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"Auggie!" called a woman's voice from down the hall. Auggie stopped walking and waited until the clicking of the woman's heels stopped in front of him. She looped her right arm through his left and as she did so Auggie caught a whiff of her perfume: Jo Malone grapefruit.

"Annie," Auggie said with surprise. "You're early. Is the world ending today?"

"Very funny," Annie said as they walked towards the DPD. "I set my clock ahead so I could avoid a snide comment from you about being late but, I guess I'm screwed either way." Annie hip-checked him as they turned into the department. "I want to thank you for last night when you cut in at Alan's. Usually I can fend off the frat boys on my own but I guess I was suffering from jet lag."

"Well, it was either cut in or let you start a bar fight. I felt the latter would be a good lesson for the guy but your career here would have been cut short." Auggie smiled as he and Annie entered his office. "Plus, the last time you practiced hand-to-hand combat with me you didn't do so well."

Annie punched his arm after he sat down in his chair. "Liar. You're just mad that I hit you."

"Yeah, because you didn't move your arm up far enough." Auggie turned to start up his computer and Braille keyboard.

Annie took a deep breath and exhaled slowly "Auggie?" She was stopped by a finger in her face.

"If what you're about to ask me involves something illegal or amoral, my answer is no."

"Nothing illegal or amoral," Annie said pushing down his hand with hers.

"Okay then. Ask away."

"Could you do me a huge favor Friday night?"

"And what does this favor entail?"

"Just what you did at Alan's last night on a bigger scale."

Auggie turned in his chair to face Annie. "You mean save your ass?" Auggie flashed a smile.

"Basically, yeah. Danielle is having a bunch of old friends over tomorrow night and one in particular makes me...uncomfortable. He always has."

Auggie sat silently and pondered. In all the years Auggie had been friends with Annie, she only asked for help when she really needed it and if she was hesitant to even ask him he knew it would make him a little uncomfortable but Annie was his best friend. He would do anything for her. "Do I have to wear a tie?" Auggie asked.

"Oh, thank you Auggie!" Annie bent down and hugged Auggie.

"I never said yes, Annie," Auggie laughed.

"You don't need to wear a tie. Just a dress shirt and slacks." Annie stood back up. "So is that a yes?"

"Well, since Danielle is cooking...yes." He felt Annie kiss his cheek.

"You are the absolute best person on the face of this planet. We can leave straight from work tomorrow. You can change at my place, okay?"

"Ok," Auggie said turning back to his computer. "What's the name of the guy you're trying so hard to avoid?"

"Todd Kitzinger. He used to stalk me back in high school when he and Danielle were in JSA. They were really good friends but he creeped me out. Danielle thought...still thinks I was over-reacting."

"Were you?"

"You'll see Friday." Annie's heels clicked away.

"What would you have done if I said no?"

"I would have guilted you into coming because I already told Danielle you were." And with that Annie went to her desk leaving Auggie laughing and shaking his head.


The following day, Auggie was walking toward the DPD when he heard a woman's heels clicking to catch up with him.

"You're early again," Auggie said with surprise. "How is that possible?"

"Magic." Annie laughed and looped her arm with Auggie's. "I can't believe you don't think I can show up on time."

"Well, you don't really have the best track history, Miss Walker."

"You're horrible to me," Annie said melodramatically. "Hopefully work isn't too busy today. I don't think I can take any additional stress this week." Annie squeezed Auggie's arm as they continued to walk. "Watch there be a briefing, Auggie. That would be my luck."

Sure enough, Joan called everyone into the strategy room to introduce the division to a new mark. The following week, Annie and Jai, the "DPD's best covert agents", were to pose as a couple looking to purchase an apartment from a realtor with known ties to the Lithuanian mob. It was Annie's and Jai's jobs to turn the woman into an asset. Annie took her assignment with stride as did Jai but Auggie was a little taken aback. Joan didn't usually send agents in as a couple and Auggie was opposed to this particular match. Although he and Jai were coworkers, he was in no way friends with him and did not trust him entirely. His mood brightened a bit when Joan said he was to be primary handler on this mission. With him at the wheel, Annie was guaranteed to be safe.

"Mrs. Annie Wilcox. Ha ha. The name doesn't really fit you," Auggie joked.

"Actually it's Miss Annie Langerfeld, Annie said glancing at her ID. "And what name would suit me, Auggie?"

"I like you as Annie Walker. I don't think another name would work for you. You're too strong of a person to give up your last name."

"Aw, thank you, Auggie." Annie blushed slightly at Auggie's compliment. She did have to admit that she was a strong person and she didn't take shit from anyone. "I'm going to go read up on this..." Annie flipped through the case file, "...Laura Jasinskaite and see if I can't get some more background on her. I'll drop by with your coffee later." Annie hip checked Auggie and went to her desk. Auggie returned to his office and began to type.

Auggie also researched for his upcoming mission. He searched for Todd Kitzinger and performed a full background check only to find a few parking tickets and nothing else. He began to wonder if Annie really was overreacting about the situation.

"Annie," Jai called as he walked toward her desk. "What did you find out about this Jasinkaite woman?"

"Well, she definitely is involved with the Lithuanian mob but," Annie said clicking her mouse on another page, "I found that her ties with the mob go deeper than the intel originally stated."

Jai looked at Annie's monitor from over her shoulder. What he saw did less than please him.


"Yep," Annie said with some sadness. "The youngest is fourteen. The realty business is just a front for human trafficking."

"Shit," Jai hissed under his breath. "This is bigger than we can handle. I'm going to go tell Joan." Jai retreated towards Joan's office and left Annie at her desk rubbing her hands in her face.

Annie let out a long, loud sigh and ran her fingers through her hair in exasperation. She let her head fall onto her folded arms with a thud.

"Something wrong, Annie?" Auggie stood next to her desk holding a cup of coffee.

"Yeah," Annie said without looking up. "The whole damn world is screwed up. I get to deal with the Lithuanian mob and a human trafficking ring on top of Danielle's dinner party with that creep, Todd." She felt her shoulder being nudged, looked up, and took the coffee Auggie offered her with thanks. "I'm on the verge of screaming."

"Well, you may want to wait until you get home to do that because screaming in the middle of the DPD with a room full of armed agents isn't the most genius idea." Auggie firmly grasped Annie's shoulders and gave them a reassuring squeeze. "You can do this," he whispered to her. "After all, you're one of the best covert agents we have."

Almost immediately after Auggie finished speaking, Joan called both Annie and him into her office. Annie stood, offered her arm to Auggie, and the two of them made their way to Joan's office.

"Jai has just filled me in on the situation, Annie," Joan said sitting herself down at her desk. "If what your research says is true, we're going to have to approach this differently. I'll have some people look at it today to confirm your findings and if they are correct, the department will come up with a new plan." She looked at Auggie. "Auggie, if Annie's research pans out, I'm going to need you to have eyes and ears on her and Jai at all times during this mission. Did the new cameras and mics come in yet?"

"Stu and I are networking them through several satellites and servers so outsiders can't accidently stumble across it. We should be done by tomorrow afternoon."

"Good. We'll need everything we can get. Annie and Jai, you're dismissed." Jai left the office first with Annie not far behind. Before leaving the office, Annie gave Auggie's pinky a reassuring squeeze. She knew that he would be worried about her if her research was right.

"Something else, Joan?" Auggie asked.

"Yes, Auggie. Please sit down." Auggie ardently navigated his way and sat down in the not-so-comfortable chair and put his arms on the arm rests. "Auggie," Joan started slowly. "I need you to be completely honest with me right now, okay?" Auggie sat in the chair puzzled but, he nodded his understanding. "Does your relationship with Annie extend beyond the boundaries of work?" Auggie tensed slightly but, not enough for Joan to see.

"You mean are Annie and I in a romantic relationship? No." Auggie sat stiffly in the chair and tried to relax.

"Auggie, I know you feel something towards Annie." Auggie was about to reply but Joan stopped him short. "Don't try and deny it. I've seen the way you behave around her. Your body language is different and you speak differently with her than the other female agents." Joan paused so Auggie could comprehend what she had just said. "I need to know that you can remain completely objective during this mission. This is probably one of the most dangerous missions that Annie will ever have and I know that you and Jai are not on the best of terms. Can you put your emotions aside and remain objective?"

Auggie sat silently in the chair for a minute processing what Joan had just thrown at him. He didn't think that he behaved any differently around Annie but Joan was very perceptive and could pick up on anything. He took a deep breath and said, "I can remain objective. Honestly, I wouldn't feel comfortable having someone else be Annie's handler."

"Then if that's the case, you will be Annie's primary handler on this mission." A small smile peeked through Joan's usually serious facial expression. "Despite my past marital problems, Auggie, I am not that much of an 'Ice Queen' as everyone seems to think. I do believe in love and if there is something there, you should go for it."

Auggie sat silently in the chair for a short while in bewilderment. He never thought Joan was a romantic. "I do love her Joan," Auggie started slowly. "If I do pursue a relationship with her, what's the protocol for that?"

"How about you focus on the mission at hand, then come back and ask me that question. You're dismissed."

Auggie stood to leave Joan's office but stopped before he turned the door handle. "Is it that obvious that I love her, Joan?"

"I saw it on day one, Auggie. You two took to each other in a way I've only seen in movies. I know that I can see it and that Arthur can see it. Yes, he's commented on it from his occasional visits to the DPD. If you keep acting the way you're acting, I'm sure she'll catch on. Yes, Auggie, I know that's what you're worried about."

"Thanks, Joan."

"You're welcome, Auggie." Joan looked back down to her desk and smiled a full smile.

Auggie closed Joan's office doors behind him and made his way back to his office with a small smile on his face.

"What's up with the smile?" Annie asked as Auggie passed her desk.

"What smile? This is my normal face," Auggie joked.

"Okay," Annie said not wanting to press any further. "Don't forget your clothes for tomorrow. We'll leave around six-ish, okay?"

"Yes, ma'am." Annie gently shoved Auggie off of her desk and went back to working on her cover story.


The following day, Joan called the department into the strategy room again.

"Annie's research panned out and we have to change our game plan," Joan said clicking the remote to bring up the mark's picture. "The objective is still to turn Laura Jasinkaite into an asset but our approach has to be completely different. We're not only dealing with the mob but we're also dealing with a human trafficking ring. The girls' ages range from fourteen to twenty-five, some of whom are US citizens that have been reported missing. Jasinkaite's realty business is a front for potential clients as well as young girls."

Joan spent the next fifteen minutes explaining how she needed additional eyes and ears for the intelligence that would be gathered via the department's new cameras and microphones. "The Lithuanian mob is ruthless," she stated. "I need all hands on deck to bring all those girls home."


"Oh, my God," Annie said rubbing her temples. She cursed at her computer monitor and practically banged her head on her desk in frustration. "Today of all days," she muttered to herself.

"I really don't understand why you have a problem with Fridays, Annie," Auggie said cheerfully as he took a seat on the edge of Annie's desk. "They're precursors to a wonderful thing called weekends and as employees of the United States government, we get to enjoy these weekends sleeping in after a long Friday night out."

"How do you that?" Annie groaned.

"Do what? Be nerdy while at the same time dashingly handsome?"

"No. Well, yes, but that's not what I meant. How do you know how to make me smile?"

"Ah," Auggie paused for a second to think. "I have 'Auggie Senses'. Kind of like Spiderman but much cooler."

Annie just shook her head and smiled. "You are a piece of work, Auggie. I am damn lucky to have you." She patted his leg and stood up. "If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go talk to my 'fiancé' then bash my head against the wall." The sound of her heals receded as she turned towards the other end of the bullpen.

"Oh, well that's not very nice. Your upcoming marriage to Jai will have its up and downs but that's no reason to cause yourself harm."

"Thank you, Auggie," Annie said without turning around. The smile on her face did not fade as she walked away. She was glad that she had Auggie.

Later that day at five o'clock Auggie shut down the computers in Tech Ops and reached for his bags. He smiled when he heard the door slide open and a woman's heels clicking towards his desk. "Are you anxious, Walker?" he chuckled.

"I would lie and say I'm not but you would know so yes, I am anxious. I figured once I graduated high school I wouldn't have to deal with anyone, especially Todd."

"Well," Auggie said picking up his bag, "You've got some Anderson charm with you tonight so I'm sure that will ward off any undesirable individuals." A smile crossed his boyishly handsome features and he heard Annie laugh softly.

"Come on," Annie said offering her arm. "I don't feel like having my sister yell at me for being late."

A half hour later, Annie pulled into Danielle's driveway. She got out of the car and went over to the passenger side to meet Auggie. Out of habit, she offered her arm and told him about his surroundings.

"We're going to go through the gate, which is at your ten, then it's pretty much a straight shot to the guest house."

The two of them walked to the guest house with ease despite it being a new place for Auggie.

"Where do you want to change?" Annie asked once she had closed he dolor to the guest house and placed her keys in the bowl. "It's either out here or in the bathroom."

"Out here is fine. Will I be flashing any neighbors in the process?" he smiled.

"As much as they would enjoy that, no. I drew the curtains so you're fine." Annie grabbed a dress out of the closet and went to the bathroom to change and wash her face. "The couch is at your two o'clock."

Auggie undressed himself and neatly folded his clothes. The entire time he was dressing, he kept thinking over what Joan had told him earlier that day. Yes, the Agency encouraged dating within itself but if he pursued a relationship with Annie, would he still be her handler in missions? What if she didn't want to pursue a relationship with him in the first place? No, Joan said Annie acted differently around him. Even Stu had pointed out the way they behave around each other jokingly. Auggie sat on the couch and held his head in his hands mulling over the possible outcomes if he did pursue a relationship but his train if thought was stopped short when he heard the bathroom door open.

"Am I decent enough?" Auggie said standing up showing off his blue-grey shirt and black slacks.

"You look perfect, Auggie," Annie said pulling her hair back into a low ponytail. She walked over to her dresser and picked up her Jo Malone perfume. She spritzed a few sprays on her neck and took a deep breath.

"You and that perfume," Auggie said laughing a little. "I swear if you stop wearing it I might not know it's you."

"Well, it's my favorite so you don't have to worry about not knowing it's me. Ready to go in?"

"Yep." Auggie had heard the slight hesitation in her voice. "And don't worry. With me here you've got nothing to worry about."

The night went by without much incident but after briefly speaking with Todd, Auggie knew why Annie was uncomfortable. He wrapped his arm around her and gave a reassuring squeeze. He couldn't help but feel that someone was watching him the entire night so when the other guests had left and all that was left was Danielle, Michael, and Annie, Auggie offered to help Danielle clean up.

"Just tell me what I can do, Danielle," he said using a great helping of his Anderson charm. Annie nudged him slightly as she carried dishes to the dishwasher. From the way she nudged him he knew he was laying it on too thickly.

"Auggie, you don't have to do anything. It was great that you could come, too. I..." Danielle was cut off by someone asking, "Mom?" from the living room. "I'm in the kitchen, Khloe."

Auggie heard bare feet cross the wood floors then stop in the doorway. "Auggie!" Khloe said brightly. "What are you doing here?"

Auggie turned to face the now twelve-year old girl. "Well, Annie and your mom invited me to dinner and after hearing what a great cook your mom is, I couldn't say no. What grade are you in now?"

"Sixth," Khloe replied. "I still remember everything you told us on our tour at the Smithsonian."

"Well, that makes one of us," Auggie laughed. He heard Khloe laugh, too, surprised she actually remembered what he had said. He was actually just relaying what Stu was reading to him.

"I'm glad I came down. I actually just need ginger ale. Do we have any, Mom? Katia's stomach is bothering her again."

Danielle got the ginger ale out of the cabinet and handed it to Khloe who said goodnight to Auggie and Annie and went upstairs.

"Annie," Danielle said. "Why don't you take Auggie home? Michael and I can get the rest of this cleaned up."

"You sure?" Annie asked her sister who replied with a slightly exasperated yes and gave Annie a look. Annie rolled her eyes and Michael just shook his head knowing he would never understand how his wife and sister-in-law could have a full blown conversation in two looks.

"Okay. Auggie?"

"Thanks again, Danielle. Dinner was great and it was good seeing you."

"Thanks for coming, Auggie. Goodnight!"


Annie stopped the car directly in front of the entrance to Auggie's building.

"Thank you, Auggie. For everything." She leaned over the center console and kissed him on the cheek.

"I got your back, Annie," Auggie replied cheerfully. "Always have, always will." He opened the car door, unfolded his white cane, and stepped out onto the curb. Before closing the door, he leaned his head in the car. "And that Todd guy was a total creep."

"Try telling that to Danielle," Annie scoffed turning the key in the ignition. "Goodnight, Auggie."

"Goodnight, Annie."


Annie pulled into the driveway and walked through the gate to the guest house. She dropped her keys in the bowl and found Danielle sitting on the couch.

"Okay, even Auggie said something about Todd. Don't you think that means something's weird about Todd?" Annie didn't get a verbal response, just a laugh. "What?" Annie said indignantly.

"Why do you think I invited Todd tonight?" Danielle said.

"Because you're a mean older sister who likes to torture me." Annie crossed the room to her bed to get her pajamas.

"Really, Annie?" Danielle replied. "Think about it. What did I tell you in Stockholm?"

Annie had changed into her pajamas and was brushing out her hair when she stopped and glared at her sister. "Seriously? Danielle I already told you that it would be weird. We work together and he's my handler whenever I have a mission."

"You also said that the Agency encourages inter-agency relationships."

"Danielle, I...Auggie is...ugh I don't even know if he's interested in me that way!"

"You really are oblivious, Annie. Auggie feels the same way about you as you feel about him. Even Michael saw it and he's, well, him."

"That's because I told Auggie to be like that. I didn't want Todd all over me."

"Uh huh, and why do you think Auggie went along with it? The way you two were tonight was so natural. I don't care if you say he was acting the part; Auggie is in love with you!" Danielle went to sit on the bed with Annie. "It's like watching a romantic comedy with you two. I'm sitting here watching and waiting for the two best friends to finally realize they're in love with each other and to be honest, I'm getting impatient. It's a little exhausting trying to get you two together."

Annie looked at her older sister for a while and shook her head. "I don't know if I should hit you or hug you."

"How about you hug me now, and if it doesn't work out between you and Auggie, you can hit me?"

"Works for me," Annie said leaning over and hugging Danielle. Once again, Danielle was playing matchmaker only this time, it was a good match.

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