Chapter 4

Tanya sauntered up to the Iceberg Lounge, her hips in full sway. Winking at the bouncer who watched her like a dog in heat, she walked in, knowing that he surely wasn't going to stop her. Not that if he wanted to he could. Case in point, some sleazy guy sulked behind her. A quick reach out towards that amazing ass of hers was stopped in its track. Quickly forcing the hand upwards, Tanya lashed out with her left hand to punch his nose. Using both hands now, she forced his body forward, all the while raising her knee into his groin. Now effectively victorious, Tanya brushed her hands against each other. Some men just didn't know how to handle themselves. The message was now clear to any other person with ideas in their head. She was here for business, not pleasure, tonight.

It took her only a moment to find Harley, sitting at the bar, chatting up Scarecrow. It seemed that the two of them were having completely different conversations. Scarecrow muttering about fear and Harley about how much she misses her pudding. Still, the two were facing each other as they spoke. Meanwhile Poison Ivy was staring directly at Harley's…. finer assets. Tanya smirked, before pouncing onto an open chair next to Harley, purring contently.

"Mini-Kitty!" Harley cried out, hugging her friend's protégé. Tanya let out a contented purr, letting Harley rub pet her. Leaning into Harley, Tanya could see that Ivy was getting steamed. Steamed vegetable. I'll have to tell Selina that one later. Clearing her throat, Tanya pulled away from Harley's embrace.

"Harley, I got a ring that you needed me?" Tanya asked, all the while giving Ivy a little wave. Ivy, placated now that Harley wasn't all over Tanya, gave a rough nod back. Tanya gave a little mental smirk, typical Ivy.

"Ah yes. Madam Lee, it is a pleasure for you to come over to discuss business with us." A high snooty voice came from behind the bar. "Please Miss Quinn and Madam Lee, enter my office."

"Okie-Dokie Pengs." Harley cheered on, jumping from her seat. Tanya rose as well, as did Ivy. No one said a word about the eco-terrorist coming along; it had become a well-known fact that both Harley and Ivy were practically inseparable…. If the Joker wasn't here to play. And who knew where the Joker was at this point of time? Point in case, Ivy was coming with Tanya and Harley.

Entering the spacious office, birds chirping, Tanya made sure to check out every specimen that the Penguin had. Easily identifying the most valuable specimens that were chirping most annoyingly, Tanya turned her attention to the main attraction itself. The Penguin. The sanest of the insane, one of the richest men in Gotham. Probably the only of the Gotham Rogues who actually had any funds tied up in legitimate business. Except maybe the Riddler, but who knew where he was these days? He was an anomaly amongst the Rogues, making the Penguin actually interesting, rather than most of the other Rogues, who all seemed bent on one course or another.

"…..Madam Lee? What is your opinion on the matters at hand?" The Penguin asked, leaning towards Tanya. Her thoughts disrupted, she looked at the table, bare except for a limited plan of Wayne Manor, a picture of a jewel and a price tag. Smirking, Tanya leaned back.

"Well Penguin, I'm not sure what exactly I would be doing for you here. See, if I wanted the jewel, I could get it myself, sell it on the black market for much more then what you are offering. And we both know if you truly need the jewel you would be willing to buy it at a much higher price." The Penguin nodded. "So, let's compromise. I'm willing to go at your price, with three conditions. First, I want 20 percent of what you are offering on a down payment."

"Fifteen percent." The Penguin countered, looking at Tanya.



"Seventeen and a half."

"Deal." The Penguin leaned back, going pressing a button on his desk. "Miss Albatross, could you be a dear and bring me my check book?" He pressed the button a second time, and motioned for Tanya to continue.

"Second, I want none of your goons in the area, potentially messing me up."

"You know I have to guarantee that you truly hold your end of the bargain."

"Of course. That's why I'm allowing only one person, of your choosing, to accompany me." The Penguin nodded. Nothing too complicated so far. Which left the last point of these negotiations, easily the trickiest part of the whole deal. Glancing over to Harley, who had her head on Ivy's shoulder, yawning in boredom, and Ivy who was staring at the head laying on her shoulder with equal parts yearning and lust, Tanya decided to choose her words carefully to avoid any incidents.

"I want access to your information channel to and from Arkham." The Penguin leapt up from his chair, fury exuding from the ball of blubber.

"And give you access to my most valuable trade circuits? Outrageous I say!" Tanya sighed softly.

"Look, I just want an access code into certain information. The beginning of an….. Information circuit. And it isn't for me-" The Penguin exploded at that point.

"That's worse!" He exclaimed, slamming his flipper onto the desk. "We could have come to deal if it was just you! But adding another person into the equation! That's preposterous! I should have you entrapped in my Aviary of Doom!" Tanya tuned out the rant as soon as the word Doom was spoken. Did the Penguin have to be so melodramatic? Turning her attention to the surroundings, she noticed the Penguin's umbrella a few feet away from the Penguin, but still well within his reach if Tanya made a move towards him. Ivy and Harley were now paying much more attention to the unfolding events. That left Tanya with one option.

A quick back flip let Tanya the cage she had marked earlier. The Penguin, catching on to her plan, grabbed at his umbrella, turning to face Tanya. It was second too late however. The prized baby condor was now in Tanya's hands, ready to be crushed a second's notice. The tense standoff held for a moment or two, neither side daring to make a move lest the other retaliate.

The Penguin's door opened, Miss Albatross entered the room. A thin women, Tanya couldn't help but notice that she practically the opposite of the Penguin. Tall not short, thin not fat, beautiful not ugly. The Penguin really had low self-esteem didn't he?

As the door opened, it seemed to suck the tension out of the room. Clearing his throat, the Penguin dropped his umbrella, and Tanya carefully placed the condor back into its cage.

"Uh, yes Miss Lee. I'll accept the first two conditions. None of the rest." Tanya, sighing in defeat, nodded. It would have to do. The Penguin, now with checkbook in hand, wrote the check to Tanya for 420,000 dollars. Handing it to Tanya, he motioned for her to leave while he discussed business with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

Now again in the Iceberg lounge, she pulled out her cellular phone. Typing in the first number, she did not need to wait a full ring before the call was connected. "Dingo? Yeah, I just wanted to say I'm going to be doing business for the next few days. So, don't expect me to answer any calls while I'm out. Uh huh, I'll call you once the business is done." The quick and painless call was over with. Dialing a second number, a full seven rings occurred before the call went to voicemail. Just as she was told to let it do.

"Hey, Gecko. I couldn't get the access code for you, just like you said. But, he did want me to do the job we discussed. I'll give you a quick update later." Tanya ended the call, wondering what was so important about this for Gecko. Certainly something was up. Tanya turned away from those thoughts once Ivy and Harley entered into the Lounge once again.

"Mini-Kitty!" Harley exclaimed, launching herself at Tanya. "That was fun! You should stir trouble up like that more often!" Tanya laughed, before pulling Harley out of the hug. Ivy shook her head as if she was in some sort of disgust of the scenario.

"It was stupid. You could have been killed!" Ivy reprimanded Tanya, her voice on the borderline of a shout. Tanya shrugged at Ivy's concerned reprimand.

"I didn't though." She grinned, to which Ivy sighed. Placing two fingers at the bridge of her nose, Ivy turned and began to walk out of the Iceberg lounge muttering something under her breath about Selina, cats, and thick-headed idiots. Tanya, giving a single loud sharp laugh, followed Ivy out the door, Harley Quinn right on her, complete intentional pun, tail.

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