Host: Now, it's time to see how well you can tell fact from fiction:

What did you think of the story about the psychic who predicted the young woman's love life… Did you think this was true? You're right it is.

Prediction: FACT

What about the one about the terrifying experience in the cemetery? Does it sound too eerie to be true? Well, maybe but this story is True.

Cemetery: FACT

What about the story about the girl with the killer nightmares? Think I may have dreamed this up? You're right I did.

The Nightmare: FICTION

What about the story of the phone call from beyond? Have you heard a story like this before? Perhaps… but I made this one up.

The Power of Love: FICTION

What about the story of the girl who refused to let go of the memory of her sister? Too good to be true? You're right it is.

Lisa and Julie:FICTION

So, how did you do? Did you see through the deception or was the truth just a little too beyond belief?