A/N- My first E/O drabble challenge. The word is 'Nip'.

Disclaimer- I don't own the characters.


Dean Winchester was sure of it now. Jo Harvelle was a devil in disguise. The wait was becoming agonizing, as she gently nipped at his ear and pecked at his lips.

"So Dean-o," She slowly drawled, "Is it still wrong place, wrong time?"

Really? Was that even a question?

He couldn't even answer, he merely moaned as she bit down a little harder on his ear lobe.

"I'm waiting…" She whispered in a seductive tone.

"Alright, I was wrong…" He whispered back.

When he leaned in for another kiss, she pulled back.

"Good to know." She said grinning.

She then sashayed back to the kitchen of the roadhouse.

He sat in shocked silence. He just got played by Joanna Beth Harvelle.