i had that dream again, i watched someone die, but at least my commrades were still alive when i got back, it looks like one of them was injurred though, i hope they're alright, i wonder if i left them in a safe enough spot? i don't know, but i keep running out of amo first. i hate waking up when it means i might not go back into the same dream. i guess there's nothing i can do but wait till the next time.

" really? you're still asleep? it's a nice morning stupid " she lightly kicks yozora's thigh. " ow. " he slowly get's up from bed. " why're your kicks so powerful? " "Oh com'on! i barely touched you! " " this is why you're the upclose combat." daichi sighed, closing the book he was reading in the corner of the room. " are you two finished? " they both replied. " sorry. " it was quiet for a little bit, then asahi spoke. "Alright! let's look around the village~ " she paused. "we can go to the underworld tongiht okay~? " she smiled happily. " wow~ already in a good mood~ i'm game on that! how about you daichi? " "yeah, that's fine with me. " "THEN IT'S SETTLED, hurry up and get dressed! i'll wait for you guys outside~ " she scurried out of the room as fast as she could. the boys laughed at her excitement, and got ready.

Asahi squatted on the floor,resting her arms on her knees, drawing in the dirt with a stick she found on the floor nearby, the light reflected off of her light pink curly hair, and her elven ears shown through a bit more than usual. at that moment she looked more delicate then she's ever looked.

you know, i don't believe i've ever seen her cry, even after those guards killed her parents infront of her, she's always happy when i see her, not a tear in her eye. maybe that's just her personality, or maybe it's just her way of not making us worry. i don't know. i'm actually kind of glad she decided to come on this journey with us, she was kinda against it at first, kept telling us we were stupid for even thinking it, but me and Daichi, we convinced her. it's not like we couldn't use her help anyways, she's kept us from being killed multiple times, she's so strong, i admire her for it. and Daichi, he's so smart, he reads spell books on his free time, and is more than willing to admit he's wrong, he even keepts me and Asahi from arguing too long. they kinda make me feel useless though, but, i like having them around, now that we're defending ourselves, i'll do my best to protect them both. i might be looking forwards to this journey more than they are.

Yozora bursted out into laughter suddenly. Daichi looked at him shocked. " What? what's so funny? " he stopped laughing and just smiled. " no, it's nothing, i was just thinking about something is all. " daichi sighed. "why are you so weird." he then left the room to join up with Asahi. " if only you knew the half of it." he joined slowly afterwards.

Daichi slowly walked up to ashahi, and tapped her shoulder, in shock she jumped. he giggled at her then calmly spoke. " 'Sup? " panicing she stood up and gave him anf angry pouty face. " Jerk, don't scare me like that! " he chuckled at her response. " sorry, sorry. " yozora then came out of the house, now wondering what was going on between the two arguing, the asahi spoke. "hmph! you guys take too long to get ready, i almost left without you two! " she turned around, crossing her arms, still pouting angrily. "uhm, okay, well, sorry " yozora nervously laughed, and paused for a moment. " didn't you wanna look aroud the village for a bit? " she turned back around, smiling wide, her eyes glimmering in the sun. " YES~! let's goooo~ " daichi sighed,patting yozora's shoulder. " you really know how to get her in high spirits, huh. " he looked over at daichi, a bit confused. " i was just trying to help, be happy i cleaned up your mess this time. " diachi chuckled. " right, thank you."

she ran through the village happily, giggling as she passed homes and stores, the villagers stared,some were staring with amusement, happily enjoying the new commers enthusaism. some were a little annoyed at it, she was loud and a disturbance to the peace. a few of the village children came running out to play as well, the villagers were use to people traveling to their town to visit the underworld often, and they enjoyed seeing new faces from time to time. as it got later through the day, they decided to go buy supplies before leaving, though they wont be-able to buy all the supplies, due to lack of supplies on the sky's surface, but they make due with what they can get.

the sun had gone and it was time for then to head towards the gate, they when back to the hotel first though, to not only pay for the room they had used, but to also grabb their things, shortly after doing so, they went to thank the mayor of the village for their hospitality and kindness, and then went to the underworld gate. the gate was intimidating, it stood tall, and appeared to be huvering down. beyond the gate was hazzy, a thick fog floated across a dark forest-like view. as they walked closer they noticed two guards, one on either, they stood still, making little movement, then suddenly one spoke. " Hault, this is the entrance to the underworld, do you have business here? " asahi pushed yozora forwards a few steps, he nervously spoke. " y-yes, we wish to pass. " the guard was silent for a moment " very well then. " he spoke while slowly opening the gate. " you may pass, becarefull young travelers. " yozora sighed with relief " yes, thank you very much." they quickly walked through the gate with caution, taking out their weapons incase of a surprise attack.