Welcome to the fourth of my Special-series stories, Special Lives (SL). This story focuses on the lives of all 15 Dex Holders (hence the title), and unlike Special Adventures (SA), will not have any evil teams. SL will feature minimal amount of non-Dex Holders (such as Gym Leaders, other friends, etc). They may appear, but won't be doing anything major. Also unlike Special Events (SE) and Special Randomness (SR), SL will not be a compilation of random events.

SL will feature 5 separate storylines occurring at once, 1 for each region. Each one will have different tone and mood, and while they may seem to have nothing to do with each other, all 5 storylines will converge at some point. At least that's the plan.

SL will take place after the BW arc, but since I am not the creator of Pokémon Special and thereby don't have the super abilities of looking into the future, the whole plot of BW will be worked around. (WARNING: PLATINUM/BW SPOILER) Following the conclusion of Platinum arc, Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum will not have met their seniors yet but have heard about Gold. Following the (was) recent happenings within BW arc, White does get a Pokédex (from Bianca), making her the 15th Dex Holder (END SPOILER).

Pairings… precious pairings… Same as SE/SA, they are: Red & Yellow (not in primary focus), Green & Blue, Gold & Crystal, Ruby & Sapphire, Diamond & Platinum, and Black & White.

Warning: SL may contain some bad f*cking language some viewers might view as offensive/inappropriate, as clearly demonstrated. That sounded like a parody of a TV discretion message…

Segment: Black & White.

Chapter 1: Bankruptcy

April 20, Route 9 (Unova), 10 am…

"Um… sir?"





Black snapped back into focus. He could see the shopping mall clerk staring at him with a very impatient look on her face. Black glanced backwards and saw a huge line behind him.

"Right, sorry," he said to the clerk.

"Are you going to make a purchase today?"

"Yes, of course." Black pointed at the display case and made his selection of various potions and other healing items.

Once he finally made his purchase, he left the Shopping Mall Nine, ready to challenge the Pokémon League. He even had the company logo for the BW Agency, as promised to White a long time ago. Speaking of White…

"I wonder how Miss President's doing," Black muttered as he stared at the BW Agency logo sewn onto his bag. "Maybe I should call her and see if she wants to watch me participate in the Pokémon League."

Black looked at his Xtransciever and simply stared at the number pad, as he actually had no idea what White's Xtransciever number was. But White did give him her business card when they first met… Black took out his wallet and soon spotted the BW Agency business card. He tried calling the number listed but got no answer. For some reason, the call didn't connect to start with.

"Huh… maybe the number changed," Black muttered as he cancelled the call. With his Braviary, he headed towards Opelucid City's Pokémon Center. There were usually two to three advertisements for the BW Agency on every Pokémon Center's bulletin board, so Black decided to search there.

5 minutes later, Black arrived in Opelucid City and entered the Pokémon Center. Inside, he could see a man tearing down a small poster on the bulletin board. Upon closer inspection, Black noticed the small poster was an advertisement promoting a program within BW Agency.

"Hey, what are you doing?" he asked as he grabbed onto the poster.

"This ad is no longer valid," the man replied. "So I'm removing it."

"How do you know that the ad's invalid?" Black asked.

"I work for the company, kid," the man replied. "Well, I won't be in a few hours…"

"What do you mean by that?" Black asked.

The man sighed. "Why do you want to know?"

"I used to work for BW Agency too," Black replied. "And knowing Miss President, she won't fire anyone unless that employee really screwed up multiple times."

"I'm not being fired, kid," the man said. "I'm being released, along with everyone else."

"What? Why?"

"Don't you read or watch the news? Anyways, I should get going. I need to go pick up my last paycheck."

"Wait!" Black yelled just as the man started to turn away. "Where… where's Miss President right now?"

"I don't know," the man replied. "But the very last filming location was Striaton City."

Once the man left, Black immediately walked up to the nurse of the Pokémon Center. "Excuse me, do you have any spare newspaper anywhere?"

"Of course," the nurse replied. She looked under the counter for a second before facing Black again. "There is one from yesterday and one from today. Which one would you like?"

"Uh… both, please. But why do you have newspapers under the counter?"

"As you might imagine, standing here 12 hours a day can be quite boring, especially if no one needs to heal their Pokémon," the nurse replied as she handed the Unova Dex Holder the newspapers. "Anyways, please come again!"

Black headed towards an empty table in the corner of the Pokémon Center and scanned through the newspapers. There was nothing worth noting from the most recent one, but the news from the day before had something very shocking.

"The Pokémon Talents Company known as the BW Agency is facing its fourth consecutive lawsuit within seven days from various trainers who claim that their Pokémon have become aggressive and disobedient after participating in the company's programs."

Black set the newspaper down. Based on the article and the encounter with an employee, he was able to figure out what happened. He wasn't sure whether the mentioned issues were worth suing the company, but there were people who sued everybody…

'So BW Agency was sued four times and if what that man told me is true, the company lost all four times… Miss President wouldn't have enough money afterwards to keep her employees. She had no choice but to release them and she's probably…' Black jumped to his feet. "She's bankrupt…"

The Unova Dex Holder ran out of the Pokémon Center and sent out his Braviary once again. According to the BW Agency employee, the last filming location was in Striaton City, and he had to get there as soon as possible. Although White wouldn't be in the city, there would be some clues as to her whereabouts.

'But… why didn't she call me when her company got sued the first time? Surely she'd let me know if she needed any support…' Black thought as his Braviary carried him towards Striaton City. Before long, he figured out why White didn't contact him at all. And it made him even more desperate to find her. 'Her pride… Miss President is very proud of her work and her company. Anything bad to the company would hit her hard. If she was sued, then the last thing she'd want is to spread her 'ruined' reputation. She'd want to keep it a secret, even from me. But with four consecutive lawsuits, the news all over Unova, and her company bankrupt… she'll want to disappear forever…' Black looked at his Braviary. "Brav, starting today, we may have to go all over Unova to find Miss President before she does anything that she'll regret later on. I know it'll be very tiring, but we have to find her, no matter where she is. Are you ready for it?" The Braviary nodded, indicating that it was indeed ready to search every square millimeter of Unova if it had to.

An hour later, Black arrived at Striaton City. The moment he landed, he began to search around to see if he could find any trace of BW Agency's last filming. He entered the Pokémon Center and asked the nurse if she saw any filming crew in the city recently.

"Now that you mention it," the nurse said as she began to think. "There was a small filming crew near the Gym a couple of days ago. But they didn't stay long. I heard they went to Castelia City because of a lawsuit…"

"Did you happen to see a girl with them?" Black asked. "She's about my age, has long dark hair and blue eyes. She also has a pink and white hat and a black vest."

"Yes, she was with them. They all went to Castelia City together."

"Great. Thank you."

Black exited the Pokémon Center and got his Braviary to take him to Castelia City. There was no way that White would've stayed in the business center of Unova, but there would be clues to her whereabouts there…

12 hours later, Nuvema Town…

Black let out a long groan as he climbed onto his bed in his home. He was absolutely exhausted from traveling all over Unova in a single day without getting any rest whatsoever. He still didn't find White or hear about her whereabouts, and he was getting more and more worried. But with no leads and being physically unable to continue searching that day, he decided to sleep and hope that his rested mind (with Munna's help, of course) would be able to deduct a possible location for the missing girl.

Following the hint from Striaton City, Black had searched Castelia City and heard that White had to go to Mistralton City to take care of a group of trainers who demanded their Pokémon back and threatened to sue if they didn't get a full refund. So Black had went over to Mistralton and searched around. He heard from Skyla that she saw White leaving Mistralton and heading towards the direction of Lacunosa Town with her Vullaby.

But as it turned out, White didn't go to Lacunosa Town (either that, or the citizens of Lacunosa lied about not seeing any visitors). As a result, Black had to search thoroughly through Lacunosa Town, Undella Town, and even Opelucid City to see if White was there. Again, his attempts had failed.

Having depleted his options, Black had returned to Nuvema Town to see if Professor Juniper and Bianca have heard about anything. Unfortunately, they didn't hear anything about White either. Black had no choice but to return home for the night. The moment he lied down on his bed, he fell asleep from the exhaustion.

Black opened his eyes and immediately found himself lying on the cold floor of an unfamiliar room. He rose to his feet and looked around, wondering where he was.

"Black…" came a quiet, familiar female voice.

"… Miss President?"


The Unova Dex Holder followed the voice to its source. He could sense the voice becoming louder with each step he took. Eventually, Black stood in front of the door where the voice was coming from. He opened the door and sure enough, he found White in the dark room with her back facing the door.

"Miss President! There you are!" Black exclaimed happily. But White didn't move at all. "Miss President?"

The Unova Dex Holder found the light switch and flipped it on. The dark room instantly brightened and Black could see White in full detail. He then realized that her feet weren't touching the floor, and that there was a rope attached to the ceiling that was wrapped around her throat…

"Miss President!" Black yelled as he hastily ran over to her. To his surprise and horror, the moment he was able to see her face, White turned away from him.

"Black… stop trying to find me," she said slowly and quietly.

Black stood frozen for a second, wondering how exactly White was moving and talking when she was dead. A thought occurred and everything made sense. "This is all a dream…"

"Stop looking for me…"

Black shook away the new realization and moved so that he could see White's eyes. "Miss President," he started resolutely. "I will find you and I will set everything right. I promise you that."

Black looked around and noticed that there were various pictures hanging from the wall. Each picture had White staring into the distance with a crestfallen expression while holding a long length of rope.

"Please don't look for me," White said again.

Black turned to face her. "No. For your own good, Miss President, I will find you." He then sent out his Munna. "Musha, wake me up from this nightmare."

The Munna bit his head and instantly, the dream world began to distort and fade. Black closed his eyes so that he wouldn't have to look at the dizzying scene of everything swirling away.

When he opened his eyes again, he was seeing various black and white spots, all changing positions to create silhouettes.

'What the hell? … Oh, right. Musha.'

The black and white spots created a silhouette he immediately recognized as White. Black began to remind himself of all the clues he found regarding White's whereabouts.

'Okay… Miss President is bankrupt, and her company is out of business. She didn't call me because she doesn't want to talk about it or even be seen in public at all. She's probably hiding somewhere away from the center of Unova, but not in Lacunosa Town or Undella Town. That dream I had… Miss President told me to stop looking for her, so it matches my speculation that she doesn't want to be seen. She hanged herself in the dream because that's what she feels like doing.'

The silhouettes changed again and Black realized where White was hiding, if his dream meant anything. He took his Munna off of his head and blinked a few times to restore his vision to normal. He jumped off of his bed and prepared to leave.

"Those pictures on the wall… Miss President was staring at a bridge in every single one of them. There are five bridges in Unova, but there's only one that's as old fashioned as seen in those pictures…"

Two hours later, Village Bridge…

Black walked around the houses lined up on the old fashioned bridge, marveled by the serenity of the area. There were lots of people fishing, swimming, walking, and even sleeping in the calm bridge, as if none of them had a single care in the world. Black approached some of them and asked if they saw White given her description. Unfortunately, none of them seemed to have seen or even heard about her. They didn't even know about BW Agency to start with.

Black was now certain that White was hiding somewhere in Village Bridge. If people don't even know about the BW Agency, then they wouldn't know anything about the four consecutive lawsuits and therefore White would have no qualms about staying. No one knew about her, therefore no one would know about her ruined reputation.

After two hours worth of searching, Black entered an old fashioned café so that he could take a very short break. The 'café' was more like a very small restaurant where customers could buy anything from a small drink to a full dinner meal. At the counter, Black ordered a small iced coffee.

Black sat at a small table and as he waited for his order to arrive, pondered whether his nightmare didn't actually mean anything and he was wasting his time in Village Bridge. Unless White changed her appearance, surely someone would've seen her given her description.

"Hey Black," came a voice from behind.

The Unova Dex Holder snapped out of his thoughts and looked back. He could see a rather chubby lady holding a large tray filled with freshly baked bread. It took him a couple of seconds to recognize her.

"Ah, Miss Chris," he said as he rose to greet her.

"It's nice to see you again," Chris said with a warm smile. "What brings you all the way to Village Bridge? Are you looking for your friend?"

Black almost jumped in surprise. "How do you know about that?"

"Oh, I told you. As I travel from place to place, I hear all sorts of things," Chris said dismissively.

"So you do know where Miss President is?" Black asked excitedly.

"Well, yes," the baker replied. "She's h-" The baker was interrupted by the sound of something shattering. "Oh dear. I better go take care of that. Sorry Black, this is a very busy hour. But you are right. She's here in Village Bridge."

As the baker hastily headed towards the source of the shattering sound, Black sat at the table and let out a long sigh in relief. So White really was hiding somewhere in Village Bridge. His dream wasn't meaningless after all. His thoughts were interrupted by a waiter yelling at people in the cooking area.

"Hey! New guy! Orders at Tables 3 and 4! New girl! Tables 6 and 7!"

Black looked at his table and saw that it was Table 7. He looked over at Table 6 and saw the new waitress carefully placing a plate of food on the table. He couldn't see the expression completely because of the large tray obscuring his vision, but the new waitress had a really hollow smile.

'Huh. I wonder what her problem is,' Black thought.

His question was answered when the new waitress came to his table with his iced coffee. The new waitress saw him and dropped her tray in surprise. The glass of iced coffee shattered on the floor and Black turned to look at the waitress. He immediately froze and stared at the waitress with his mouth open in shock. The new girl had her hands over her mouth and looked rather horrified.

"B – Black…" she muttered in an awfully familiar voice.

"… Miss President…"

Note: the Chris above is NOT Crystal, the 7th Dex Holder. Crystal's name would be written as Crys for short in my stories. (WARNING: BW SPOILER) The Chris above is the Baker class lady that appears in Nimbasa City in the BW arc and gives White multiple Pokéballs so that she could catch her first Pokémon when she decides to give the Battle Subway a try (END SPOILER). And as mentioned in the BW arc, Baker Chris is in the games in Village Bridge. If you beat her in a battle, she offers you to work for her, being paid in… Lum Berries (or at least I think it was Lum Berries. I refused the offer, so I don't know for a fact).

Anyways, so ends SL #001. For those who saw the advertisement in some of my other stories, I hope this was worth the wait.

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