Since the beginning of our journey, I have come to find

That it is near impossible to get you from my mind.

One might think this is a good thing, and might see nothing wrong

But in my mind is surely not the place where you belong.

You drive me crazy, and not in a good way

Now I shall tell you why, and this is all I've got to say.

First of all, I'd like to say, you've no respect for personal space.

Don't stand so close and try to touch me. Just get out of my face!

Another thing. The way you speak is just absurd.

How can you use 'thingie' as though it were a word?

For a supposed genius, you behave like a buffoon.

Would it kill you to be serious? Just once in a blue moon?

I hate how you call me Little Bro as though I were your friend.

My name is Hubert. How hard is that to comprehend?

Before I forget, hygiene is your friend.

I don't believe it'd kill you to bathe now and again.

You're always looking on the bright side. Always smiling.

Well, I'm afraid you'll find that this dark cloud simply has no lining.

That's how it was to start. I was convinced I hated you.

In some ways that's still the truth. In others, though, it's not quite true.

I thought our allies foolish for putting trust in you at all.

Now I find that trusting you was no mistake. Perhaps I was the fool, after all.

You're kind and forgiving. Traits I seem to lack.

I wonder now, if all that time, I was wrong to give you flack.

I find now that I still can't get you from my mind.

You still drive me crazy, though, and that much I won't deny.

I find myself conflicted on what I'm meant to feel.

Your flaws are still quite obvious, yet you hold some strange appeal.

I find you somehow charming. More so than before.

I still won't say I like you. Not out loud. That much I know for sure.

In the past I was so sure I knew what was best for me.

Now it seems I am quite torn, and more so than it seems.

I can't get you from my mind, and it's driving me quite mad.

Perhaps it's something of yours that I've always wished I had.

Your carefree attitude is what I lack. That's all that can be said.

I only wish for some way to get you from my head.