Off with your head, Key thought grimly to herself after decapitating the one last of the Chimera Animas with her keyblades, Oathkeeper and Oblivion.

She stood silently, but did not make her weapons vanish, as she watched her companion shoot the rest with of the Chimera Animas with her enormous black gun. Her companion, Black Rock Shooter, or BRS for short, shot the last three of them in quick succession with the glowing blue bullets while hanging from one of the dangling chains. A full length, rectangular mirror with rounded edges and framed in silver with ornate details appeared about three feet in front of Key. BRS(if that was even her name) swung down and landed next to her. They exchanged a look (people didn't talk much in this universe, you just looked at each other and could guess what the other person was thinking). It was time for The Keyblade Meister, or Key, to leave this place. Her work here was done. The mirror had appeared.

This place, part of the world known as the Otherworld, was a wide space inside a large dark blue-tinted cavern with checkerboard blue-tinted ruins embedded on the floor. It was mostly empty, but had a few spiky objects sticking out of the ground-useful for impaling enemies. There were several long chains hanging from the tall ceiling. The Otherworld was a universe that Key had originally been send to scout out, but eventually (after gathering the initial data for this universe), she decided to fight there. Key received permission from The Leader to return to fighting upon meeting Black Rock Shooter. BRS was a silent warrior fighting dark beings in a dark world. Key could relate.

Key gave BRS a small wave goodbye and a smile. BRS did the same. Key stepped up to the mirror and stared at her reflection; a slim, pale girl with sleek dark brown hair to the shoulders and unusual eyes-one gold and the other blue- wearing a black jacket partly zipped with the hood up, a white V-neck shirt, and dark blue skinny jeans tucked into black boots stared back. Her clothes were dirty, but blood free. Chimera Animas did not bleed for some reason. The mirror shimmered and Key stepped through. The mirror vanished and Black Rock Shooter turned and calmly walked away, as if nothing happened.

Kitty was incredibly happy. Her meister partner, Rani, wasn't nearly as satisfied. They had just returned from the universe of Tokyo Mew Mew; the meister and weapon pair had just defeated and captured a Gyarados that was wreaking havoc. The Mew Mews were unable to defeat it since the Gyarados was not one of those Chimera Animas that the Mews Mews were created to fight. Rani and Kitty, who were armed only with a pokeball and Kitty's weapon form, beat it using their soul resonance: a single energy charged arrow (Kitty's weapon form was an ice bow that came with a quiver of ice arrows) that exploded on impact. By the end of it, Rani was soaked. The fight was on the beach.

They had just returned to the Authors' Alliance Mirror Room via their mirror. The Mirror Room was a large, elegant ballroom with scratched hardwood floors, pristine white walls, tall windows, a few balconies, and a high ceiling. There were mirrors on every possible surface. Mirrors were hanging on the wall, lying on the floor, free-standing, and some were even stuck on the ceiling.

Rani's clothes (a dark purple quarter-sleeve shirt with a dark black cardigan on top, and dark blue skinny jeans) were plastered to her skin. Her converse were waterlogged. Rani's waist length brown hair was a wet tangle that was dripping on the floor. Sand was everywhere. Her brown eyes (which were two different shades) were narrowed in annoyance. Kitty(who was in weapon form for most of the time) was completely dry. Her orange tank top and black shorts were fine. Kitty's long light blond hair was a little tangled, but that was it.

Arc, one of the newest members, was waiting for them and reading a book. She had long layered black hair partly covering one eye. Her eyes were unusual-even by Author Alliance standards. One was gold and the other was silver. She wore a white undershirt with a black, white and blue plaid blouse buttoned up halfway. She sat on one of the few ornate chairs that were placed around the great ballroom. Blue pants adorned with a belt covered legs that were crossed. Her black boots were slightly dusty. Rani assumed that Arc was in the library before she was sent to the Mirror Room.

"Hi Arc!" Kitty yelled, despite being only a few feet away.

"Hi. How was your trip?" Arc didn't look too enthusiastic to be talking to Kitty.

Rani knew that Arc wasn't a big fan of overly hyper people. Kitty was the epitome of an overly hyper person, but she grew on you.

"It was great!" Kitty yelled her one green and one orange cat-eyes were twinkling.

"It sucked..." Rani said at the same time.

"Look!" Kitty wasn't deterred, " I caught a Gyarados!"

She pulled out the pokeball in her pocket and threw it.

"GO! Gyarados!" She cried.

The large, angry, blue dragon-like pokemon appeared. It turned to Kitty and roared in her face. She giggled.

"Eww, pokemon breath," she said laughingly, "Return!"

She threw the pokeball. It bounced off the enraged creature and landed on the ground. The Gyarados didn't return to the pokeball.

"Crap. Transform, Kitty!" Rani knew that the situation had just become very serious.

The mirrors in The Mirror Room were passages to other worlds. Only a few people could make and repair these mirrors and it took a while. If that monster broke them, it would take a very long time to fix the damages.

Kitty transformed into an ice-blue bow. Rani caught it easily. A quiver of arrows, matching the bow, appeared on her back. Rani began shooting at the colossal monster.

"Wind!" Arc joined the fight.

She summoned two blades of wind to cut the Gyarados. It roared again, this time in pain. The wind and the arrows found their mark.

The girls heard the light scratching noise of metal on the wood floors. They turned. It was another member, Key. She had summoned her keyblades and was running towards the enemy. She held her keyblades slightly behind her, dragging the tips on the ground. She flipped high in the air, slashed the pokemon on the head, and landed on the other side of it. It turned towards her and used Dragon Rage. She dodged. Arc used her wind magic to direct the fire towards Rani, who then turned the fire into steam by using one of her ice arrows.

"Rewrite!" a voice came from the hall.

Shimmering letters appeared around the Gyarados. It began to shrink down until it was about a foot long. It tried to roar, but the sound that came out was a squeak. This turn of events made the little guy even madder.

"Return!" Kitty said, now out of weapon form.

The Gyarados returned to its pokeball. Kitty hugged it to her chest. It was clear that she wasn't planning on giving her new mini-Gyardos up.

"Before you ask, yes you can keep him," the voice from the hall spoke.

The voice belonged to the leader of The Authors' Alliance.