The world was ablaze. Ever since Brainiac came, the world had been engulfed in the flames of an endless war. The new 'supers' had only put a dent into Brainiac's cause. Worse was the infighting between the two groups, the 'heroes' and the 'villains'. Neither side would trust the other long enough to combine their forces for one last push. So the world was left to burn because of Brainiac and the failure to do anything to stop him.

No, Sarah chastised herself; the world has been aflame long before that point. Sarah checked her scope in the rifle, seeing if any targets were in sight. Shaking her head she opened her comm. Frequency to talk to her team members.

"Negative in my area, what about you Lupus?" She asked, waiting for her fellow super to respond.

"Nothing happening here Sarah." Sarah bit back a growl. She hated that he called her that, that he openly gave out her real name on the communication frequency. She should of never told him here real name.

"Good. What about you Def Net?" Sarah asked, holding back a retort for Lupus. She would of reprimanded him, but it was no use. She would ask her mentor later on how to deal with such employees.

"Negative Misty-Commander, I have no sight of target." Sarah nodded. It was to be expected.

"Okay, let's all head back to the FOB, and then we'll see if any new orders are out." Sarah put away her rifle, jogging over to the emergency escape ladder and slid down. It would be a twenty minute jog, so she needed to get started.

Once she arrived at base, Marshall Rodgers, codename Liberated Lupus, and Def Net, named D.T.F.N, were awaiting her back at base. She raised an eyebrow at Def Net, silently asking if any orders had indeed come through.

Closing her eyes for a second, Def Net's eyes suddenly glowed, indicating a new message. A voice, powerful and male, came out of Def Net's mouth. "I'm sorry to hear that the mission was a wipe out. Apparently the targets got wind of the operation and ran town. So, consider the three of you reprieved. Go back to your mentors and continue training. I'll contact Def Net when I have more information ready." The voice stopped and Def Net returned to her normal state. Sarah nodded. "You all heard what the Doc said, move out." Without waiting for any reply, Sarah left intent on returning to Gotham before dawn breaks.


Sarah opened her tiny apartment. Everything was still in order, and it seemed as if she still had electricity and running water. So far everything had turned out to be satisfactory. Shower was the first necessity. Taking off her clothes, and throwing the pile into a corner, she ran a hand through her tangled ginger hair. Not bothering to even grab a change of clothes, she trudged into the small bathroom, turning on the shower.

Waiting for the shower to warm up, she gazed into the mirror, examining her body. Her defined muscles were swathed with scars from her battles. Her eyes still had that misty grey appearance that had plagued her since she was 18. She can remember the day her life turned to shit. It was just too clear.

Iraq, Three years ago

First tour of duty, and Sarah was thrilled. They were about to withdraw from Iraq anyway, so she felt as if this would be her warm-up to Afghanistan. Now that wasn't to say Sarah wasn't taking this seriously. Hell, she was the most cautious of her group. However she knew that her next deployment would be Afghanistan. There was no point in trying to deny it. She would spend two years there before the withdrawal date passed, before returning to America where she would either hang up her rifle, or be deployed in another country, hopefully with less chances of death.

Sarah pulled herself out of the memory, the shower was warm enough. Quickly washing off the grime of the previous day, she wrapped a towel around her body, leaving the bathroom for clothes and a beer.

Her senses were instantly heightened when she left the bathroom. The window was open, something that had occurred when she had been showering. A defensive stance taken, Sarah moved forward, cursing the fact she had left her gun outside. Not happening again. A light thump occurred behind her, and Sarah spun around, a punch aimed at the intruder's waist. High heels blocked the punch before launching upwards for an attack of its own. Sarah caught the kick with her hands and forced the kick down. The attacks continued from the intruder, pushing Sarah back to the desk. A knife appeared before Sarah's throat, stopping an inch before her jugular.

"If I wanted you dead, you would be." A sensuous voice, dripping with sexuality, purred into Sarah's ear. "Misty Eyes." Sarah stood stoically, having taken in the intruder's technique.

"So would you." Sarah motioned to the pistol she had taken from the desk. Which was currently pointed to the intruder's chest. The intruder laughed, and pulled down her knife. Sarah did the same with her pistol, before motioning to the open chair. Letting her towel drop, Sarah went over to her dresser to pick out her sleep wear. Deciding on some shorts and a tank top, she ignored as the intruder was poking around the apartment. "It hasn't changed since last time you broke in. So, why are you here Cata?" She turned to face the villain, who had merely placed an innocent look on her not so innocent face.

"Why I'm quite hurt Misty. Can't I see my favorite hero without suspicion?"

"No." Sarah answered in a brutally honest fashion. "Last time you came in here, you tried to seduce me. Before then you also tried to seduce me. The previous time you had a message from your owner." Cata hissed at the word owner.

"You know I have no owner. I'm a free cat." Cata spat at the ground, to which Sarah rolled her eyes. "But you are right." Cata had lost the anger and returned to the flirty attitude she had previous. "I have a message from Dingo. Don't mess with the shipments. Or else." Sarah shook her head at the feeble attempt of a threat.

"You know that's my bosses decision, and even if it wasn't I would still ignore what you say." Sarah then pointed at the window. "Now be a good kitty and leave through the window." Cara shrugged before leaning over and whispering softly into Sarah's ear.

"I'm a bad kitty." Her words were less spoken than blown onto the shell of Sarah's ear. Feeling her face warming up, Sarah growled and pushed Cata away.

"Out." Cata laughed, and turned to leave.

"You are so much like the Bat." Sarah ignored Cata's jest at her mentor and waited for the window to close. Of course Cata had left by the time Sarah had turned around.

"Damn Cat." Sarah muttered. Thinking of Batman, Sarah looked at her phone. No messages were waiting. Okay, she'll contact her mentor in the morning. Lying down on the bed she cast her mind back to the first time she had met Cata, a mere three months previous.

It had been a long night. Chasing down criminals, fighting villains, making sure the streets were safe. Sarah entered her building, glad that she had registered in the name of Misty Eyes. No one who knew her as Sarah (not that there were many) would ever be able to track her down. Also it was her first mission as a team. The Doc hadn't shown up, no doubt instead choosing to direct them from the background. Lupus and Def Net showed up. Today they were located at Gotham Police Station in the East End. Their mission was to search for any abnormal activities that could suggest Brainiac invasion forces. Hours upon hours they searched, but no sign of Brainiac's forces had appeared. Tired she walked into her apartment, unknowingly having a follower.

A knock happened at the door, and opening it, she saw a woman lying in own blood, her clothing marking this newcomer as a new super. Sarah was not thrilled about this development, but what could she do? Taking the poor woman into her apartment, she laid her on the couch, looking for some medical supplies. As her back was turned, she felt a familiar thin cold sensation across her throat. Too familiar. Swearing, she held her hands up. A smug voice spoke softly behind her. "Hello Misty Eyes. I'm from an interested party who wants to know what you were doing tonight with your little gang." Sarah didn't answer. "Well, I didn't think you would tell me. But know that if you interfere with this interested party, there will be consequences." The woman leaned over and whispered into Sarah's ears. "By the way, I'm Cata." A quick kick to Sarah's back and this Cata was gone.

Sarah sighed, turning herself into bed. Tomorrow seemed like it was going to be a long day.

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