Sherlock came home with three bags full of girls clothing. Robin took the bags and ran into the bathroom. She came out dressed in a new pair of jeans, a bejewled black tank top and a dark scarlet cardigan. She had pulled her hair back in a pony tail and smiled at him.

"What d'ya think?" she asked, turning around. Sherlock had no interest in the fashion of little girls, but he gave her a little smile. She looked so much like Jim. He gave her an approving nod. Molly was there beside him she clapped her hands.

"You look lovely!" she said, hugging the girl, "Doesn't she look lovely Sherlock?"

"I suppose," the detective replied. Molly followed Sherlock into the kitchen where John was restocking their pantry.

"Who are her parents, and why is she here?" the woman asked, looking up at him.

"She has hired me to find her father, her mother is dead," Sherlock said.

"Poor thing..." Molly said, looking saddened.

"Hardly poor," Sherlock said, "She gets enough money from daddy that she managed to fly across the Atlantic to find him."

"You are going to find him aren't you Sherlock?" Molly asked.

"I already have," Sherlock said flatly.

"Well, that's wonderful, why is she still here though?" Molly tucked her hair behind her ear.

"Because of who her dad is," Sherlock muttered.

"Well who is he?" Molly's eyes were filled with a fearful curiosity.

Sherlock looked down at her.

"Jim Moriarty," he whispered, so that Robin would not be able to hear from the sitting room. Molly's eyes widened slightly. She stepped out of the kitchen and looked at the young girl who was folding her new clothes neatly on the couch. She stared at her, her mouth slightly agape.

"Is something wrong Molly?" Robin asked, when she saw that she was being stared at.

"No... it's just... No, it's nothing," she said, shaking her head and returning to the kitchen. She was shaking her head more fervently as she joined Sherlock. "She can't go back to him..."

"He doesn't want her to," Sherlock said, "But she had the initiative to travel over 2000 miles to find her father, I'm not sending her back without having him see her. Criminal or not, he is still her father, and it is obvious to me that he does care about her."

"Sherlock she can't..." Molly protested, "He's dangerous!"

"You should know best of all, shouldn't you?" Sherlock asked.

"He was acting!" Molly said, looking very hurt, "He used me to get close to you. At least when he uses me he's sweet and kind unlike you!"

"Whoa!" Robin said as she entered the kitchen. Molly's loud outcry had caught her attention. "Were you my dad's girlfriend? Does everyone in this flat know my dad except me?!"

"More or less," Sherlock said.

"If you send her to him and she gets hurt I will NEVER forgive you Sherlock Holmes!" Molly said, leaving the room in near tears.

"Sherlock... why did you have to... argh..." John shook his head. No one but Robin noticed that Sherlock was upset. Robin grabbed his arm and pulled him into the sitting room with her.

"She likes you," Robin said.

"Obviously," Sherlock replied.

"But you don't like her?"

Sherlock sighed. "It's not that I don't like her, I just... I don't really like anyone."

"That's a sad sort of existence don't you think?"

"I'm happy with my work. I don't need a woman to make me happy."

"You could be nicer to her."

"What hurts more? Having someone who is always courteous but cold, or having someone lead you on to find out they have no interest?"

"So you just don't want to hurt her, huh?"

"I think that would be far more unkind of me, don't you? She delights any time I say a kind word to her, and yes, I admit I've used it to my advantage once or twice, but only when desperate. But what would she think if suddenly I were cheery and kind to her, I can't do that. I would make her believe there was something between us that does not exist."

"My dad hurt her didn't he?"

"I don't know," Sherlock admitted, "They were in a relationship for a while, but only so he could get close to me and spy on me. I don't know if he hurt her. I imagine there was definitely emotional damage. She doesn't get a lot of dates. Mostly because she's still holding out hope for me. I would not say that she is unhandsome, would you?"

"I think she could be very pretty," Robin said, with a glint of determination in her eyes, "I'm going to take her out for a girl's day tomorrow. We'll get our hair and nails done and I'll do her makeup. She'll look gorgeous!"

Sherlock had to smile. This was where Robin and Moriarty differed so much. Here she was, wanting to do something kind for someone she barely knew.

"Alright, call Molly and see if she'll come get you tomorrow," Sherlock said, "There's an empty drawer in my dresser where I use to stash a few things. I'll clear it out and you may put your clothes in there."

"Thanks Sherlock," she said and hugged him around his waist before going to text Molly. Sherlock looked a little stunned by the embrace, but slowly regained his composure and went to help John.