles strained forward to keep their lips together, but Jackson refused him.

The noise that left Stiles's lips after that was so much more desperate than his question. Calling it a whimper would be far too dignified. His head swum, trying to figure out how he had even gotten into this predicament. Two weeks ago, hell, two minutes ago, Stiles could have argued that he would never have wanted this, but it was suddenly becoming the most important thing ever.


The word left his lips before he could stop it. He was past the point of desperation, past the point of need. Nothing else seemed important. Lydia Martin could walk in naked and Stiles would still be focused on Jackson.

Stiles finally figured it out. Guys thought with one of three things: their head, their heart or their cock.

It was pretty obvious which organ was doing the thinking.

Every drop of blood was flowing to it.

"Let me get one thing straight. This is a one time thing. You understand?"

Stiles nodded. Of course, he would have agreed to chew off his own leg if it meant Jackson would touch him. Jackson moved both of Stiles wrists to one hand, while his other slipped into his pants. He gasped, feeling Jackson's fingers wrap around his cock. All the air rushed from his lungs and Jackson let out a small noise of approval.

His grip slackened and Stiles moved to kiss him again, but Jackson refused his advance, pushing him back against the glass. Jackson stepped aside, switching off the shower and silencing his iPod. He moved for the door, pausing at it to summon Stiles forth with a single finger. Stiles followed without a moment's hesitation. Jackson smiled, keeping his eyes locked with Stiles as if he was still trying to keep Stiles from running.

But Stiles wasn't going anywhere. Jackson's hand raised, snaking around to the back of Stiles's head, before letting his fingers splay through his buzzed hair. His arm settled on his shoulders, his fingers still moving on top of his head.

He pushed open the door and fear suddenly set into Stiles's stomach once more. Derek spotted him instantly and he wasn't thrilled. But Jackson merely smiled. He released Stiles, leaving him to fend for himself, as he moved for Derek.

"Him? Really?"

"Yep." Jackson ran his tongue over Derek's chest and all the way to his lips. "You know how much I love corrupting people." He covered Derek's mouth with his own, swallowing the chuckle that left his lips.

"And how long have you been corrupting him?"

"Since the locker room." Jackson's lips moved over Derek's body, almost as if he was apologizing.

"I am going to kill you. Slowly."

"And in so many deliciously cruel ways." Jackson's lips settled over Derek's ear. "And if you get free tonight, you have all week to do it and no one would even notice my absence."

"You expecting him to watch everything I do to you?" His eyes settled on Stiles, making his heart race.

"No. I've had my fun. He goes after tonight."

Stiles was nothing to them and he didn't care. He just wanted tonight. He wanted a chance to be their chew toy.

"Good. Then unchain me and let's get started."

"That's still up to you."

Derek thrashed, his demon revealing itself again as he tried to get free. He hadn't tried for a while, but he was still given the same result. The metal creaked against itself, but didn't break. A frustrated snarl left his lips, making Jackson smile. He took a couple steps backwards, before turning to Stiles.

Jackson dragged Stiles against him, slamming his hips against Stiles's and his lips crushing against Stiles's. Stiles moaned, his arms winding around Jackson's neck. He tried to keep up with Jackson's hunger and expertise, but Stiles didn't stand a chance. He nearly got into the rhythm, when he felt Jackson's tongue slip into his mouth.

Stiles went with it, trying to follow Jackson's tongue, but it was fast and teasing. Before he caught it, Jackson had lured Stiles's tongue into his mouth. He sucked on it and Stiles's hips jerked, his knees going weak. Jackson smiled, grazing his teeth over the soft flesh, before releasing it. Stiles tried to return the favour, but Jackson had other ideas.

Jackson knotted a foot around one of Stiles's ankles and tripped him. Gravity took over, his arms flying out to brace his falling body, but it didn't separate the two of them. Stiles toppled onto the bed behind him, not being given the chance to bounce before Jackson's weight pinned him in place. Jackson's hands settled above Stiles's shoulders, dipping into the bed.

He ground his erection against Stiles's, swallowing every moan, whimper and every other noise as it left his lips. Jackson's hands slid underneath Stiles's shirt, pushing the fabric up. Their lips parted as Jackson yanked every upper layer he was wearing over his head, throwing it aside.

Stiles made a move for Jackson's sweatpants, but Jackson slapped away his eager hands. Jackson opened Stiles's fly roughly and Stiles felt his entire body arch into Jackson's hands. Jackson sat back, his weight nearly completely off Stiles and on his heels.

"Why'd you stop?" The question came out far more desperate than he intended.

"Giving you a final chance to run away."

"Why would I?"

"Because after tonight, you're probably not going to be able to sit for a week."

Stiles breath hitched at the threat. Jackson repositioned himself, rubbing himself against Stiles's erection.

"And I'm sure there's far more vanilla ways for a boy to lose his virginity."

"Don't care. I want this."

"When I pass you in the halls, I'm not going to give you a second look, because this doesn't mean a thing."

"I know."

"Repeat it." Jackson's hand settled on Stiles's chest.

"This doesn't mean a thing."

Jackson paused for a moment, his eyes darting around Stiles's body.

"He's telling the truth," Derek said as if he read Jackson's mind.

"Good." He looked over at the shackled alpha. "Anything else I need to cover?"

"Nope. But you could give me a chance of getting free."

Jackson swung off of Stiles in a smooth motion, moving for Derek. Stiles propped himself up on his elbows. Jackson slid the door to the side and stepped behind Derek, his hand skimming over the alpha's hip, before disappearing from sight. Derek looked over his shoulder, watching Jackson. The chains slackened slightly. Derek tried to bring his hands together and he almost succeeded, but Jackson pulled back on the chain, letting nothing more than his middle fingers touch the metal.

"Can't make this too easy for you," Jackson teased, brushing past Derek has he emerged.

"It's not a threesome if I'm not involved."

"Then you better come up with a better plan. Otherwise, I'm going to get off with him. And you're going to have to watch it."

Derek snarled, his fangs out again. Jackson smiled, feeding off Derek's anger. He pressed his lips to Derek's once more. Stiles sat up the rest of the way, watching their kiss intensify. Jackson's hand slid into Derek's hair, his knuckles tightening as his fingers knotted in the dark mane. Jackson's free hand lifted, beckoning Stiles forth.

Stiles complied, stepping into Jackson's grip. Jackson pushed him down to his knees, never looking at him. His knuckles grazed over Stiles's throat as his thumb swiped over Stiles's bottom lip, before guiding him even closer. Jackson broke the kiss, leaving his head against Derek's as he looked down at their new participant.

"Suck me off," Jackson directed.

Stiles didn't need to be asked twice. His fingers looped around the waistband of Jackson's pants and tugged them down just low enough to free Jackson's cock. Derek jerked his arms, still trying to break free.

It seemed Jackson wasn't the only one that didn't like to share.

Jackson twisted his body, leaning back against Derek and making sure the alpha had a good view. His hand slipped from Stiles's face, falling to Derek's cock, which was beside him now. Jackson had angled himself so he had plenty of room to jerk him off and Derek wouldn't have to choose between watching Jackson's expert hands or Stiles pathetic attempts at a blowjob.

"And be sure to cover your teeth," Jackson reminded.

Stiles swallowed the lump in his throat and leant forward towards the hard member. Stiles wished he could take credit for that, but he was sure it was Derek. Stiles licked the head, tasting the pearl of precum. It was salty. No surprise there. His tongue moved on its own, laving at the head and playing with the slit.

Nails raked over his skull, moving through his buzzed hair with ease. The sensation was motivating, both approving and encouraging. Stiles's lips parted taking Jackson into his mouth. A breath left Jackson's mouth and Stiles looked up to see them both watching him. Stiles focused on the task at hand. He acted like those times he had chocolate batter stuck to his fingers as a child and wanted to suck the sweetness off.

There was a childhood memory he'd never be able to look at the same way again.

His head moved forward, taking Jackson in as deep as he could go, but there were still a good couple inches. Wanting to impress them, Stiles let the member slide most of the way from his mouth and took a deep breath. Stiles moved forward again, feeling the warm cock slip into his throat. Jackson lets out a small moan. The first one Stiles had got from him.

Stiles tried to keep him there, but his throat spasmed. He gagged and withdrew completely, coughing a little. Stiles looked up again, half-expecting to get thrown out, but that didn't seem to be the plan.

"Few can deep throat on the first time," Jackson assured. "I did, but you shouldn't compare yourself to me."

His tone wasn't friendly, but it wasn't quite condescending either. He was the same cocky shit he always was, but Stiles had the slight advantage of being someone that could get him off.

Stiles started up again, sucking on the head and taking what he could into his mouth. He began bobbing, keeping the suction as strong has he could. Jackson moaned again, his fingers tightening against his skull as they tried to find something to hold onto, but there was nothing. Stiles looked up in time to see Derek jerk his body, drawing Jackson's mouth to his.

The beta complied, opening his mouth and giving Derek full access to fuck him with his tongue. A groan left Stiles at the sight and Jackson's hips flicked at the vibration, pushing his cock against the back of Stiles's throat. Stiles almost gagged gain, tensing up all over, but he restrained himself.

Stiles looked up again, trying to time his movements with Derek's tongue. The metal creaked again, but remained attached. It kept Stiles focused. For all he knew, he'd get thrown out the moment Derek was free. Stiles took Jackson deeper again, letting Jackson's head slip into his throat. Sweat broke out on Jackson's body, his breathing quickening and a small tremble shaking his lithe frame.

Stiles hand dropped to his groin, rubbing himself, when Derek kicked him. Stiles fell back on his ass, losing Jackson from his mouth and breaking werewolves' kiss.

"You'll get your turn," Derek growled.

Jackson chuckled, knowing what Stiles had done.

"No one leaves unsatisfied," Jackson assured. "Rule number one."

Stiles wanted to ask how many rules there were, but there were better things for his mouth to do. He returned to his knees, trying hard not to fully crawl back to Jackson.

"You're not actually going to let him suck you off, are you?" Derek asked possessively, dragging his teeth over Jackson's ear.

"Gotta take what I can get in times like these."

Derek bit down on Jackson's neck and the younger wolf moaned, his hand tightening on Derek's member. Stiles moved to take advantage the opening, but Jackson caught his jaw, forcing Stiles to his feet.

"We're going to give Derek one last chance to get free..."

Jackson pushed Stiles back against Derek, holding on to him until Derek's teeth found his neck. Stiles let out a whimper, trying to feel for his fangs, but they were safely tucked away. Jackson's mouth settled on the other side of his throat. They were both leaving marks, marks he wouldn't be able to explain.

Jackson removed his mouth, shifting his head to Derek's. Their lips met again and he could feel their bodies both striving for one another, but Stiles was in the middle, feeling both of them work themselves against his pants. Jackson's hands smoothed down Stiles's arms, before settling around his wrists. He lifted Stiles's arms, passing off his grip to Derek.

His hands dropped to Stiles's pants, opening them roughly, before coaxing them down his legs. Stiles moved to help, but Derek's grip remained strong, letting him do nothing but lift a leg in. Jackson shed every last inch of material from his body.

Jackson stepped back and Stiles instantly missed the weight on his body. He felt a smirk form of Derek's lips and knew he had missed some silent conversation between them. Derek's teeth grazed over his jugular, his eyes obviously locked with Jackson's. Jackson fixed his pants, covering himself up. He was enjoying the power of still being clothed and Stiles was regretting not tearing them completely off when he had the chance.

Jackson's teeth returned to Stiles body, leaving more marks as he sank to his knees. Stiles watched him, watched his mouth. His lips skimmed over his hips, before following the length of his cock. His body flicked, trying to get his dick into Jackson's mouth, but it backfired. Jackson's hands slid to Stiles's hips, fixing him in place against Derek. His tongue came out next, teasing Stiles until a desperate cry left his lips.

Derek bit down on the curve between Stiles's neck and shoulder, making sure he wasn't forgotten, but Stiles couldn't ignore the hard cock pressed against his ass. Jackson finally gave in, taking Stiles into his mouth. Stiles moaned, watching in fascination as Jackson went to work.

There were no words to describe this. Jackson sucked cock like he'd done it his whole life. His movements were fast, slow, rough and gentle all at once. His tongue nearly vibrated on the underside of his dick and it made his body arch for more and less at the same time. It was like being engulfed in something too good. Stiles's body almost rejected the idea, not because he wanted it to stop, but because he was afraid it would end too soon.

Stiles's head fell back and Derek quickly covered his mouth with his own, his tongue just as demanding as Jackson's. Stiles didn't even bother trying to keep up; he surrendered to Derek completely. Derek thrust forward, pushing Stiles deeper into Jackson's mouth. Jackson wasn't even fazed. He welcomed the action, adjusting his rhythm without skipping a beat.

Stiles could feel the heat build in his body. He was so close. He was holding on as best he could, but not even the Pope would last with these two.

That image got him a few more seconds.

He was about to give in, when Jackson withdrew. Stiles felt his body shiver at the loss, looking down to see Jackson roll his weight back to his feet. Jackson stood, stepping in close, but not touching Stiles's erection. He was that close and Jackson knew it.

Jackson pulled Stiles free, drawing him into a kiss, and spun them. Stiles was frantic as he tried to dispose of Jackson's pants, but the werewolf shoved him back with a hard hand to his chest. Jackson slithered out of the baggy sweats without using a single hand, stepping free of them.

"On all fours," Jackson commanded, practically strutting after him.

"I wanna see."

Jackson smirked at the request. His knee slid across the bed, eliminating any possibility of Stiles closing his legs, and his fingers skimmed up to the backs of his knees, making Stiles bend his legs and settle his feet at the edge of the bed. Jackson crawled over him, making Stiles shift his weight to his shoulders, before picking up the bottle of lube.

Stiles's breath hitched at the noise of the cap clicking open. Jackson caught the slight gasp, his eyes snapping to Stiles's and a smile taking hold of his lips once more. Without a word of warning, Stiles felt a slick finger at his opening and his body almost shut down as Jackson pushed the digit inside. He forgot to breathe and his body tensed, his fingers winding in the sheets.

Jackson worked the single digit until it stopped stinging, until Stiles could feel his ass welcome the intrusion. A moan escaped his lips and Jackson was quick to swallow it, covering Stiles's mouth with his own. A second finger slipped past the tight ring of muscles. Stiles whimpered, keeping his mind on the kiss as Jackson continued to stretch him. His hips bucked, trying to bring Jackson deeper, but Jackson remained the slightest bit away from his prostate.

"You'll come when I'm inside you, then I'm going to fuck you until you come again," Jackson breathed, his lips barely lifting off of Stiles's.

Stiles was about to respond, but Jackson's fingers scissored inside him. Stiles writhed as Jackson's actions became rougher; he was getting impatient, getting harder. Stiles's head lulled back, but Jackson didn't let their lips part. He was determined to devour every noise Stiles made. Jackson withdrew, leaving Stiles's ass open and wanton and his mouth to swallow a few fresh gulps of air.

Jackson rested his forehead against Stiles, looking back at Derek. Stiles followed his gaze, watching Derek's bright red eyes as he struggled. But he had it wrong. Derek never lost control over his wolf. He couldn't after all this time. He grew up as a werewolf; he'd always been a werewolf.

He was giving into his animal, because his human side could never get free.

Jackson slid inside and Stiles came right there. The penetration was frictionless and Jackson's cock settled against his prostate. He was so deliciously full and already balancing on the edge of his orgasm that there was no way he wasn't going to. He'd wanted to last at least a few thrusts, but his chest was already covered in cum. Jackson gave Stiles a moment to adjust for his size, before he began thrusting.

He was gentle at first, but that didn't last long and Stiles was grateful. He didn't want gentle. Jackson worked up to a fast pace, but Stiles could feel him holding back. He tried to form a coherent sentence, but all that came out were moans dripping with ecstasy.

Jackson rearranged his hold on Stiles, sliding Stiles legs over his shoulders. His hands settled in on either side of Stiles, keeping his legs in place. Jackson leant forward, practically bending Stiles in half as he continued working his cock into Stiles.

Stiles groaned, the noise drawing Jackson's lips back to his. Stiles's hands clambered in search of something to hold to. His fingers settled around Jackson's forearms as Jackson's cock drove deeper into him.

A deafening snap broke across the room and Stiles barely had the chance to see Derek free himself from the second shackle, before he was at Jackson's back, his hands settling in on Jackson's hips.

"Better bite down on something," Derek growled, the red dissipating from his eyes.

Jackson didn't question it. He sunk his teeth into Stiles shoulder harder than either werewolf had before as Derek pushed inside Jackson, bare and raw. The force drove Jackson even deeper, flattening the younger werewolf out against Stiles. His legs fell from Jackson's shoulders as Derek began slamming into Jackson. Jackson's hands fisted in the sheets on either side of Stiles's head and teeth dislodged from Stiles's flesh to let the choked moans escape his throat.

Jackson managed to keep moving, using Derek's momentum to push himself deeper and deeper into Stiles. Derek's head rested against the base of Jackson's skull, pounding him harder and harder. Stiles could feel the smile and twist of pleasure on Jackson's face, pressing into his shoulder. Stiles fixed his grip on Jackson, clinging to him for dear life. Their moans, grunts and cries all mixed together.

None of them lasted long. It wasn't surprising. Derek and Jackson had been holding to their orgasms for too long not to give in and Stiles was, well, Stiles. Jackson gave in first, but Derek was right there to join him and their cries dragged Stiles over the edge with them.

Derek flopped down onto the bed, one of his knees bending as he settled in to catch his breath. One of the metal cuffs still hung from his wrist. Jackson needed a moment, before he rolled off of Stiles towards Derek. He was grinning, floating on the sexual high.

"Shower before you talk to anyone," Jackson said, tucking a pillow under his head. "Preferably twice. No one needs to know I fucked a Stilinski."

"Like I want anyone knowing," Stiles reacted.

"Good. Keep it that way," Derek grumbled, rolling to his feet and heading for the bathroom.

"Can I ask why?"

"Why what?" Jackson's eyes were shut, his body relaxing completely.

"Why this? You two don't like each other."

"You don't have to like someone to fuck them. Honestly, it's hotter if you don't."