Beyond Belief : Fact or Fiction

Disclaimer: I do not own rights to Beyond Belief. The True Stories I do not own either they are stories that were told to me by various people: Names, dates, and places have been changed in the true stories to protect those involved. The fictional stories are copyrighted by me.

We live in a world where the real and unreal live side by side.

Where it's difficult to tell what is fantasy and what is reality.

Tonight we will tell five stories. Some of based on real events and others are just pure fiction.

Can you figure out which is which?

Be careful you may discover the answers are …


Host: Victoria O'Connor was very practical and realistic as a person but she's about to realize that life may not be practical or realistic.


Narrator: I never believed in magic or psychic mumbo jumbo my friend Stacy was all about that. Psychics were all she talked about. One helped her find her sister a new boyfriend, another predicted exactly when her uncle was going to die and how. I kept telling her that it was just coincidence. Her sister had been best friends with her boyfriend since 4th grade their feelings would come out eventually and her uncle had a heart condition so a heart attack was not out of the question. She wanted to show me proof though so that's why we went to see a psychic.

(Two girls walk into a psychic's parlor)

Woman: I am Madam Tetralli. How may I help you, weary travelers?

Stacy: ( hands over money) We have some questions. I would like to know if my boyfriend Daniel and I have a future together?

(The Woman started going to a lotus position and omhed like crazy and then stopped)

Woman: A big change will being coming in your life very soon. It is unclear however, whether it will be a good change or a bad change.

Stacy: What do you mean?

Woman: I see tears but whether they are tears of joy or of sorrow , the spirits are not allowing me to see.

Victoria: In other words, she has no idea. I told you this was a jip.

Woman: I assure you it is not a jip as you put it. Perhaps, if the unbeliever will allow me to predict something for her, I shall prove it.

(Victoria hands over money reluctantly. The psychic takes her hand)

I see you. You have a family. You are married to a very handsome man and the two of you have twins.

Victoria: You're saying I'm going to marry my boyfriend Jason.

Woman: Perhaps, could you describe this Jason?

Victoria: He's average height, black hair, blue eyes…

Woman: No, I do not see that man in your future. The man I see has blonde hair and brown eyes. He's a kind, generous, a very bright man, and he's a doctor. And you will have a lot in common with this man.

Victoria: That's ridiculous I don't know a man like that. Jason is nothing like that.

Woman: But you will meet him very soon.

Victoria : Stacy, let's get out of here. I've got to go home and get ready for my date with Jason tonight.

(Stacy and Victoria leave the psychic's parlor)

Narrator: I did feel slightly uneasy about what the psychic had said.

(At a club)

Jason: Vicky, is something bothering you?

Victoria: Do you believe in psychic readings?

Jason: No. That's ridiculous. How could anyone predict what's going to happen in someone's life? You don't believe that stuff do you?

Victoria: Well, no but Stacy took me to see one today and she predicted the man I'm going to marry.

Jason: Say good things about me?

Victoria: It wasn't you. It was some doctor.

Jason: But I'm not pre-med.

Victoria: Exactly, she described this guy so perfectly. What if she's right.

Jason: She isn't. She couldn't possibly be so don't worry about it.

Victoria: You're right I'm being ridiculous.

Narrator: I had put everything out of my mind after my talk with Jason. Years had gone by and I had yet to bump into the guy the psychic had predicted. I moved out of town and back again. Jason and I had broken up and dated other people and still no doctor until one day when my friend Stacy made me go on a blind date with a friend of Daniel's.

(A College party)

Stacy: I'm telling you. You'll love this guy.

Victoria: If you say so but you owe me big and if I don't like him I'm leaving.

Stacy: Here they come.

(Two guys walked up them)

Stacy: Hey, Daniel.

Daniel: Hey, Stacy.

Stacy: O, this is my friend Victoria.

Daniel: Hello, Victoria. This is my friend Paul. ( gestures towards a blonde haired, brown eyed guy next to him)

Victoria:Hello, Paul.

Paul: Hello, Victoria. Would you care to dance?

Victoria: So, Paul what do you do?

Paul: I'm a restaurant manager.

Victoria: O, that's nice.

Paul: It's just til I finish med school.

Victoria: You want to be a doctor?

Paul: Yea. Do you want go somewhere and talk. It's kind of noisy in here.

Victoria: Ok, so Paul what do you like ?

Paul: Good food and television. I love sports but I know women don't if you're over and there's a game on I wouldn't mind missing it.

Victoria: I like sports. I wouldn't mind watching a game or two. As long as we can add tennis to that list.

Paul: I love tennis. Do you play?

Victoria: Actually, I do. Not that great though.

Paul: No one's perfect.

Narrator: I started to think about what the psychic had said three years ago. She was very right. I did marry a blonde haired, brown eyed doctor who I had a lot in common with. She was right about Stacy too she did cry ,tears of joy ,at my wedding. Then cried some more at her own to Daniel a few months later. And as you might have guessed I don't think psychic readings are mumbo jumbo anymore.

The End

Host: What really happened here? Did a psychic really predict the man Victoria was going to marry? If not, then how do you explain the fact that she knew his eye color, hair color, and profession? Was Victoria just subconsciously drawn to that type of man? Then how do you explain their common interests? Now for the real question: Is this story real? Or did we just conjure up a tale?

Author's note:

I will let you know if this story is true or false at the end of the fanfiction. But you can guess if it's true or false in a review. Thank you.