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Leah's POV.

I'd always wanted to imprint. Seeing Sam with Emily, Jared with Kim, Jacob with Renesmee… it made me feel a little Jealous. They had love and someone to love them back… I didn't have that.

I was slowly starting to trust the Cullens, Thanks to Renesmee. I liked Esme and Alice, I thought they were Nice. Carlisle, Emmett and Edward were always nice to me, I was Weary of Jasper because of his scars, but Renesmee said he's nice, so I trust her judgement. Rosalie doesn't speak to me, whatsoever; she sometimes acted like she hated me.

So anyway… Something changed when I went to school that day. There was this new guy on the Rez, he'd just moved in, we'd talked and we became friends and he was in my English class. I looked up at him and it was like it was just us in the room. I suddenly realised what had happened.

I imprinted, on a human.

I told Jacob, who told me that Nathan (That's his name), was a friend of his and secretly liked me. I was overjoyed… I had found what I've always wanted.


We sat him down and told him that I was a wolf, and that I'd imprinted. He took it in stride and smiled. We were happy and in love. I decided to do something I should have done a long time ago.

I went to Emily and Sam's House.

"Leah! Hi, come in!" Emily said, smiling at me, I nodded and walked in, I greeted Sam and I told them I needed to speak to them.

"I've imprinted on Nathan, the new guy on the Rez. I wanted to tell you that I'm not mad at either of you, and that I'm sorry for the way I've acted towards you both. I would love it if we could be a close as we were, Emily… I missed you. I would be honoured to be a bridesmaid" I explained, gasping as Emily grabbed me and pulled me into a hug.

"I've missed you too, Leah" She whispered, I smiled and hugged her back. I turned to Sam and smiled.

"I hope you and Emily are very happy together" I said, he smiled,

"Thank you, Leah" he answered.

"I would like to stay with Jacob's pack, I'm happy there" I requested, He nodded.

"Of course. Thank you, Leah" Sam said. I nodded, hugged Emily one last time, with a promise to visit again and with a nod to Sam, I left.

I smiled to myself. Emily and I were close again; I'd forgiven Sam for something that wasn't in his control. I'm glad I understand now. Seth is happy I've forgiven Emily, he and Emily were close until Sam Imprinted. Seth's also happy that I've imprinted, he told me he doesn't like me being alone. My Mum is happy too, she's been alone but since she's dating Charlie, she's happy too.

For Once, My Life makes sense and being with Nathan and my friends I couldn't be happier.